Unit 11 Changing roles in society-Giải Bài tập nâng cao Tiếng Anh 9 chương trình mới

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Unit 11 Changing roles in society



1. B               2. C                  3. D                     4. A                   5. C


1. Breadwinner

2. Evaluator

3. Responsibilit

4. Provider

5. Hands-on

6. Endangered

7. Guidance

8. Responsive

9. Theoretically

10. Applicants


1. More forums will be opened for students to share their ideas.

2. School bags will no long be carried to the classes (by students).

3. Will students be provided with laptops or iPads / Will laptops or iPads be provided for students?

4. Women’s contribution will be recognised and valued equally.

5. Students’ homework will not be checked every day (by teachers).

6. Students will be allowed to work from home (by virtual schools).

7. Will the children be looked after and fed (by him)?

8. All the washing-up and cooking will not be done by women.

9. Students’ accounts will be logged into to take part in online lessons.

10. A special software system will be used to track student progress (by our



1. My head teacher, who usually makes everyone laugh by telling funny stories, has such a good sense of humour.

2. I prefer traditional classrooms where I can interact face to face with the teachers and other students.

3. We are going to open a new English class which/ that is totally online.

4. Mr. Vinh is talking with the students who/ that are sharing their thoughts about the roles of schools in the future.

5. My new school, which you visited two days ago, is bigger than the old one.

6. Dr. Anna Bennett, whose paper is about women’s roles in the 21st century, is a senior lecturer at the National University.

7. My brother has just graduated from Harvard University, where Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO used to study.

8. Her husband, who used to be the breadwinner of her family, will stay at home to look after the children.

9. I have read an article about Silicon Valley, which is home to many of the world’s largest high-tech corporations.

10. Next week they will organise a farewell party for Ms. Jennifer Green, who has been our school principal for 8 years.


1. Individually-oriented

2. Unemployed

3. Interviewee

4. Direction

5. Where

6. That

7. Which

8. Whom

9. Will stay

10. Will be evaluated


1. C                   2. A                      3. B                    4. D                       5. C

6. D                  7. A                      8. C                   9. B                        10. C


1. A                  2. D                      3. C                   4. D                        5. B


1. B (which)

2. C (will be replaced)

3. A (who)

4. A (will be guided)

5. B (which)


1. At/ in a school which is

2. WWill be shared on

3. Who is our school principal

4. Will send homework though

5. Who met you yesterday

XI. Sample

The role of teachers has changed over time. It is likely that teachers in the future will be more like facilitators, collaborators and team coordinators. Firstly, as facilitators, teachers will help students gain knowledge more easily by discussing problems or giving them advice rather than telling them what to do. Secondly, as collaborators, teachers will work together with students and be involved in students’ projects. Thirdly, as coordinators, teachers will organise different activities to ensure student’s projects work well. They will also monitor students’ progress and assess students’ achievements. In conclusion, teachers will not only be information providers in the future. They may act as facilitators, collaborators and coordinators. (108 words)


Giải Bài tập Unit 11 Tiếng Anh 9 nâng cao

Giải Bài tập Unit 11 Tiếng Anh 9 nâng cao

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