Unit 2 Life in the countryside (phần X, XI, XII) – Bài tập nâng cao tiếng anh 8 – Chương trình mới

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Unit 2 Life in the countryside (phần X, XI, XII)


X. Each of the following semtences eontaỉns a mistake. Underline it and write the correct answer in the space provided.

Example: 0. The re ha ve four people in our tam Ily. 0/ _____are_____

1. Today we play more badly than we did yesterday, so we need to practise more.

1 / _________

2. I have never seen a most colourtul kite than this one. 2/ __________

3. Maria and her sister talked loud than the other guests. 3/ __________

4. John ran more tastly than all other competitors in the race. 4/ _________

5. Please speak clearer because I hardly understand the instructions. 5/________

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XI. Use the words given and other words, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaiting to the first sentence. Do lot change the word given, (Use 2 – 5 words in total).


0. My house has a small garden.

is                          There ________________ my house.

Answer: 0. is a small garden in

1. Mr. Quynh is the happiest person in the village.

than                  No one in the village ______________ Mr. Quynh.

2. Lite in the countryside isn’t as stresstui as ỉife in the City.

more                   Lite in the City _____________ lite in the countryside.

3. This is the largest kite l’ve ever seen. larger

larger                 l’ve never_________________ this.

4. Phong was a quicker walker than his triends.

quickly              Phong _________________ his triends.

5. Houses in the City are much more expensive than those in the countryside.

much                     Houses in the countryside ____________those in the City.

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XII.Use the following suggestions to write passages about city and country life with comparative forms of adiectives.

– Cities / big / life / exciting //. Public transport / good //. But / life / stressful //. People / busy / run / one place / other //.

– Lite / country / may / boring / but / people / close / nature / and / air / clean //. People / have / relaxed / litestyle //. But / there / nothing bad / have / nothing / do / all day //.

Fun corner

There are twelve words ta this chain. Find them and write them down into your exercise book.

Unit 2 Life in the countryside

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