Practice 1 + Practice 2 – Tuần 36 – Bài tập cuối tuần Tiếng Anh 8 – Tập 2


Practice 1 + Practice 2

Practice 1

(Thời gian: 60 phút)

I. Chọn một từ không cùng nhóm với các từ còn lại trong mỗi dòng, (1đ)


1.written, drawn, restricted, been, known

2. waiting, printing, sewing, working, everything

3. expensive, small, cheapest, beautiíul, magniíĩcent

4. ite, sting, bum, sterile, wound

5. requirement, agreement, document, treatment, equipment

II. Cho dạng đúng của các từ cho trước để hoàn thành các câu sau. (1đ)

shop               tighten              press               package resident

1.Reduce means that we don’t buy products which are____________ .

2. This is a___________ estate. It is unlikely that you will find a_____________

centre around here.

3. Try to stop bleeding by putting___________ on the wound with a towel or a

handkerchief and holding it___________ .

III. Điền giới từ thích hợp để hoàn thành đoạn văn sau.  (2đ)

Right! Your plane leaves at 14.00 hours. You should check in 11/2 hours

(1)________ departure time,    so you need to be (2)_ the airport__________ at

12.30. You can wait in the departure lounge (3) ______________  check-in time

(4)__________departure time.

You’ll probably wait there (5) __________  about 13.50. Now, about getting (6)________the airport. There’s an airport bus that leaves the terminal (7)______11.00 hours. You could catch that. I know there’s always a lot

of traffic going to the airport (8)_________ the moming, (9)____________ about

8.00 till about 10.00. However, you’11 be going (10)__________ that period, so

you’ll be OK.

IV. Hoàn thành câu thứ hai sao cho nghĩa của câu không thay đổi so với câu thứ nhất, sử dụng từ cho trong ngoặc (2đ).

1.He hasn’t been back to his home town for over 20 years now. (since)


2. She wrote that book during her holiday in Wales. (while)


3. Would you like me to call the police? (if)


4. I don’t really want to go to the museum. (rather)


5. They had to postpone the meeting because of illness. (postponed)


V. Đọc bài văn sau. Hãy ghép các tiêu đề với từng đoạn văn sao cho phù hợp. Có một tiêu đề không dùng đến. (1đ)

A. How 1 began B. The worst aspect of my hobby
C. My hopes for the future D. My most frightening experience
E. Why 1 like my hobby F. When and where 1 do it

1._______For me, every weekday begins the same: I get up at 7.00. I have

breakfast, I catch the bus to school, I go to lessons … I don’t hate this daily routine, but it isn’t very thrilling. In the evenings, however, I drive Formula 1 cars, build enormous cities and defend my planet against aliens. In short, I play Computer games. It’s like entering a different world. That’s why I love playing them so much.

2.________ I first became interested in Computer games about four years ago. I was staying with my cousin for the weekend. He had some games and he taught me how to play them. I became hooked immediately! When I got home, I decided to save all by money for buying games. Now Fve got about 20 different games.

3._______ Some of my friends from school are interested in Computer games

too. We normally meet at my house in the evenings and play for a few hours. We sometimes play at weekends, but if the weather’s good I prefer to go cycling or play basketball instead.
4.______ Computer games are interesting because they often contain stories

and characters. The games are getting better all the time, but they’re also getting more expensive. The only thing I don’t like about my hobby is the cost! New games are often around $50.

 5._______My interest in Computer games has taught me a lot about Computer graphics. I want to study computing at college, and leam how to design and program games. Eventually, I’d like to start my own software company, creating and testing new games. That way, I could spend all day doing what I love most.

VI. Sắp xếp các bước về quy trình làm giấy cói dưới đây sao cho đúng, (1đ)

1.The tray which contained the reeds was then covered with water to help the reeds to stick together.

2. Finally, the sheet of papyrus was polished with ivory or a smooth shell in order to remove any roughness.

3. Papyrus was made from the papyrus reed which grew near the Nile.

4. Other strips of reed were then put across these strips.

5. After the strips were stuck in this way, the sheet of papyrns was beaten with a hammer and left to dry in the sun.

6. Strips of papyrus reed were laid side by side on a large tray.

VII. Đọc đoạn văn dưới đây. Chọn một từ thích hợp trong ngoặc để hoàn thành đoạn văn. (2đ)

Tourists can (1. take / use) a boat trip on the Bay to admire the islets, beaches, caves, fishing villages, islands villages, etc. (2. It / Its) is a       landscape of legendary beauty. The scenery seems to move and change          as the boat passes by island after (3. island / islands). The boats call at some of (4. a / the) islands to allow tourists to climb up to the grottos and caves. They also stop at sandy beaches for a rest (5. but / or) sea bathing. Because there is so (6. many / much) to look at, tourists may miss many of the (7. most / more) beautiíul stone mountains. Tourists (8. can / onght) ask the boat’s captain to find the best route to see the most beautiíul scenery. At attractive or interesting places, tourists can ask the captain (9. to slow / slow) down to take some photos and admire beautiful landscapes. For security, it is important for tourists to be carefully when (10. there / they) are on the deck or side of the boat especially in rough weather.

