Chuyên đề bài tập Tiếng Anh 7 – Chuyên đề Multiple choice (phần 3)

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Nhằm củng cố, mở rộng, bổ sung thêm kiến thức cho các em học sinh, sưu tầm gửi tới các em học sinh tham khảo Chuyên đề bài tập Tiếng Anh 7 – Chuyên đề Multiple choice (phần 3) . Chúc các em học tốt!

Chuyên đề Multiple choice (phần 3)

Chuyên đề bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 7

Exercise 15. Choose the correct option for each gap in the sentences.

1. La Tomatina is a seasonal                 to celebrate the tomato harvest.

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A. celebration B. parade             C. festival             D. game

2.           do you like about La Tomatina?

A. What B. Which              C. When               D. Why

3. Do you       anything about music festival called Burning Man?

A. like B. know               C. understand       D. have

4.           do people do at Burning Festival?

A. Why B. Which              C. What                D. How

5.           often is Burning Festival held? – It’s held every year.

A. Which B. When               C. What                D. How

6.           does the teacher say La Tomatina sounds unusual?

A. What B. When               C. Why                 D. How

7.            festival do you choose? – I choose Elephant Race Festival.

A. What B. How                 C. Which              D. When

8. He thinks elephants are animals.

A. fascinated B. fascinating       C. fascinates         D. fascinate

9. It must be amazing                  elephants racing.

A. see B. to see               C. seeing               D. saw

10. La Tomatina is     in Spain, in a small town.

A. holds B. hold                 C. holding            D. held

 Exercise 16. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence or replace the underlined word.

1. At this time next week we                 to work to support the air pollution cutting down campaign.

A. are cycling B. will be cycling  C. will cycle          D. will be cycled

2. Someone’s carbon                   is a measurement of the amount of carbon dioxidethat their activities produce.

A. footprint B. energy              C. effect                D. amount

3. Remember to                 the lights before going to bed.

A. turn on B. stop                 C.turn                   D. turn off

4. We will cut down in the use of natural gas because it is                   and harmful to the environment.

A. available B. abundant         C. plenty              D. limited

5. Hydro power is    because dams cannot be built in certain areas.

A. abundant B. enough             C. limited             D. unlimited

6.           source of energy is the source that can’t be replaced after use.

A. Effective B. Non-renewable C. Renewable       D. Natural

7. Which of the following is NOT renewable source of energy?

A. wind B. coal                  C. hydro               D. solar

8. We are looking for cheap, clean and           sources of energy.

A. serious B. dangerous        C. effective           D. efficient

9. By the middle of the 21st century, people in developing countries             more renewable energy.

A. used B. have used         C. uses                 D. will be using

10. If we go on           electricity, we will have to pay a lot next month.

A. turning on B. widened C. wasting            D. increasing

11. Biogas is               and cheap for cooking and heating.

A. serious B. expensive         C. plenty              D. abundant

12. We should put      on our roof for the heating and hot water.

A. equipment B. cracks              C. solar energy     D. solar panels

13. In many countries, people think that electricity, gas and water are not luxuries but                             .

A. necessities B. appliances       C. sales                 D. consumers

14. We should use      light bulbs in our homes.

A. a bit energy B. efficient            C. low energy       D. little energy

15. A hydropower station             in the North of the country next year.

A. will be built B. has been built  C. was built          D. were built

 Exercise 17. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence or replace the underlined word.

1. Nuclear energy is           , but it is dangerous.

A. renewable B. non-renewable C. natural resource        D. fossil fuel

2. Fossil fuels are very common in our society but they    the environment.

A. waste B. pollute             C. renew               D. provide

3. All the houses in our village will be            by solar energy.

A. frozen B. widened           C. heated              D. heightened

4. Several governments try to               the use of fossil fuels.

A. waste B. save                 C. reduce              D. increase

5. At this time next week, we                a wind turbine in our garden.

A. will installed    B. will be installing              C. install     D. installed

6. Low energy light bulbs should be used to            electricity.

A. convert B. save                 C. spend     

7. It is a good idea to use             when travelling long distances.

A. private cars B. public transport                           C. cars        D. taxis

8. “Why is it called a                   source?” – “Because it can be replaced easily and quickly.”

