Test Unit 1 – Bài tập Tiếng Anh 6

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I.Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined.

A. nice                 B. bicycle                        C. rides                             D. live

A. mine               B. history                        C. exercise                       D. library

A. come               B. month                         C. mother                        D.open

A. hope                B. homework                 C.one                                D. post

A. brother           B. judo                            C. going                            D. rode

A. subject            B. club                             C. put                                D. lunch

A. science           B. like                              C. music                            D.ice

A. fun                  B. student                       C. hungry                          D. sun

A. teacher          B.chess                             C. lunch                            D. school.

A. farm               B.after                              C. walk                              D. class

II.Choose the correct answers.

  1. Phong is wearing a school .

A. shoes             B. uniform                       C. bag                                D. hats

  1. I am having a Maths lesson but I forgot my .I have some difficulty

 A.calculator     B.bicycle            C.pencil case                    D.pencil sharpener

  1. In Physics, we have a lot of .

A.books – to have        B.homework – to do       C.science – to study         D.vocabulary – to play

  1. morning exercise is good for you.

A.Doing                 B.Studying                       C.Playing                          D.Having

  1. At lunchtime, you can lunch in the school canteen.

 A.go                               B.be                           C.have                               D.do

  1. Mai and Hoa their bicycles to school from Monday to Friday.

 A.rides                   B.ride                         C.is riding                         D.are riding

  1. Nam’s new school a large .

 A.has – playground     B.have – playgrounds    C. is having – playgrounds           D.are having – playground

  1. I often my homework  school.

 A.study – at                   B.am doing – after          C.do – after                       D.does – before

  1. In the afternoon, I books                          the library.

A.am reading – at         B.read – in                        C.reads – at                       D.are reading – in

  1. Look! They badminton with their friends.

 A.play                       B.plays                        C.playing                    D.are playing

  1. What is your subject at school?

 A.nice                     B.favourite                  C.liking                             D.excited

  1. Students live and study in a/an school. They only go home at weekends.

   A.international            B.small              C.boarding                        D.overseas

  1. In the afternoon, students many interesting clubs.

   A.join                         B.do                               C.play                                D.have

  1. Creative students drawings and paintings in the  club.

 A.do – sport             B.join – English               C.do -art                   D.play – judo

  1. We are excited the first day of school.

   A.at                          B.about                            C.with                         D.in

  1. My parents often help me my homework.

  A.with                           B.about                            C.at                                    D.in

  1. Nam football now. He’s tired..

 A.doesn’t play             B.plays             C.is playing                      D.isn’t playing

  1. Listen! Someone at the door.

  A.knocks                      B.knock              C.is knocking            D. are knocking

  1. My brother and I our bicycles to school now.

 A.ride               B.am riding                      C.are riding                       D.is riding

  1. Mr. Khang our class Maths

 A.teach            B.teaches                     C.does                               D.starts

III.Fill the blanks with am, is, are, do, does, have.

  1. How ____ you go to school every day?
  2. _____ you hungry?
  3. _____ your brother like pop music?
  4. Where _____ you go shopping?
  5. I ______ having lunch with my new friends.
  6. Now Mai _____ watching a video clip about science.
  7. Nam and Duy ______  not doing their homework.
  8. We often _____ Maths lessons on Mondays.
  9. Mr. Minh _____ our favourite teacher. He teaches Science.
  10. What_____ you usually do at break time?

IV.Complete each of the following sentences with ONE suitable word.

  1. _____ us about your new school.
  2. In the afternoon students do sports in the_____  .
  3. We are _____  about our first day at school.
  4. He looks smart in his new school _____ .
  5. In Maths lessons, I bring my calculator, ruler, and _____.
  6. Do you often ______ your bicycle to school?
  7. They are going to _____ a new school library.
  8. The school year in Viet Nam______ on September 5th.
  9. Do you keep ______when your teacher is explaining the lessons?
  10. Do you often help your classmates _____their homework?















51.  Do you like pop music?

52.  When does school start?

53.  What is your favourite subject at school?

54.  What do you usually do at break time?

55.  How many students does the school have?

56.  What is your school day like?

57.  What are you doing now?

58.  Do you wear your school uniform when you go to school?

59.  What time do they go home?

60.  How do you get to school every day?

a.  I read in the library.

b. Maths.

c.  It’s very interesting.

d.  Yes, I do.

e.  We are having a History lesson.

f.   Over 800 students.

g.  Yes, of course.

h.  At 4 o’clock every day.


i.   By bicycle.

j.   School starts again next Tuesday.

V.Match the questions in column A with the answers in column B.

VI.Complete the conversation, and then practise it with your partner.

      Kate:     (61)______________________________________________ ?

      Jack:     By bicycle. How about you, Kate?

      Kate:     I walk (62)                                every day. My house is near our school.

      Jack:     (63)______________________________________________ ?

      Kate:     It’s Maths. Mr. Nam teaches it and he’s our favourite teacher.

                     (64)______________________________________________ ,Jack?

      Jack:     I play football with my classmates in the school playground.

      Kate:     Great! I often play badminton with my classmates.

                     (65)______________________________________________ , Jack?

      Jack:     I go home at 4.30 in the afternoon every day.

      Mary:   (66)______________________________________________ , Jack?

      Jack:     After school, have dinner and do my homework.

      Mary:   (67)______________________________________________ , Jack?

      Jack:     Yes, I remember all our new classmates’ names.

                     (68)______________________________________________ , Mary?

      Mary:   Oh, yes, When they forget things. I can help them.

      Jack:     (69)______________________________________________ , Mary?

      Mary:   Not much. I don’t have much pocket money.

                     (70)______________________________________________ , Jack?

      Jack:     Yes, I am. Let’s go to the canteen and have something to eat, Mary.

VII.Make sentences using the words and phrases given.

  1. They/ often/ morning exercise/do.
  1. Nam/ play football/ school team.
  2. My sister/ play/ piano/ weekends/ at.
  3. I/ study/ Maths/ English/ History/ Mondays/on.
  4. We/ eat lunch/ school canteen/ lunch time/in.
  5. We/ read/ library/ break time/ at.
  1. wear/ uniform/ school/ every day.
  1. Today/ Mai/ not/ wear/ uniform.
  1. I/ excited/ first day/ school/at.
  1. Susan’s favourite teacher/ Science teacher.

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