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1. were

2. had not given

3. had visited

4. would give

6. had understood

7. had watched

8. had

5. could take

11. would be abolished

12. had

13. would get

10. would be

15. would become

9. had come

18. had not had
had not got

14. had worked

16. had not run

17. would study

19. had been

20. had paid



  1. I wish my father were here now.
  2. The teacher wishes you worked more than you talked
  3. John wishes he wuold be an astronaut in the future (when he grew up)
  4. I wish I had helped you yesterday.
  5. I wish you had given me a chance to tall you the truth
  6. Mary wishes she would be able to attend….
  7. We wish we had enough money to buy more studious.
  8. I wish you drove more slowly.
  9. The teacher wishes you were more studious
  10. I wish he would get over his illness soon.
  11. I wish I were a doctor.
  12. I wish I had enough money to buy this book.
  13. I wish I didn’t live in a big city.
  14. Nam wishes he had accepted the job.
  15. I wish tomorrow weren’t a workday.
  16. We wish we wouldn’t have to work this Saturday.
  17. I wish I hadn’t eaten too much ice-cream.
  18. I wish you had been here last week.
  19. I wish I hadn’t spoken to him so impolitely yesterday.
  20. Alan wish he hadn’t asked Arthur to lend him $20.
  21. I wish the baby stopped crying.
  22. He wishes he had invited Molly to his party.
  23. I wish the hotel had been good.
  24. I wish I had understood the lesson
  25. I wish my friend had passed his exam.


  1. I wish I could go on working.

I could go on working if I were not exhausted

  1. He wishes he studied better.

If he were not homesick. he would study better.

  1. He wishes he had not behaved in that way

If he had not behaved in that way he would not have been very sorry.

  1. Peter wishes he stayed healthy.

If Peter had a balanced diet, he would stay healthy.

  1. I wish there were not the bad effects of environment pollution.

If there were not the bad effects of environment pollution, we would not be worried.

  1. I wish you would type this paper

If you wrote carefully, I could read your handwritting.

  1. I wish there were not environment pollution.

If we used natural resources carefully, there wpuld not be enviromental pollution

  1. I wish I could afford this book,it might give me the information I need.

If I could afford thhis book, it might give me the information I need.

  1. Sally wishes they had a short break.

If they had a short break, she would go on working.

  1. I wish you spoke slowly.

If you spoke slowly, I could take notes of what you are speaking.

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