A. renewable B. non-renewable C. effective           D.specific

9. We must     the amount of water our family use every day.

A. lessen B. narrow             C. lower               D.reduce

10. Wave energy is a source of               energy.

A. environmental friendly B. environmentally friendliness

C. environment friendly D. environmentally friendly

11. Alternative sources of energy  developed in the near future.

A. has been B. will be              C. is                      D.was

12. She             cooking in the kitchen at 7 PM tomorrow.

A. will B. is                      C. will be              D. be

13. Some new energy-saving bulbs         in the dining room.

A. will be put B. will put be       C. will put            D. will be putting

14. What should we do to              electricity?

A. take B. save                 C. cut                   D. waste

15. The wind, the sun, and the wave are some types of                sources of energy.

A. cheap B. costly               C. changeable       D. alternative

 Exercise 18. Choose the correct answers.

1. I think we             have electric taxis very soon.

A. may B. might               C. will                  D. would

2. With teleportation, you disappear at a place, and then           in another place seconds later.

A. appears B. appeared          C. reappear          D. reappears

3. Every day over1,000 new cars add to the city and the city of over 20 million people is getting more and more             .

A. expensive B. famous             C. difficult            D. gridlocked

4. My brother and I often come to school                foot.

A. at B. in                     C. by                    D. on

5. Skycycling tubes will be easy                     .

A. drive B. to drive            C. ride                  D. to ride

6. The white cat is Helen’s, and the black cat is                .

A. my B.I                        C. mine                 D. of mine

7. We try to make the future green by using vehicles or kinds of energy that are   

A. environmentally friendly

B. environment friendly

C. environmentally friendship

D. environmental friendly

8. This is Linda’s hat, and those shoes are              , too.

A. her B. hers                  C. our                   D. their

9. It will be               to ride a jet pack in bad weather because it doesn’t have a roof.

A. enjoyable B. pleasant           C. unpleasant       D. comfortable

10. A sky safety system can help cars to _______ traffic jams and crashes.

A. prevent B. have                 C. use                   D. take

11. People won’t use flying cars             the year 2050.

A. before B. after                 C. during              D. until

12. Is                the most serious problem?

A. pollution B. polluted           C. pollute             D. pollutant

13. We believe that urban transport pods can travel around 30kph.

A. with B. at                     G. in                     D. on

14. Do you think the            price will increase next month?

A. fossil fuels B. gases                C. fuel                  D. natural gases

15. We will use more           energy in the future.

A. solar B. sunny               C. sun                   D. sunlight

16. A jet pack doesn’t                   a lot of space.

A. have B. bring                C. take                  D. occur

17. Which                   of transport do you think will be used in the future?

A. mean B. meaning           C. meanings         D. means

18. We are looking for types of vehicles that help us to avoid               .

A. traffic B. traffic jams      C. rush hours       D. walking

19. The Segway, which is a           vehicle, will be a success.

A. two-wheels B. two wheels       C. two wheel        D. two-wheel

20. With the Segway, the driver pulls the handle to go back or pushes it to go              .

A. forward B. backward         C. round               D. fly

 Exercise 19. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence or replace the underlined word.

1. Don’t leave anything behind,            ?

A. do you B. don’t you         C. will you           D. shall we

2. Overpopulation problems                 both the rich and the poor.

A. happen B. affect                C. cause                D. reduce

3. Rio de Janeiro is a very culturally              city.

A. different B. same                C. diverse             D. diversity

4. That isn’t Bill driving,             ?

A. is it B. isn’t it              C. is that              D. isn’t that

5. I think in the future cities will be more crowded and the traffic will get               .

A. good B. well                  C. worst               D. worse

6. The major cause of death for children living in the slums is                       .

A. density B. illiteracy           C. immigration     D. malnutrition

7. Susan doesn’t like oysters,               ?

A. did she B. does she           C. doesn’t she      D. she does

8. Diseases               more quickly in overcrowded areas.

A. come B. travel               C. move                D. spread

9. It’s very                in the city. Some rich people live in large villas, while manypoor people live in small slums.

