Phrases and clauses of reason – Cụm từ & mệnh đề chỉ nguyên nhân – P2 – Bộ chuyên đề ôn HSG, TN THPT QG cao cấp

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Exercise 157. Choose one word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D that best complete the preceding sentence.

1.__________ he always did well on his English tests, his parents were not surprised that he got an B level.

A.When                           B. Since                      C. Because of            D. Although

  1. He doesn’t understand __________ he doesn’t speak French very well.

A.whenever                     B. so that                    C. because                 D. before

  1. She is looking for a new job__________ she is tired of doing a routine job day after day.

A.since                             B. as                            C. because                 D. all are correct

  1. I haven’t seen Tom__________ he gave me this book.


A. since

B. for

C. until

D. before


__________ he has a headache, he has to take an aspirin.



A. How

B. Because

C. Where

D. Although


Our visit to Japan was delayed__________ my wife’s illness.



A. because

B. because of

C. thanks to

D. though

7. The flight had to be delayed__________ the bad weather.



A. because

B. due to

C. because of

D. B and C are correct


I couldn’t unlock it__________ I had the wrong key.



A. because

B. so that

C. since

D. so


He hasn’t written to us__________ he left.




A. as long as

B. since

C. by the time

D. as soon as

10. I made a mistake__________ I was tired.




A. though

B. so that

C. because

D. if

11.You need good shoes to go hiking in the mountains_______ the ground is rough and hard.


A. because

B. so that

C. before

D. even though


__________ he is tired, he can’t work longer.




A. Because

B. Even though

C. Although

D. Besides


__________ he wasn’t ready in time, we went without him.



A. When

B. Moreover

C. As

D. So


Is that all__________ would you like something else?



A. because

B. since

C. as

D. or

15. You will have to pay higher insurance__________ you buy a sports car.


A. if

B. although

C. so that

D. before

16. I haven’t been climbing__________ I broke my leg last summer.



A. although

B. since

C. so that

D. before

17. He went to bed __________he was sleepy.




A. because

B. so that

C. because of

D. although


___________ the storm warnings, we didn’t go out last night.



A. Because

B. Because of

C. Although

D. In spite of

19. You may get malaria__________ you are bitten by a mosquito.



A. if

B. so that

C. though

D. before

20.It was difficult to deliver the letter____________ the sender had written the wrong address on the envelop.

A.because                        B. despite                   C. though                   D. because of

Exercise 158. Choose one word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D that best complete the preceding sentence.

  1. Marcella was awarded a scholarship_____________ her superior scholastic ability.

A.because of             B. because                 C. despite                   D. although

  1. I knew they were talking about me__________ they stopped when I entered the room.

A.therefore                B. despite                   C. so that                    D. because

  1. Nowadays, the divorce rate is higher than it used to be__________ young people are allowed to decide on their marriage.

A.despite                   B. but                          C. even though         D. because

  1. We turned off the radio__________ the boring program.

A.because                  B. because of            C. however                D. In spite of

  1. __________ their valuable fur, many animals are hunted .

A.Because                 B. In spite of              C. because of            D. therefore

6.They can’t work and travel because they are old.

A. Because of their old age, they can’t work and travel.

B.In spite of their old age, they can work and travel.

C. Despite their old age, they still work and travel.

D. Even though they work and travel, they are old.

7.She was so busy that she couldn’t answer the phone.

A. Because she was very busy, she couldn’t answer the phone.

B. Because she was very busy, she could answer the phone.

C. Although she was very busy, she couldn’t answer the phone.

D. Although she was very busy, she could answer the phone.

8.Despite feeling cold, we kept walking.

A.Although we felt cold, but we kept walking

B.Although we felt cold, we kept walking

C.However cold we felt, but we kept walking

D.However we felt cold, we kept walking

  1. The children laughed a lot because of the funny story.

  A.The children laughed because the story is funny.

B.The children laughed because of the story funny.

C.The children laughed because it was funny.

D.The children laughed because the story was funny.

  1. The woman was too weak to lift the basket.

A.She was so weak that she couldn’t lift the basket

B.The woman shouldn’t have lift the basket because she was so weak.

C.Although she was very weak, she could lift the basket

D.The woman lift the basket, so she wasn’t very weak.

