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Trong bài viết này, chúng tôi xin giới thiệu bộ tài liệu Bài tập tiếng Anh 9 nâng cao. Bộ tài liệu Bài tập tiếng Anh 9 nâng cao này không chỉ giúp cho các em học sinh ôn luyện các kiến thức về từ vựng, ngữ pháp, viết lại câu tiếng Anh mà còn là bộ tài liệu Bài tập tiếng Anh 9 nâng cao tốt giúp cho thầy cô tham khảo trong quá trình dạy. Hãy theo dõi trang web để cập nhật các kiến thức mới nhất và bài tập hữu ích về nhiều môn học khác nhau từ lớp 1 đến lớp 12. Bạn có thể tải bản PDF tài liệu Bài tập tiếng Anh 9 nâng cao ở cuối trang. Chúc bạn thành công với Bài tập tiếng Anh 9 nâng cao sau! 

Name:……………………  ENGLISH TEST 9 – NO. 1 ( UNIT 1 & 2 )

I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  1. a. mosque b. optional c. notice                       d. tropical
  2. a. Buddhism b. compulsory c. puppet                     d. instruction
  3. a. sasual b. sale                          c. sleeveless                 d. slit
  4. a. encourage b. young c. proud                       d. enough
  5. a. design b. loose c. style                         d. symbol

II. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.

6. a. tunic b. symbol c. special                      d. unique

7. a. economic b. economy c. minority                   d. encourage

8. a. inspiration b. fashionable c. modernize                d. symbolize

9. a. baggy b. design c. equal                        d. poetry

10. a. impression b. difficult c. optional                   d. separate

III. Choose the words or phrases that are not correct in standard English

  1. We’ve corresponded with each other for years but I’ve never meet him.

  A                       B                     C                    D

12.Tom wishes his neighbors don’t make so much noise.

      A      B                     C                   D

  1. Martina has won many tournaments for she moved from Slovakia.

A                         B          C             D

  1. You will be given the uniquely opportunity to study with one of Europe’s top chefs.

A                     B                         C                                         D

15. While some people say that a lot of time is wasting in shopping for clothes, others feel that it is a relaxing activity.

        A                                                                               B                           C                                   D

  1. This is most beautiful piece of china I have ever seen.

        A                            B                     C                         D

  1. Air composed of various gases including hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.

                  A         B                              C                                       D

  1. Changes in the schedule have been indicate on the bulletin board.

                     A                                    B              C                 D

  1. Elizabeth I has reigned as queen of Enland from 1558 to 1603.

                                 A                    B                         C                          D

  1. Oh, no. It started to rain and my clothes are on the line.

          A              B                                 C                  D

IV. Choose the word ( a, b, c, or d ) that best fits each of the blank spaces.

Named ( 36 ) …………an ex-Governor of New South Wales, Sydney is the State’s capital ( 37 ) ………… Located on the south – east coast of Australia in the temperature zone, it enjoys a mild ( 38 ) ……………, averaging 14.5 hours of sunshine per day ( 39 ) …………summer and 10.25 hours in winter . It is also the largest, oldest and perhaps the most beautifully situated city in Australia . First established by the Bristish as a convict settlement ( 40 ) …………1788, it is a modern cosmopolitan city that has developed into one of the nation’s major industry, business, and ( 41 )…………centers. Sydney is ( 42 ) ………..to nearly 4.2 million people ( as at 1995 ). The suburbs reach out from the city center and harbor creating a metropolitan area of about 1000 square kilometers. The 57 square kilometers harbor is one of the largest in the world and famous ( 43 ) ………….the unmistakable  134 high arch of the Harbor Bridge and the graceful sails ( 44 ) …………….the Opera House. I t is a busy waterway with ferries, freighters, hydrofoils and ( 45 )………….craft.

  1. a. of b. like c. as                             d. after
  2. a. area b. part c. city                          d. role
  3. a. wind b. atmosphere c. degree                      d. climate
  4. a. in b. at c. on                            d. when
  5. a. in b. at c. on                            d. when
  6. a. manufacture b. manufacturing c. manufactory            d. manufacturer
  7. a. root b. house c.home                         d. hometown
  8. a. since b. as c. due to                      d. for
  9. a. from b. of c. to                             d. in
  10. a. please b. pleasant c. pleased                    d. pleasure

V. Read the passage and choose the item ( a, b, c, or d ) that best answers each of the questions about it.

During World War I Many women had jobs, and their clothes needed to be more practical. They began wearing shorter skirts and bared their legs. Soon they began wearing trousers. The lively, outrageous flapper style of the 1920s included lower waistlines, long necklaces and short hair. Men’s suits became looser and were worn with a long tie. During the 1960s women wore miniskirts, jeans and T – shirts became popular with both sexes. Women’s shoes appeared in many colors and styles, including sandals and platfoms (= shoes with a thick sole and high heel ). Since then, fashions have continued to change rapidly, and young people, especialy, are quick to wear the latest styles.