A. diverse B. equal                C. spacious          D. healthy

10. Mary wasn’t angry,                 ?

A. was she B. is she               C. wasn’t she       D. was Mary

11. In Manila, over 30% of the population lives in             .

A. poverty B. schooling         C. crops               D. shortage

12. Some poor people may  crime when they need money.

A. involve B. arrive               C. commit            D. accept

13. Your grandfather was a millionaire, ?

A. was he B. is he                 C. wasn’t he         D. isn’t she

14. Everyone is ready for the game,                 ?

A. aren’t they B. is there             C. is it                  D. isn’t it

15. The city has to find                 to homeless people immediately.

A. earnings B. systems            C. calories            D. solutions

 Exercise 20. Choose the best one (A, B, Cor D) to complete the sentences.

1. The children can read English,                    ?

A. can’t they B. can they           C. they can           D. they can’t

2. Overcrowded places have a lot of problems,                          ?

A. doesn’t it B. have they         C. don’t they        D. does they

3. The immigrants will hardly find accommodation in the city,                     ?

A. will it B. won’t it            C. will they           D. won’t they

4. Disease spreads more quickly in overcrowded areas,                       ?

A. doesn’t it B. is it                  C. isn’t it              D. does it

5. Your brother’s here,                ?

A. is he B. are he               C. isn’t he            D. aren’t he

6. When          people live in a small lace, life can be very difficult.

A. too much B. too many         C. a few                D. few

7. Living in the country is healthier than that in the city because in the countryside, there is                     traffic.

A. more B. less                  C. Higher              D. fewer

8. Tom didn’t see her,                           ?

A. did Tom B. did he               C. do Tom            D. does he

9. Children in the slums have more diseases than              in wealthy areas.

A. those B. Ø                     C. them                D. that

10. People move to the city with the hope that they can get                    food and better healthcare.

A. less B. fewer                C. more                D. bigger

 Exercise 21. Choose the best options to complete these sentences.

1. …………. books are here. …………. are there.

A.Theirs – ours    B. Their – our      C. Theirs – our     D. Their – ours

2. …………. is a single-wheel bike.

A. Mono wheel B. Hover scooter  C. Segway            D. Teleporter

3. Choose the word having different stress from the others.

A. harvest B. parade             C. music               D. pumpkin

3. …………. the film was gripping, Tom slept from beginning to end.

A. Therefore B. Despite            C. However          D. Although

4. You should look right and left when you go        …………. the road.

A. down B. across              C. up                    D. along

5. You found the plot of the film ………….

A. boring B. bored               C. interested         D. acting

6. A lot of dancers go to Rio de Janeiro to …………. the Carnival.

A. attend B. join                  C. perform           D. appear

7. Nuclear power      …………. in the future.

A. will replace B. replaced           C. will be replaced         D. replaces

8. Wind, hydro and solar are …………. resources.

A. modern B. renewable        C. non-renewable D. new

9. It’s really difficult to …………. a bicycle up the hill.

A. fly B. drive                C. pedal                D. sail

10. At this time next week, we …………. a test on sources of energy.

A. will take B. take                  C. will be taking   D. are taking

11. My children often sleep while they are …………. a plane.

A. on B. in                     C. by                    D. X

12. Have you ever      …………. to Sapa?

A. seen B. be                     C. visited              D. gone

13. Don’t eat that type of fish, you may have a/an ………….

A. energy B. sick                  C. sore                  D. allergy

14. What …………. do I need to cook an omelet?

A. menu B. food                 C. material           D. ingredients

15. My cousin, Hoa, is the same age …………. me.

A. as B. of                     C. too                   D. like

16. A lot of flowers …………. in Da Lat throughout the year.

A. grow B. grew                 C. are grown        D. grown

17. …………. bottles of milk does your family need for a week?

A. How B. How many       C. How much       D. How old

18. My brother doesn’t like ice-skating because he thinks it is     ………….

A. dangerous B. endangered      C. danger              D. in danger

19. Eating a lot of junk food may lead to your ………….

A. fitness B. obesity             C.pain                  D.stomachache

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