Unit 3 Peoples of Viet Nam (phần IV, V, VI) – Bài tập nâng cao tiếng anh 8 – Chương trình mới

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Unit 3 Peoples of Viet Nam (phần IV, V, VI)


IV. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

boarding ceremonies communal costume culture
customs display diverse ethnic worship

1. The _________ house is the biggest house in the village.

2. The Hoa’s ________ is more colourful than the Nung’s

3. Which________group has a larger population, the Bru-Van Kieu or the Khmer?

4. Does the Yao have a rich__________of folk literature and art?

5. The Hmong people hold testivals and_________ every year.

6. Like some other peoples, the Thai _________their ancestors.

7. Many ethnic minority students are studying at_________ schools.

8. The peoples of Viet Nam are ____________ but very peacetul.

9. The ethnic minority peoples have their own __________ and traditions.

10. The items on___________ in the Museum of Ethnology are very interesting.

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V. Give the correct form of the words gỉven to complete the sentences.

1. The Tay people live mostly in the_______regions in the north of Viet Nam MOUNTAIN
2. You can taste some ________of the local people sold right there at the open-air market. SPECIAL
3. I’m sure you will have an ______ time when you attend Hoa Ban festival FORGET
4. Do the Cham people live in the_______provinces of the country SOUTH
5. The yellow colour of five-coloured sticky rice______ Earth. SYMBOL
6. Is the_______of the stilt house on the side? ENTER
7. We like the _______songs of the Muong in Hoa Binh. TRADITION
8. Are there many ______festivals held by the Viet people in spring? RELIGION
9. Thai cloth is famous for being unique,_____and strong COLOUR
10. Y Moan was one of the greatest _______of the Ede ethnic group. ART

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VI. Use the right questỉon words to complete the followỉng questions.

1 ._____________ do the Pathen people live?

– In Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang.

2. 1 ________ of your parents can speak Tay language?

– My tather can.

3 ._____________ do the Khmer people hold Chaul Chnam Thmay testival?

– To celebrate the New Year.

4 ._____________ can sleep in the communal house?

– Single men can.

5 ._____________ is a costume of the Lolo people?

– I’m not sure. But I think it’s quite expensive.

6 ._____________ do the local people go the market?

– Almost people walk and some ride the horse.

7 ._____________ is the ceremony held by the Bru-Van Kieu?

– Before sowing seeds.

8 ._____________ kinds of goods are sold at the open-air market?

– The local Products such as fruit and vegetables

9 ______________  is it from the town centre to the nearest Chut village?

– About 35 kilometres.

10 _____________  musical Instruments are on display in the museum?

– The Coho’s.

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