  1. I try to do my homework___________ the noise.


A.because of

B. although

C. despite of

D. in spite of


__________ a headache, he enjoyed the film.




A. Although

B. In spite of

C. Because of

D. However

13. They asked me to wait for them, __________ they didn’t turn up.



A. so

B. however

C. but

D. and

14. You should say goodbye to your brother__________ you leave for Europe.


A. despite

B. after

C. since

D. before


__________ I came to this country, I couldn’t speak a word of English.


A. Since

B. After

C. When

D. Before


He jogs__________ there is very little traffic.




A. however

B. so that

C. as if

D. where

17. I will not lend you a little money__________ you promise to pay me back next week.

A. as if                               B. unless                         C. if                             D. where

  1. __________ you save your money, you will be able to go to college.

A.Unless                    B. Although               C. If                             D. So

  1. You have to make up your mind fast, __________ you slip the best opportunity.

A.and                         B. so that                    C. if                             D. or

  1. My mother looks__________ she is tired. Perhaps she didn’t sleep well last night.                         B. although                C. until                       D. as if

Exercise 159. Choose one word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D that best complete the

preceding sentence.




1. He was too scare__________ me what he really thought.




B. telling

C. to tell

D. told

2. These boys were punished__________ they went to school late. spite of

B. as if

C. even though

D. because

3. They were sacked__________ their carelessness.





B. because of

C. although

D. despite


Will you be__________ kind__________ to help me?

B. too/ enough

C. enough/ too

D. such/ too

5. It was__________ that we went for a hike in the mountains. a nice day

B. so nice day

C. such nice day

D. such a nice day


Julie is not__________ to see this film.
 old enough

B. enough old

C. enough old as

D. old enough


__________ I meet her, she always wears a blue dress.




B. However

C. Whoever

D. Whenever


The film was__________ through.



A.too long for us to see                                           B. very long for us to see it

C.too long for us seeing it                                       D. too long enough for us to see

  1. Some workers are so poor that they don’t want to quit their job _______ they are ill-treated

A. as though

B. since

C. although

D. if

10. He turned off the lights before going out__________ waste electricity.


A. so that not

B. as not to

C. in order that not D. so as not to

11. The school boys are in hurry__________ they will not be late for school.

A. so as to

B. to


C. in order that

D. for

12. He__________ I was scared.




A. drove too fast that


B. drove so fastly that

C. drove so fast that


D. drove such fast that

13. She dances__________ everybody adores her.



A. such beautifully that


B. so beautiful that


C. too beautifully that


D. so beautifully that

14. __________ to go to the cinema.




A. It was late so that

B. That it was late

C. It was too late

D. Such too late

15. We don’t _____to go there now.



A. have time enough

B. enough time

C. have too time

D. have enough time

16. I don’t think our daughter is__________ to understand this matter.


A. too young



B. is such young


C. not enough young


D. not age enough


17. Mrs. Harrison is__________ he owns many palaces.



A. so a rich man that


B. such an rich man that

C. such a rich man that


D. that so rich man a

18. He just had to apologize__________ he knew he had made a mistake.


A. before

B. wherever

C. due to

D. because

19. I often feel tired__________ I get up in the morning.


A. although

B. so long as

C. when

D. while

20. No sooner had he come__________ he knew he had dropped his wallet.

A. when

B. after

C. than

D. then

Exercise 160. Choose one word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D that best complete the

preceding sentence.






__________ the church service, people keep quiet.




A. While

B. During

C. When

D. As



__________ in doubt about taking the medicine, consult your doctor.




A. As

B. Though

C. As soon as

D. When


3. __________ I am aware, this is the last talk on the topic.


A. Where

B. As long as

C. Since

D. As far as

4. He wouldn’t have failed his exams__________ he hadn’t been ill.


A. unless

B. in case

C. if

D. although

5. It is__________ to go swimming.



A. too cold

B. so cold

C. such a cold

D. enough cold that

6. The bed is not clean enough__________.



A. to lie in it

B. to lie in

C. for lying in

D. in which to lie

7. The piano was too heavy__________.



A. for nobody to move

B. for nobody to moving


C. for anyone to move

D. for anyone to moving


8. He__________ to be offered the job.



A. was such experienced

B. was too experienced


C. not experienced enough

D. B and C


9. These are__________ that I can’t finish them.



A. a such long assignments

B. such long assignments


C. such a long assignments

D. too long assignments


10. __________ you change your mind, I won’t able to help you.


