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Final Test 2 (Advanced) (phần V, VI, VII, VIII, IX)

V. Insert a suitable word in each numbered blanks to complete the passage. (2 p)

Cultural differences at the dinner table

In some cultures, when you are invited to have a meaỉ at someone’s house, you might be considered (1) _________ if you don’t say how nice the food is. In Britain, for example, it’s normal for someone to compliment the cook (2) _________ the tastiness of the meal. You can say something like, “That was delicious. Please, write the (3) ________ down for me!’

In other cultures, (4) ________ , people tend not to be so full of enthusiasm (5) _________ the meal. You might be regarded as being rude, as the (6)_________

might associate your praise with surprise. He or she (7) _________ think. ‘So, they’re

shocked I can cook well, are they?’

If you’re not sure how to react, the best advice is to wait and (8) _________ how

other people at the table react. If that (9)_________ help, be very careful about what

you say! One solution could be (10) _________ say, ‘That was delicious, but then

I knew it would be!’

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VI. Fill each numbered blank with the correct word from the box. There are more words than needed. (1 p)

Almost  spectacular which raise built deep
tops themselves rise Most high eruptions

A volcano is an opening in the eartlYs surtace through (1) _______lava, hot gases, and rock fragments erupt. Such an opening occurs when melted rock from (2) _______ within the earth blasts through the surface. (3) ________volcanoes are mountains, particularly cone-shaped mountains. The mountains (4) _________are also called volcanoes.

Eruptions of volcanic mountains are (5) _________ sights. In some eruptions, huge

fiery clouds (6) _________ over the mountain, and glowing rivers of lava flow down

its sides. In other (7) __________, red-hot ash and cinders shoot out the mountaintop,

and large chunks of hot rock are blasted (8) __________into the air. A few eruptions

are so violent that they blow the mountain apart.

Some eruptions occur on volcanic islands. Such islands are the (9) _________ of

volcanic mountains that have been (10) __________ up from the ocean floor by

repeated eruptions. Other eruptions occur along narrow cracks in the ocean floor.

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VII. Choose the correct phrase or idiom to complete each of the seitiences, (1 p)

lost touch with came up with  visual pollution
natural resources  you must be kidding

1. During his holiday he couldn’t get access to the Net, so he _________ current events.

2. Do you know who first __________ the idea of transmitting electronic signals by satellite?

3  _________ refers to the impacts of pollution that disturbs the visual areas of people by creating negative changes in the natural environment.

4. South Atrica is a country of great beauty and immense ___________ .

5. -” It is reported that an alien has landed ỉn the Sahara desert.”

– “Really? _________.”

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VIII. Write full sentences, using the words/ phrases given. (1 p)

1. Paper/ main/ writing material/ today/ invent/ Chinese/ many years/ ago

2. We/ better not/ throw/ rubbish/ the streets

3. Americans/ use/ lot/ slangs/ so/ difficult/ me/ understand

4. Thanks to/ progress/ Science and technology/ human life/ better and better

5. Some people/ still/ believe/ world’s resources/ can/ never/ use up

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IX. Rewrite each of the sentences, so that it contains the word in Capital, (1 p)

1. “Which one would you like, the blue or the green?” said the seller.( ASKED)

2. People use too much fertilizer so lands are being spoiled. (IF)

3. The government should provide temporary shelters for the earthquake victims. (BE)

4. Cuong is so kind to help the injured people. (IT’S)

5. It’s probably better to see a specialist about this problem. (MIGHT)

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