Unit 5 TECHNOLOGY AND YOU – Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10

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Exercise 1. Read the following passage and then retell it in your own words.

Both television and computer have had an enormous impact in our lives, and although the influence of computer seems to have reached its peak, the computer is proving to have far-reaching effect on the way we do things.

Television and computer provide quick access to information and entertainment. They both have something to everyone, day and night. Whether you want to check the weather or the latest news, either TV or computer connected to the Internet is the medium of choice for many people.

Television has a great influence on the way we think and talk. It can be turned off and ignored. Computers, on the other hand, affect your life even if you don’t use them at home or at work. Public transportation is controlled by a computer. Buildings, houses, clothes, and even shoes are designed by a computer.

Whereas television provides mainly information and entertainment, the computer already provides this and much more because of its many applications in all areas of business, industry, government, and our personal lives.

Exercise 2. Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a computer, using the following cues.


Exercise 1; Use the prompts below to write a set of instructions. HOW TO MAKE TEA first / boil / water /.

next / rinse / teapot and cups / hot water /. make sure / teapot / hot /. then / fill / tea / hot water /. make sure / not / use / too much tea /. close / lid / .

wait / three or four / minutes /.

pour / tea / the cups /.

remember / tea / should serve / hot /.


Exercise 1.

First boil the water. Next rinse the teapot and cups with hot water. Make sure that the teapot is hot. Then fill the teapot with some tea and hot water. Make sure not to use too much tea. Then close the lid. Wait for (about) three or four minutes. Then pour the tea into the cups. Remember (that) the tea should be served hot.

Exercise 2.

First rinse the cooking pot. Next wash the rice and boil the water. Pour the rice into the pot while the water is boiling- Then stir the rice with two chopsticks. After that, keep the fire low and wait for (about) 10 minutes for the rice to be cooked.

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