Phrases and clauses of purpose – Cụm từ & mệnh đề chỉ mục đích – P2 – Bộ chuyên đề ôn HSG, TN THPT QG cao cấp

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Exercise 145. Combine each of the two provided sentences using “so that”/ “in order that”/ “so as to”/ “in order to” where appropriate.

  1. The boys stood on the desks. They wanted to get a better view.
  2. We learn English. We want to have better communication with other people.
  3. We lower the volume. We don’t want to bother our neighbors.
  4. I will write to you. I want you to know my decision soon.
  5. These girls were talking whispers. They didn’t want anyone to hear their conversation.
  6. The little girl feigned to be sick. She hoped we didn’t make her work.
  7. I spoke loudly. I wanted everybody could hear me clearly.
  8. Mary often goes home as soon as the class is over. She doesn’t want her mother to wait for her.
  9. Tom gets up early. He doesn’t want to be late for school.
  10. Max hid the sweets under his pillow. He didn’t want his mother to see them
  11. Mary prepares her lesson carefully. She wants to get high marks in class.
  12. The thief changed his address all the time. He didn’t want to be found by the police.
  13. They did their job well. They hoped to get a higher salary.
  14. You should walk slowly. You can be followed by your sister.
  15. I am studying hard. I want to keep pace with my classmates.
  16. They are climbing higher. They want to get a better view.
  17. He worked late last night. He wanted to be free to go away tomorrow.
  18. Put the milk in the fridge. We want to make sure it won’t spoil.
  19. I cashed a check yesterday. I wanted to make sure that I had enough money to go to market
  20. Danny pretended to be sick. He wanted to stay at home.

Exercise 146. Choose one word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D that best complete the preceding sentence.

  1. Hockey players wear lots of protective clothing__________ they don’t get hurt.

A.because of             B. after                       C. in order that          D. though

  1. She took a computer course__________ she could get a better job. that                    B. as if                        C. if                             D. though

  1. He ran __________ fast__________ I couldn’t catch him.

A.such/that                B. very/that               C. too/to                     D. so/that

  1. She is learning English because she wants to get a better job.

A.She is learning English so that she gets a better job.

B.She is learning English so as she gets a better job

C.She is learning English in order she can get a better job.

D.She is learning English so that she will be able to get a better job.

  1. He got a new alarm clock__________ he’d get up on time.

A.although                B. so that                    C. since                      D. so

  1. A small fish needs camouflage to hide itself__________ its enemies cannot find it. that                    B. so                           C. therefore               D. due to

  1. The gate was shut__________ the cows won’t get out of the cage. as to                   B. in order to             C. so as not                D. so that

8. The car was easy to recognize, _______ it wasn’t difficult for the police to catch the thieves.

A. because

B. that

C. so

D. but

9. He works hard__________ help his family.



A. so as that

B. in order to

C. in order that

D. A and B are correct

10. We moved to the front row__________ we could hear and see better.

A. so

B. so that

C. such

D. such that

11. It was too dark to go on, __________ we found somewhere to stay.

A. so

B. but

C. however

D. because

12. Her mother was sick. __________, Jane had to stay at home to look after her.

A. but

B. However

C. so

D. Therefore

13. You should keep the milk in the refrigerator__________ it doesn’t go bad.

A. since

B. so that

C. because

D. after

14. He spoke slowly __________ she would understand.


A. while

B. after

C. so that

D. because

15. He left home early__________ he could arrive at the station on time.

A. because of

B. in order to

C. although

D. so that

16. Our teacher speaks slowly__________ we may understand him.


A. because

B. in order to

C. so that

D. or

17. The play was very boring__________ they walked out.


A. although

B. so that

C. since

D. so

18. He left home early _________ he could arrive at the station on time.

A. because of

B. in order to

C. although

D. so that

19. He works hard_________ help his family.



A. so as that

B. in order to

C. in order that

D. A and B are correct

23. She turned down the radio so that she wouldn’t disturb the neighbors.

A.She turned down the radio so as not to disturb the neighbors.

B.She turned down the radio in order not to disturb the neighbors.

C.She turned down the radio in order that she wouldn’t disturb the neighbors.

D.All are correct.

Exercise 147. Choose one word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D that best complete the preceding sentence.