46. What can be the best title of the passage ?

a. Puritan – style clothes b. Medieval costume c. War clothing                        d. Style of the 20th century

47. When did women wear jeans ?

a. In 1960 b. In the seventh decade of the 20th century

c. In the sixth decade of the 20th century d. During World War I

48. Why did women begin wearing trousers ?

a. They wanted to look lively and outrageous. b. They were fighting for greater equality between the sexes.

c. They wanted to wear clothes that are useful for their work. d. They didn’t like wearing short skirts.

49. What does the word “ suits “ in the first paragraph mean ?

a. fashions b. style             c. dresses                                 d. pieces of clothing

50. Which of the following is not true ?

a. During World War I women began wearing short skirts to bare their legs.

b. During 1960s, men and women liked to wear T – shirts.

c. During World War I women needed useful clothes.

d. Young people are quick to wear the latest styles.


Name:……………………  ENGLISH TEST 9 – NO. 2 ( UNIT 3 & 4 )

I.Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  1. a. gather b. pagoda c. relax                         d. banyan
  2. a. bamboo b. took                         c. afternoon                 d. soon
  3. a. gather b. earth                                    c. theater                     d. thanks
  4. a. collection b. question c. inspiration                d. nation
  5. a. hard b. grandmother c. delicious                  d. wonderful

II. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.

6. a. institute b. scenery c. regional                    d. religious

7. a. material b. dormitory                c. minority                   d. officially

8. a. advertise b. institute c. candidate                 d. deposite

9. a. enjoy b. ringgit c. relax                         d. bamboo

10. a. baggy b. region                      c. admire                     d. poet

III. Choose the words or phrases that are not correct in standard English

  1. I wish I could swim so I would feel safely in a boat.

          A               B                      C            D

12. Columbus made his first voyage from Europe till America in 1492.

            A                     B                        C                      D

  1. My thirteen – years – old daughter wishes she weren’t so tall and that her hair were black and straight.

A                                                                B                                       C                D

  1. Students will take a two – hour examine at the end of the year.

A                     B           C                    D

  1. They complained that there isn’t any water in the swimmming pool.

                        A                     B              C        D

  1. I will lend you this money if you will promise to pay it back.

             A                       B       C                D

  1. Mary suggested to go to see a new film at the local cinema.

                     A                 B                          C            D

  1. Sally said that we cooked a meal each other.

                 A     B            C                        D

  1. The boys promised not to make so many noise the following day.

                            A             B                               C                        D

  1. Parents are sent a reading list a few weeks on advance of the start of the school year.

                        A            B                                       C                                  D

IV. Choose the word ( a, b, c, or d ) that best fits each of the blank spaces.

English has for more than a century and ( 36 ) …………half  ( 37 ) ………… called a world language. The number of people who speak English ( 38 ) ……………their mother tongue has been estimated at between three hundred million and four hundred million . It is recognized as an ( 39 ) …………language in countries ( 40 )………. 1.5 billion people live. In China, the importance attached to ( 41 )…………English is such that a televised teaching course drew audience of up to one million. But this spread of English throughout the world is relative recent.

 In the ( 42 ) ………..sixteenth century English was spoken by just under five million people. The ( 43 )…….. of English in North America was the ( 44 ) …………….in it worldwide expansion. The United States is a huge commercial market and this has tended to promote the English language in many other nations. About eight per cent of the data stored on the world’s computers ( 45 )………….believed to be in English and nowadays insufficient knowledge of English can be a problem in business..

  1. a. a             b. one                          c. about                                   d. the
  2. a. was b. being                       c. be                                         d. been
  3. a. like             b. as                             c. such as                                 d. with
  4. a. offices’ b. office                       c. officious                              d. official
  5. a. where b. what                        c. which                                   d. when
  6. a. being learn b. learning                   c. learn                                     d. be learn
  7. a latest b. late                          c. late                                       d. lately
  8. a. arrival b. arrived                     c. arrive                                   d. arrriving
  9. a. chain b. rope                         c. key                                       d. lock
  10. a. were b. has                           c. is                                          d. are

V. Read the passage and choose the item ( a, b, c, or d ) that best answers each of the questions about it.

Over the past 600 years, English has grown from a language of few speakers to become the dominant language of international comunication. English as we know it today emerged around 1350, after having incorporated many elements of  French that were introduced following the Norman invasion of 1066.