A. If only

B. Because

C. Unless

D. Provided

11. He hid that letter in a drawer__________ no one could read it.


A. so that

B. because

C. although

D. than

12. __________ Tom was unable to see anything, he knew someone was in his room.

A. Because

B. In case

C. If

D. Even though

13. They were disqualified__________ they fought to the last minute.


A. as

B. since

C. though

D. once

14. The teacher explained the lesson twice__________ the students understood it clearly.

A. as long as

B. so that

C. because

D. as if

15. __________ you keep it in good condition, I’ll lend you my car.


A. So long as

B. Although

C. Because

D. While

16. The woman was so beautiful__________.



A. that I couldn’t help looking at

B. that I couldn’t help looking at her

C. for me looking at her

D. that for me to look at


17. It is such an important matter__________ I can’t decide anything about it myself.

A. so

B. because

C. that

D. if

18. Marian didn’t participate in the contest__________ her lack of confidence.

A. because

B. because of

C. since

D. despite

19. It is__________ that I have read it twice.




A.such an interesting book                         B. so interesting a book

C.too interesting a book                              D. A and B

  1. Lawrence is__________ to do this exercise. intelligence enough                            B. not intelligent enough

C.not enough intelligent                             D. so intelligent enough

Exercise 161. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.

  • Mary came to class late. Her motorbike had a puncture.
  • Due to the cold weather, we stayed home.
  • People like to live in this country because of its healthy climate.
  • A computer can be used for various purposes, so it becomes very popular nowadays.
  • Stacey retired in 1987, partly because of ill health.
  • We were late for the meeting due to the heavy traffic.
  • Harry had to stay in hospital because of his broken leg.
  • Our leader couldn’t attend the meeting, so it was canceled.
  • The young couple decided not to buy the house because of its dilapidated condition.
  1. I always enjoyed mathematics in high school, so I decided to major in it in college.
  1. Jim had to give up jogging because he had sprained his ankle severely.
  • Because of________________________________.

12. The water in most rivers is unsafe to drink because it’s polluted.

  • Because of________________________________.

13. We had to stay in London an extra day because it was foggy at the airport.

  • Because of________________________________.

14.Bill has to do all of the cooking and cleaning because his wife is ill.

  • Because of________________________________.

15.We all have received the best of everything because our parents are generous

  • Because of________________________________.

16. I couldn’t get to sleep last night because it was noisy in the next apartment.

  • Because of________________________________.

17. John has to sit in the front row in class because he has poor eyesight.

  • Because of________________________________.

18. We stopped our car because the traffic lights turned red.

  • Because of________________________________.

19. She couldn’t see the road because the wall was too high.

  • Because of________________________________.

20. We postponed our trip because the driving conditions were bad.

  • Because of________________________________.

Exercise 162. Complete the sentences with because/ because of/ although/ in spite of.

  1. We delayed our trip_______ the bad weather.
  2. Sue’s eyes were red_______ she had been crying.
  3. My mother is always complaining________ the untidiness of my room.
  4. The water in most rivers is unsafe to drink_______ it’s polluted.
  5. The trees were bent over________ the wind.
  6. You can’t enter this secure areas________ you don’t have an official permit.
  7. It’s unsafe to travel in that country _______ the ongoing civil war.
  8. Several people in the crowd became ill and fainted_______ the extreme heat.
  9. Mark didn’t go to work yesterday________ he didn’t feel well
  10. We couldn’t get into the disco________ the enormous crowd.
  11. _______ it rained a lot, we enjoyed our holiday.
  12. Daniel forgot his passport________ having it in his list.
  13. I couldn’t get to sleep_______ the noise.
  14. _______ I had nothing for lunch but an apple, I ate dinner early.
  15. A lot of things went wrong________ all our careful plans.
  16. She wasn’t wearing a coat________ it was quite cold.
  17. He only accepted the job________ the salary, which was very high.
  18. I went home early________ I was feeling unwell.
  19. ________ I knew the truth, I decided not to tell them.
  20. The villagers refused to leave________ the drought.

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