Unit 2 Life in the countryside (phần VII, VIII, IX) – Bài tập nâng cao tiếng anh 8 – Chương trình mới

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Unit 2 Life in the countryside (phần VII, VIII, IX)


VII. Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

1. Nam helped his parents ______ the rice onto the ox-drawn cart.

A. Load                  B. collect                    C. dry                      D. ride

2. In Emi’s opinion, City life is more_______than country life.

A. Fiendly              B. exciting                C. natural                    D. peacetul

3. The sky is _______ here in the countryside because there are no buildings to block

the view.

A. Tidy                   B. close                         C. dense                     D. vast

4. Look! Some children are _______the buffaloes.

A. Picking                B. playing                  C. driving                   D. herding

5. Viet plays the guitar _______ than Phong does.

A. More goodly                B. more well                 C . better                D. gooder

6. Medical help is____________ easily obtained in remote areas than in towns.

A. More                   B. fewer                  C. less                        D. higher

7. Today Peter gets up _______ than he did yesterday.

A. Earlier                 B. more early                   C. more earlily             D. more earlier

8. He seems to be______________ than we thought.

A. More quick              B. more quickly               C. quicklier                     D. quicker

9. The wind is blowing ________ than it did last night.

A. Stronger                 B. more strongly              C. stronglier                  D. more stronger

10. Is living in the City___________ than living in the country?

A. More convenient                  B. as convenient

C. Most convenient                    D. so convenient

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VIII. Fill each bank with a correct word to finish the passage.

Lite in the countryside is a bit slower than life in the cities. It isn’t as exciting as

life in the City. But (1)____________ general people work hard – they work in the

tields, in the garden, in the woods etc. They grow vegetables, cultivate crops and raise (2) ______________ (cows, horses, buffaloes, …). Some people even have vineyards and fruit orchards.

There is a ton of work to be done on the f arm – milking cows, taking (3) __________ of livestock, mucking out, ploughing tields, sowing seeds, fertilizing, harvesting,… It is said that a tarmer works from (4) ______________ to sunset. People use farm machinery and drive tractors.

Children can treely play outdoors. In rural area people (5) ____________each

other better. There are no skyscrapers in the countryside. People’s home may be

(6) ____________ a tarmhouse or a cottage.

People sniff air that is definitely cleaner than air in the cities. There is also

(7 ) ____________ violence and vandalism. The trattic isn’t as dense as in the cities.

There (8) _____________ no rush hours. Purthermore, it isn’t as noisy as it is in cities.

People living in the countryside can enjoy the green scenery. They can erỳoy the

nature. They can (9) ______________ birds chirping, deer stopping in a clearing in a wood. Besides, people can eat tresh home-grown (10) ____________ and fruit.

It seems that life in the countryside is not that stressful. Altogether that must have a positive effect on their health.

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IX. Read the following passage and answer the questions.

Hi! My name is Marek. I’ve been staying in England on an exchange visit and l’ve found it a very interesting experience. I’ve been staying with a boy called Peter and his family for two weeks. The first thing I learnt was how to greet English people. When I met Peter and his parents at the airport, I tried to kiss them on the cheeks. His parents looked a bit shocked but let me kiss them. Peter just smiled and said “Hi!”.

The City where they lived is very interesting, and is much bigger than my small village. I’ve never seen so many motorways, and there’s a recycling bin on every corner. It’s really noisy, though, and there are so many cars that they need to have traffic lights everywhere!

I like it here but I think I still prefer the countryside. There are more trees and animals, and not so many tactories.

In all, l’ve learnt a lot from my exchange but NI be glad to get back to Poland. I wonder what Peter will think when he comes to stay here!

1. How long has Marek been in England?


2. How did he greet Peter’s parents at the airport?


3. What hasn’t Marek seen before?


4. Does Marek preter cities or the countryside?


5. Where does Marek come from?


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