Chương trình ôn tập môn tiếng Anh 7 trong hè – Tuần 4

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Chương trình ôn tiếng Anh 7 trong hè

Chương trình ôn tiếng Anh 7 trong hè


I. Focus:

1. Questions words

Question Word




asking for information about something

What is your name?


asking for repetition or confirmation

What? I can’t hear you.
You did what?


asking for a reason, asking why

What did you do that for?


asking about time

When did he leave?


asking in or at what place or position

Where do they live?


asking about choice

Which colour do you want?


asking what or which person or people (subject)

Who opened the door?


asking what or which person or people (object)

Whom did you see?


asking about ownership

Whose are these keys?
Whose turn is it?


asking for reason, asking what…for

Why do you say that?

why don’t

making a suggestion

Why don’t I help you?


asking about manner

How does this work?


asking about condition or quality

How was your exam?

how + adj/adv

asking about extent or degree

see examples below

how far


How far is Pattaya from Bangkok?

how long

length (time or space)

How long will it take?

how many

quantity (countable)

How many cars are there?

how much

quantity (uncountable)

How much money do you have?

how old


How old are you?

how come (informal)

asking for reason, asking why

How come I can’t see her?

2. General revision of all tenses

II. Practice:

Ex1: Tenses

  1. This (be)
  2. He (wear) a t-shirt and shorts today.
  3. He (eat) an apple at the moment.
  4. Marc (like) fruits and vegetables.
  5. He (eat) some every day.
  6. Marc (know) that apples (be) good for his health.
  7. It (rain) .
  8. They (eat)
  9. I (wear) blue shoes tonight.
  10. We (not / help)
  11. Jack (not / walk)
  12. (cook / you) dinner?
  13. Sue (share / not) her biscuits.
  14. (leave / they) the house?
  15. (take part / she) in the contest?
  16. I (not / spend) my holiday abroad this year

Exercise 2: Questions:

1) John is writing a letter.

2) She walks home from school.

3) The children are sitting in the garden.

4) Peter runs with his dog on Sundays.

5) My rabbit has a cage in the garden.

6) They go to work by bus.

7) David likes cats because they are nice.

8) Jenny isn’t sleeping late today.

9) We are going to the cinema.

10) I’m leaving now.

Exercise 3:

Put in What, Where, Why, When, How into the gaps and form meaningful questions.

1) …….. is the weather like today?

2) …….. don’t you like apple juice?

3) …….. about a walk through the forest?

4) …….. do you play volleyball?

5) …….. is my red sweat shirt, Mum?

6) …….. do Anne and Betty get to school every day?

7) …….. does your father go to work?

8) …….. is the dog’s bone?

9) …….. are we going for a holiday by the sea again?

10) …….. do you like your coffee?

Ex4: Finish the sentences. Use short answers.

1) Is he nice? – Yes, ……..

2) Can they play hockey? – No, ……… 

3) Is she new at our school? – Yes, ……… 

4) Are the boys in the garden – No, ……… 

5) Is John from France? – No, ……… 

Chương trình ôn tiếng Anh 7 trong hè

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