  1. Jackson was going to study all night, ________ he declined our invitation to dinner.                            B. so that                    C. in order to             D. A & C

  1. They put video cameras in shops _______ stop people stealing things.

A.not to                      B. so as not to           C. in order to             D. so that

  1. The highway was under construction, _______ we had to take a different route to work. that                    B. so                           C. in order to             D. A & C

  1. He gave me his address. He wanted me to visit him.

A. He gave me his address so as to visit him.

B. He gave me his address for me in order to visit him.

C. He gave me his address in order for me to visit him.

D. He gave me his address in order to for me visit him.

  1. He studies hard. He doesn’t want to fail in the exam. He studies hard ______fail in the exam.

A.not to                      B. so as not to           C. in order to             D. so that

  1. Mary jogs everyday ________ lose weight. she can              B. so that she can     C. because she can D. so that to

  1. You should look up the meaning of the new in the dictionary _______ misuse it

A. so as to

B. to

C. so as not to

D. so that

8. He lighted the candle ________ he might read the note.


A. so that

B. and

C. because

D. as a result

9. He turned off the lights before going out _______ waste electricity.

A. so that not


B. as not to


C. in order that not


D. so as not to


10. The school boys are in hurry____________ they will not be late for school.

A. so as to

B. to

C. in order that

D. for

11. He hid that letter in a drawer__________ no one could read it.


A. so that

B. because

C. although

D. than

26. The teacher was explaining the lesson slowly and clearly__________.

A. to make his students to understand it

B. in order that his students can understand it

C. so as to that his students could understand it

D. so that his students could understand it

  1. The boy always does his homework before class____________.

A. so as not to be punished by the teacher

B. so as to be punished by the teacher that not to be punished by the teacher

D. in order that not to be punished by the teacher

28. “I tried to study English well. I want to get a good job.” means _________.

A. I tried to study English well so that I can get a good job

B. I tried to study English well in order that I can get a good job

C. I tried to study English well to get a good job

D. All are correct

  1. “They whispered. They didn’t want anyone to hear them.” means_________.

A. They whispered in order to make anyone hear them

B. They whispered so that no one could hear them

C. They whispered to make everyone hear them

D,They whispered in order that make everyone hear them

  1. “We preserve natural resources. We can use them in the future.” means________.

A. We preserve natural resources so that we can use them in the future

B. We preserve natural resources so as to we can use them in the future

C. We preserve natural resources for future use

D. A and C

  1. The students study English________ they can communicate with foreigners. that                    B. so/ that                  C. in order to             D. A & C

  1. He left home early_________.

A. so that he could arrive at the station on time.

B. in order that he can arrive at the station on time.

C. so that he couldn’t arrive at the station on time.

D. A& C

  1. The teacher explained the lesson again in order that_________.

A. all the students could understand the lesson.

B. all the students could drive to school.

C. all the students could pass the examination.

D. all the students could exchange the answers.

  1. He failed the exam, _______ he had to do the job he didn’t like.                            B. so that                    C. in order to             D. A & C

Exercise 148: Find the ONE among the underlined and marked A, B, C, D in each of the following sentences that needs correcting:

  1. What would happen if there was no water?

A             B             C     D

2. If forests had not been destroyed, there will have been no floods.

A                                 B                                            C                       D

3. They spent money as if they were very rich.

A                               B      C        D

  1. A thunder usually follows lightning by five seconds for every mile between the flash and the observer.

A                                                                     B         C        D

5. Our civilization is commonplace to us that rarely we stop to think about its complexity.

A                                                   B                           C               D

6. Every city in the U.S has traffic problems because the amount of cars on American streets is increasing.

                                  A              B                                                 C                                     D

7. What would you have do if you were in my position?

A                B                   C            D

  1. If I had knew the time when the match started, I would have told you.

A          B                              C                                                       D

  1. If had I known you were in financial difficulty, I would have helped you.

A                       B C                                                       D

  1. If she had listened to my direction she will not turn down the wrong street.

A               B               C                                       D

  1. It will be next to impossible to return the product again to the shop once you have used it.

A         B         C         D

  1. He likes to listen to music, to go to the cinema, to chat on the phone and going shopping.

A                                      B                     C                                D

  1. A child of noble birth, his name was famous among the children in that school.

A                        B                                 C                                 D

  1. My children won’t go to bed unless they don’t have some money.

A                          B                          C          D

  1. If you keep on playing games on the computer, I would sell it.

A            B                      C                                      D

16. Unless it rains, we will stay at home.

A             B                 C              D

  1. The first rockets to go into space carry no living creatures, but later ones had mice or

A                       B                                                        C

even dogs on them.


