Unit 1 Leisure activities (phần VII, VIII, IX) – Bài tập tiếng anh 8 – Chương trình mới

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Unit 1 Leisure activities (phần VII, VIII, IX)


VII. Put the verbs in the brackets into infinitive (V/to V) or gerund (V-ing).

1. John dislikes (work) _________________ in front of a computer all day.

2. I’d like (visit)_______________ the Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology this weekend.

3. I’d rather (make) _______________ cratts than listen to music.

4. Minh loves (help) _____________ her parents with DIY projects.

5. Quang hates (take) ______________ the dog for a Walk.

6. We all adored (do)______________ aerobics when we were young.

7. You should (play) ______________ sports to keep fit.

8. They don’t need (watch) _____________ that programme if they don’t like it.

9. Do you fancy (socialise)______________with friends?

10. My brother prefers (surf)______________ the Net.

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Unit 1 Leisure activities

Unit 1 Leisure activities

Unit 1 Leisure activities

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IX. Read the followIing passage and choose the best answer for each blank.

Leisure in Britain

The British spend their free time in different ways. People generally use it to relax, but many people also (1) ________voluntary work, especially for charities.

People spend a lot of their free time in the home, where the (2) ____popular leisure

activity is watching television, the average vievving time being 25 hours a week.

People often (3) _______ programs on video so that they can watch later, and video

recorders are also used (4) ______watching videos hired from a video rental shop.

Reading is also a tavourite way of spending leisure time. The British spend a lot of time reading nevưspapers and magazines.

In the summer gardening is popular, and in wỉnter it is often replaced by “do-it-

yourself”, (5) _______ people spend their time improving or repairing their homes. Many people have pets to look atter; taking the dog for a daiỉy walk is a regular routỉne.

The extra leisure time (6) _______ at weekends means that some leisure activities,

many of them to do with sport, normally (7)___________ place only then. Traditional

spectator sports indude tootball, cricket, horse racing, motor racing and motor cycle

racing. Popular torms of (8)________ are swimming, tennis, ice-skating or roller skating, cycling, dimbing, and hill or country walking.

Pamilies often have a “day out” at the weekend, espedally in summer, with a (9) _____ to a local event such as a testival, fair or show. Young people especially go to clubs and discos, while people of all (10) ___________ go to the theatre, the cinema,art exhibitions and concerts.

1. A. make  B. do C. play D. go
2. A. many B. more C. much D. most
3. A. record B. scan C. print D. power
4. A. with B. for C. on D. about
5. A. what B. why C. when D. while
6. A. available B. pnobable C. abundant D. exclusive
7. A. drag B. bring C. carry D. take
8. A. strength B. exercise C. athletics D. presentation
9. A. voyage B. journey C. visit D. road
10. A. ages B. numbers C. years D. groups

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