Lesson 7 – Speaking – Unit 2 Personal experiences Sách bài tập Tiếng Anh 11

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Unit 2 Bài tập tiếng anh 11


Alan and Smith are talking about their past experiences. Write the questions for the answers in their conversation

Alan: (1)_______________________________ ;__________________________ ?

Smith: No, not many countries. I’ve only been to Italy and Spain.

Alan:     (2)________________________________________________________ ?

Smith: Italy? Not long ago. I went there last year.

Alan:     (3)________________________________________________________ ?

Smith: No, not on business. I went for a holiday.

Alan:     (4)        ____________________________________________________ ?

Smith:   My elder    brother.  He had    been  to Italy before,     so he acted    as my   tour

guide and took me to many famous places.

Alan:     (5)________________________________________________________ ?

Smith: Yes, very much. In fact, I enjoyed every moment I was there.

Alan:     (6)________________________________________________________ ?

Smith:   Well, everything there. But perhaps what       I liked most    was its weather, a

lot of sunshine, blue sky, cool breeze, …

Alan:     (7) _________________________________________________________ ?

Smith: Yes, sure. I’m saving so that next summer I’ll be able to go there again.

Đáp án

1. Have you been to many countries, Smith?

2. When did you go to Italy?

3. Did you go there on business?

4. Who did you go with?

5. Did you enjoy your time there?

6. What did you like most there?

7. Would you like to go there again?




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