  1. When a Vietnamese wants to work part-time in Australia, he needs to get a work permission.

A                                             B                                    C       D

  1. Please accept our sincere apology for the inconvenience this delay causing the

A                        B                                                    C

passengers here at Pearson International Airport.


  1. If I am a director, I would make more film about children.


A    B C                          D

Exercise 149: Find the ONE among the underlined and marked A, B, C, D in each of the following sentences that needs correcting:

1.What is the name of the girl whom has just come in?

A      B                                 C             D

  1. Andy was standing among the competitors whose were ready for the competition.

A                  B                                         C           D

3.During World War II, many Eskimos served in the Army or Navy; another worked on all fields or supplied meat to the armed force.

A             B        C         D

  1. Among the most remarkable eyes are those of the dragonfly; for this insect has compound eyes make up of tiny eyes.


5.The children were playing last night outdoors when it began to rain very hard.

A                       B                                        C                      D

6.She asked why did Mathew look so embarrassed when he saw Carole.

A                      B                              C                               D

  1. Many films whose are about violence are harmful to our children.

A              B        C                                                D

  1. The artist whom pictures we saw yesterday is also a concert pianist.


  1. Since last Monday, I didn’t meet Mr. Peter, who is our form teacher.


  1. Whom wrote this novel? – Charles Dickens did.

A         B       C                                                   D

11.New York is the largest city where I have ever visited.

A      B                          C                 D

  1. The midnight sun is a phenomenon in which the Sun visible remains in the sky for

A         B         C

twenty-four hours or longer.


  1. Lawrence Robert Klein received the 1980 Nobel Prize in economics for pioneering the

A                                                                                  B

useful of computers to forecast economic activities.

C                                                                           D

  1. Estioco, together with her parents, have visited California twice before.

A               B                           C                                    D

15.Jack had to skip breakfast; otherwise, he will be late for class.

A                       B                      C                   D

16.The time which we will have another discussion should be appointed as soon as

A              B                                                                                      C                           D


17.Do you know the boy whose bicycle was stole last night?

A                            B           C          D

18.Mr. Humphry, to that we complained, apologized for the mistake.

A                      B                        C        D

  1. The Thames, when I spent my childhood, is always in my mind.

A                       B                                              C               D

  1. Dr. Marti Luther King, clergyman and civil rights leader, won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize

A                                       B

for his work toward racially equality in the United States.

C                                       D

Exercise 150: Find the ONE among the underlined and marked A, B, C, D in each of the following sentences that needs correcting

  1. The prices of accommodation are as big that many people cannot afford to buy a house.

A B                                               C                          D

  1. He had smoked so a lot of cigarettes that he died of cancer.

A      B                             C                 D

  1. In spite of my father is old, he gets up early and does morning exercises.

A                                  B              C                                     D

4.Although the bad traffic, I managed to arrive at the meeting on time.

A                B                                           C         D

  1. Despite she was in her middle age, she looked very graceful and charming.

A                       B                                           C                      D

  1. The workers went on strikes because of they thought their wages were low.

A                       B                       C                                  D

7.Please arrive on time in order to we will be able to start the meeting punctually.

A                                 B                          C                D

8.It was so a funny film that I burst out laughing.

A           B            C                                D

9.They had to sell their house because of they had been broke.

A              B                          C                                         D

  1. They can speak English and use a computer so as to they can easily get a good job.

A                                 B                             C                             D

11.In order that to buy his new car, he had to borrow his friend some money.


  1. He was tired so that he couldn’t continue his work.

A                  B                 C            D

  1. Those students are trying their best in order that to get the scholarship.

A                         B            C                D

  1. Sound is carried from the eardrum to the nerves so as to we can hear it.

A          B                                                            C                       D

  1. Many teachers have devoted all their lives to teaching so teaching is not a well-paid job.

A             B                                           C                  D

  1. Mai has such many things to do that she has no time to go out.

A                             B                        C                    D

  1. Because it was late, so that he tried to type the contract as fast as possible.


  1. I was such nervous that I didn’t think I would pass the exam.

A                     B                C                    D

  1. My only regret is that I didn’t study English good enough to get a good job.


  1. The novel was such interesting that I had read it all night.

A                           B                  C          D

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