Practice 2

(Thời gian: 60 phút)

I. Cho dạng đóng của động từ trong ngoặc để hoàn thành những câu sau. (2đ)

1.Take an umbrella with you. I think it (rain)_________ .

2. He (traffic)_________ in drugs across the border when the police (catch)

_________ him last week.

3. Since I (come)__________ here I (meet)___________ many people some of

whom (be)_________ from my hometown.

4. In California I will stay at the home of my aunt whom I (not see)

_________ since I (be)___________ ten.

5.- Tom (invite)__________ the class to his house this Saturday. (you, come)


-I am afraid not. I will be busy.

II. Chọn một đáp án thích hợp nhất để hoàn thành mỗi câu sau. (1đ)

 1.I heard the news on the radio while I  dinner with my family.

A. had                    

B. was having      

C. have                         

D. am having

2. If I didn’t have exams next week, I___________________ camping with you

this weekend.

A. will go                                               

B. will have gone

C. would have gone                                        

D. wou!d go

3. It is English pronunciation and phrasal verbs that_______________ me a lot

of trouble.

A. cause                 

B. make               

C. get                                    

D. have

 4. You had to get up very early this moming,________________ ?

A. did you              

B. didn’t you        

C. had you                   

D. hadn’t you

5. What would Tom do if he__________the truth ?

A. has known

B. knows

C. would know

D. knew

III. Chọn một đáp án thích hợp cho mỗi chỗ trống để hoàn thành đoạn văn sau. (2đ)

One very famous place for tourists in London is Madame Tussaud’s museum. Here people (1)     see íĩgures of famous people made of wax.

Madame Tussaud was bom (2)________ France in 1761. Her uncle, a doctor,

(3)_______ wax fmgures of people. He opened (4)_________ museum of these

figures in Paris. Marie helped him in his (5)________ .

In 1789, during the French Revolution, Marie (6)_______ sent tọ prison. Here

she had to copy (7)_______ heads of famous people when they were (8)______ ,including Queen Marie Antoinette’s.

In 1795, Marie married Francois Tussaud (9)___________ in 1802 she came to

London with her wax figures. Here she opened a museum and her íìgures can (10) ________be seen today.

1. A. can B. must C. shall D. ought
2. A. at B. by C. on D. in
3. A. make B. made C. makes D. making
4. A. a B. another C. some D. any
5. A. occupation B. labour C. work D. things
6. A. has B. had C. was D. were
7. A. any B. the C. tho se D. the se
8. A. died B. death C. dying D. dead
9. A. and B. because C. when D. so
10. A. ever B. still C. yet D. also

IV. Tìm một lỗi sai trong 4 phần được gạch chân ở mỗi câu sau rồi chữa lại cho đúng. (2đ)

1.Noone in my class runs as fast as Peter.

                           B       C D

2. A liter is one of the metric measurements, aren’t they?

A                   B                              C                    D

3. The bank is opposite the hotel, between the restaurant but the bakery.

A                              B                C          D

4. We thought he is planning to go on vacation after the fìrst of the month.

A                B                 C D

5. Could you tell me where to get to the souvenir shop?


V. Điền một từ thích hợp vào mỗi chỗ trống để hoàn thành đoạn văn sau. (1đ)

Nowadays a lot of important inventions (1)_________ carried out by scientists

working for large industrial firms. However, there are still opportunites for

other people to (2)_________ various things. In Britain, there is a weekly

television programme which attempts to show all the various devices

(3)_______ people have invented recently. The people organizing the

programme receive information about 700 inventions (4)__________ year. New ideas can still be developed (5)__________ private inventors. However, it is important to consider these questions: Will it work? Will it be wanted? Is it new?

VI. Đặt câu hỏi cho các phần gạch chân trong những câu sau. (2đ)

1.We play chess at the chess club twice a week.


2. I shall go to the movies with my classmates.


3. We want to leam Japanese as our second language.


4. Daisy .and Peter are planning to go camping this weekend.


5. My closest friend can’t go to school today because she is ill.


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