            Until the 1600s, English was, for the most part, spoken only in England and hadn’t extended even, as far as Wales, Scotland or Ireland. However, during the course of the next two countries, English began to spread around the globe as a result of exploration, trade ( including slave trade ), colonization, and missionary work. Thus, small enclaves of English speakers became established and grew in various parts of the world. As these communities profilerated, English gradually became the primary language of international business,  banking and diplomacy.

Today there are  more than 700 million English users in the world, and over half of these are non –  native speakers, constituting the largest number of non – native users than any other language in the world.

  1. What is the main topic of the passage ?

a. The number of non – native users of English.           b. The French influence on the English language.     

c. The expansion of English as an international language. d. The use of English for science and technology.

47. Approximately when did English begin to be used beyond England ?

a. In 1066 b. Around 1350 c. Before 1600                                    d. After 1600

48. According to the passage, all of the following contributed to the spread of English around the world except………

a. the slave trade b. the Norman invasion           c.missionaries                          d.colonization.

49. The word “ enclaves “ in paragraph 2 could be the best replaced by which of the following ?

a. communities b. organizations c. regions                                 d. countries

50. The word “ proliferated “ in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to which of the following ?

a. prospered b. organized c. dispanded                            d.expanded 


Name:……………………  ENGLISH TEST 9 – NO. 3 ( UNIT 6 & 7 )

I.Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  1. a. complain b. conserve                              c. cover                        d. environment
  2. a. walked b. filled                                    c. died                                     d. played
  3. a. homes             b. parades                                c. cakes                        d. eggs
  4. a. crowd b. grow                                    c. show                        d. plow
  5. a. chopsticks b. each             c. chair                         d. scheme

II. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.

6. a. environment b. innovation             c. installation               d. sepatation

7. a. label b. receive                                 c. model                      d. luxury

8. a. pollution b. treasure                                c. protection                d. prohibit

9. a. unpolluted b. environment c. communicate           d. compulsory

10. a. acquaintance b. decorate                              c. generous                  d. celebrate

III. Choose the words or phrases that are not correct in standard English

  1. We listened to the news on the radio because our TV set was broke

      A                         B                     C                               D

  1. It is important that students attending all the lactures.

      A          B                       C                 D

  1. These materials can be recycling into other packaging products

         A                                     B          C                  D

14.He suggested that they should delay to make a decision.

                A          B              C                   D

  1. When I came into to the room, the boss just went on with what she doing and didn’t look up.

                        A                                     B                                                  C                          D

  1. Many of these countries are rich at timber and mineral resources.

                A                                       B     C                  D

  1. We will have to replace all the furnitures that was damaged in the flood.

                    A                         B                       C                                     D

  1. Tom likes watching TV so much that he turns on it as soon as he comes home from school.

                       A                        B                         C             D

  1. I am pleased to tell you that your application to the post of Assistant Editor has been successful.

                  A                  B                                    C                                                           D

  1. Emily has never wanted to return to Yukon to live because of the winters ae too severe

                            A                        B                      C                       D

IV. Choose the word ( a, b, c, or d ) that best fits each of the blank spaces.

            It is very important ( 36 ) ………… water carefully. Here are some ( 37 ) ………… you can use less water. First, you should ( 38 ) ……………you turn ( 39 ) ………… the faucets tightly. They should ( 40 ) ………… in the bathroom or kitchen sink. Second, you should not keep the water on for a long time. You should turn it off while you are doing something else. It should be off while you are shaving or ( 41 )………… you teeth. It should also be off while you are washing the dishes. Finally, ( 42 ) ……….. the summer you should water your garden( 43 ) ………….the evening. That eay you will not lose  ( 44 ) …………….water. During the day the sun dried up the earth too ( 45 )………….

  1. a. for using b. to use c. use                                       d. using
  2. a. roads b. paths                        c. streets                                  d. ways
  3. a. be sure b. sure                          c. to sure                                  d. to be sure
  4. a. on b. right                         c. off                                       d. left
  5. a. drip b. to drip                     c. not drip                                d. not to drip
  6. a. clean b. rubbing                    c. washing                               d. brushing
  7. a. on b. in                             c. at                                         d. when
  8. a. on b. in                             c. at                                         d. when
  9. a. many b. few                          c. a lot of                                 d. less
  10. a. quickly b. quick                       c. fastly                                   d. early

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