Lesson 6 – Unit 2 – Speaking – Cultural Diversity

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Chữa bài Unit 2 bài tập tiếng anh lớp 12


Check the statements about cultural behaviour that are true in your country. Then tell your partners about them.

Example: In Vietnam, it is all right to ask people how much money they earn.


 1.______It’s OK to ask people how much money they earn.

 2.______It’s all right to ask someone how old she/he is.

 3.______It’s common to introduce yourself to new neighbours and give them a small gift.

 4.______People always arrive on time when they’re invited to someone’s home.

 5.______It’s OK to bring a friend or family member when you are invited to

someone’s home.

 6.______It’s OK to drop by a friend’s house without calling first.

 7.______When friends have dinner out together, each person pays his or her share of the check.

Out in public

 1.______It’s OK to blow your nose in public.

 2.______It’s all right to chew gum while talking to someone.

 3.______It’s common to bargain when you buy things in stores.

 4.______If you want to smoke around other people, you should always ask if it’s OK.

At work and school

 1.______In an office, people usually prefer to be called by their first name.

 2.______In schools, it’s common to call a teacher by his or her first name.

 3.______Students always stand up when the teacher enters the classroom.

Dating and marriage

 1.______Parents often decide who their children will marry.

 2.______Teenagers go out on dates a lot.

 3.______A man usually gives a woman a gift when they go out on a date.

 4.______Young people usually live with their parents after they married.


Exercise 1. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.

 1. The last time I was in Prague was in 1986.

I haven’t_____________________________________________ .

 2. This will be the team’s first match outside England.

This will be the first time__________________________________ .

 3. Terry will get over his illness. Then his work will be improved.

Once________________________________________________ .

 4. There will be someone to meet you on arrival.

When________________________________________________ .

 5. The number of people who attended the fair exceeded our expectations.

More people_____________________________________________ .

 6. I didn’t receive the results of my test for a month.

It was__________________________________________________ .

 7. My work won’t be finished by the end of the month.

I______________________________________________________ .

 8. Go to the international ticket desk immediately on arrival.

As______________________________________________________ .

 9. I didn’t know about John’s departure.

I didn’t know that_____________________________________________ .

 10. Quite a few books are missing from the class library. Several members of the class have not

Exercise 2. Below are some typical features of the American culture. Write the corresponding features of the Vietnamese culture

Chữa bài Unit 2 bài tập tiếng anh lớp 12

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Exercise 1.

 1. I haven’t been to Prague since 1986.

 2. This will be the first time the team has played outside England.

 3. Once Terry gets over his illness, his work will be improved.

 4. When you arrive, there will be someone to meet.

 5. More people than we expected attended the fair.

 6. It was a month before I received the results of my test.

 7. I won’t have finished my work by the end of the month.

 8. As soon as you arrive, go to the international ticket desk.

 9. I didn’t know that John had left /departed.

 1o. Several members of the class have not brought back their library books.

Exercise 2.

Chữa bài Unit 2 bài tập tiếng anh lớp 12


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