Unit 1 A Day In The Life Of…- Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10

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Exercise 1. Write the words which contain the sound /1/ in column A and those which contain the sound / i:/ in column B.

A man from Newcastle was working in London and he (1. hear)________________
that his wife (2. be)______________ about to have a baby, but in Newcastle, not in London. So the man (3. stop)_______________ what he (4. do)_________  , (5. rush)____________ off to the railway station and (6. jump)____________ on the train. He (7. start)_______________ chatting to the woman (8. sit)_____________ next to him and (9. tell)______________ her about the baby. “Well, that’s wonderful,” said the woman. “And your wife’s in Edinburgh, (10. be)  she?” “No,” said the man, “She’s in Newcastle.” “But the train (11. not stop) ________________  in Newcastle,” said the woman. “This (12. be)_____________ the fast train to Edinburgh.” The man (13. shock)__________ . He rushed (14. talk)____________ to the driver. “I can’t do anything,” said the driver. “Well, what I can do is this. I can slow down when we go through Newcastle and my big strong friend here can hold you outside the train. You start (15. run)________________ , and when he thinks your legs (16. move)_______________ fast enough, he (17. drop)______________  you on the platform.” So that’s what they (18. do)_____________ . They opened the door, the driver’s big 
strong friend held the man over the platform and when he thought his legs (19. move) fast enough, he (20. drop)____________ ’ him on the platform.


Exercise 1. Match each of the sentences in column A with a suitable response in column B. Then write the dialogue in full form.

Exercise 2. Choose an appropriate response in the box for each question or statement below to complete the dialogue.

a.Yeah, everybody says that. His name is Nam.

b.Yeah, they are nice. We’re lucky to have such good parents.

c.My dad’s a doctor and my mum’s a teacher. She teaches at high school.

d.No, he’s in high school now. We go to the same school.

e.Yeah, that’s us at Nui Coc Lake three years ago. We love to go camping together.

f.Yeah, sometimes I study with him at the library.

1.So, Thao, is this your family?


2.Your brother is a smart boy.


3.Is he in primary school?


4.Oh, does he ask you for help with his homework?


5.Your mother and father look really nice.


6.What do they do?


Exercise 3. Think of what your father or your mother often does every day. Note down these activities and then practise speaking about their daily routines.


– what she/he does in the moraing/aftemoon/evening

– what she/he usually does at the weekend

– what she/he does in her/his free time


Exercise 1. Use the words to make sentences. Chqnge the form of the verbs if necessary.

1.I / be / to / years / school / when / I / go / six / first / old / .


2.my / my / gate / firmly / and / hold / take / hand / me / to / the / school / father /.


3.large / faces / I / be / frighten / and / by / all / the / strange / the / buildings / .


4.quickly / another / gate / on / the / side / the /1 / find / other / of / playground / .


5.I / go / out / by / this / gate / get / and / home / .


6.little / my / father / find / home / a / later / and / be / surprise / to / arrive / me /.


7.say / fire / happily, / sit / near / the /1 / quite / be / nothing / .


Exercise 2. Use the words or phrases in the box to fill the gaps in the paragraph below.

once in a while so at first in the end
last summer in the morning on the whole however

(1)______________, we went to the sea for our holiday. We stayed at a lovely hotel right on the beach. (2)_____________________ , we would get up at 9:30. We would have something light for breakfast. (3)___________________ , we went to the movie at a cinema very far away. (4) ________________________ , we arrived there in no time at all by car. We sat in the middle of the cinema. The movie started at 7:00 sharp, (5)____________________ , we got there just in time to find our seats. (6) _____________________ I thought I would not enjoy it, but (7)___________________ , it turned out to be a very interesting movie.(8)____________, it was an enjoyable evening.

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Exercise 1.

Exercise 2.
1. heard 6. jumped 11. doesn’t stop 16. are moving
2. was 7. started 12. is 17. ’ll/will drop
3. stopped 8. sitting 13. was shocked 18. did
4. was doing 9. told 14. to talk 19. were moving
5. rushed 10. isn’t 15.running 20. dropped


Exercise 1.

1.d  2. c  3. f   4. e   5. a    6. b

The full dialogue is as follows:

3.Hey, Huong, where were you last Saturday morning? I called but you weren’t home.

f.Oh, I went to the bookstore in the morning to buy a birthday present for my younger brother.

1.I thought you were meeting Lan Anh on Saturday afternoon.

d.She had to go to her office to finish her report. She spent the whole afternoon there, so I met her that night instead.

4.Where did you both go?

e.We went dancing at that new nightclub downtown.

2.Yeah? How was it?

c.It was really fun. We danced for hours.

6.Wow! I guess you were tired on Sunday.

b.Really tired. I slept all morning and watched TV all afternoon.

5.Where was Lan Anh?

a.She went to her grandparents’ house on Sunday morning. Then she spent the whole afternoon cleaning her apartment.

Exercise 2.

1.c   2.a   3.d   4. f   5.b   6.c


Exercise 1.

1.first went to school when I was six years old.

2.My father held my hand firmly and took me to the school gate.

3.I was frightened by all the strange faces and the large buildings.

4.I quickly found another gate on the other side of the playground.

5.I got out by this gate and went home.

6.My father arrived home a little later and was surprised to find me.

7.I was sitting near the fire quite happily, saying nothing.

Exercise 2.

1.Last summer                   5. so

2.In the morning                 6. At first

3.Once in a while               7.in the end

4.However                          8.On the whole

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