Lesson 10 – Language focus – Unit 3 A party Sách bài tập tiếng anh 11

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Đáp án bài tập unit 3 tiếng anh 11

Exercise 1.

A. Below are the transcriptions of some words. Write the orthographic forms of the words.

Đáp án bài tập unit 3 tiếng anh 11

B. Practise reading the following sentences.

1. My parents are going to spend a really lovely holiday in Europe.

2. Her husband looked tired after getting out of the LEMON Restaurant.

3. That pretty lady has just ordered salad and a glass of lemonade.

4. He rushed to the library after a quick lunch at home.

Exercise 2. Choose the best option A or B to complete each of the sentences.

1. Whenever we met, Jack avoided________ at me.

A. to look

B. looking

2. Most people enjoy_________ to different parts of the world.

A. to travel

B. travelling

3. Maria needs_____another job. Her present company is going out of


A. to find

B. finding

4. May I change the TV channel, or do you want _______ more of this


A. to watch

B. watching

5. Joan is considering______ her major from American studies to psychology.

A. to change

B. changing
6. Although Joe slammed on his brakes, he couldn’t avoi _____ the small dog that suddenly darted out in front of his car.

A. to hit

B. hitting

7. I hope_____ my autobiography before I die. Do you think anyone would read it?

A. to write

B. writing

8. Joyce thanked us for_____ them to dinner and said that they wanted to have us over for dinner next week.

A. to invite

B. inviting

9. If you delay__________ your bill, you will only incur more and more interest charges.

A. to pay

B. paying

10. My lawyer advised me not_________ anything further about the accident.

A. to say

B. saying

Exercise 3. Complete the sentences using the infinitive or gerund of the verbs in brackets..

1. The store ordered (refund) to refund the money I paid for the book I returned.

2. Don’t pretend (be) ___________ what you aren’t.

3. I persuaded my brother-in-law not (buy)____________ that old car.

4. Annie denied (throw)____________ the brick through the window.

5. My father expects me (get)_____high marks in school.

6. According to the sign on the restaurant door, all diners are required (wear) _____ shirts and shoes.

7. We are planning (visit) ______ several hisorical sites in Moscow.

8. There appears (visit) _______ no way to change our reservation for the play at this late date.

9. For some strange reasons, I keep (think) ______ today is Saturday

10. All of the members agreed (attend)______ the emergency meeting.

Exercise 4. Choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete each of the sentences.

1. I don’t remember ______ of the decision to change the company policy on vacations. When was it decided?

A. telling

B. being told

C. to tell

D. to be told

2. Ms Drake expects _______ about any revisions in her manuscript before it is printed.

A. consulting

B. being consulted

C. to consult

D. to be consulted

3. Sally gave such a good speech that I couldn’t resitst______ loudly when she finished.

A. applauding

B. being applauded

C. to applaud 

D. to be applauded

4. Tommy admitted _______ the rock through the window.

A. throwing

B. being thrown

C. to throw

D. to be throw

5. If you want to develop inner tranquility, you have to stop ______by every little thing that happens.

A. bothering

B. being bothered

C. to bother

D. to be bothered

6. Paul really didn’t mind________ by the party to celebrate his fortieth birthday, although he told his friends that they shouldn’t have done it.

A. surprising

B. being surprised

C. to surprise

D. to be surprised

7. Anne hoped_____to join the private club. She could make important

business contacts there.

A. inviting

B. being  invited

C. to invite 

D. to be invited

Đáp án

Exercise 1

1. orginal 2. operate 3. activity 4. hostess
5. appreciate 6. horrible 7. rescue 8. difficulty

Exercise 2 

1. B 2. B 3. A  4. A 5. B
6. B 7. A 8. B 9. B  10. A

Exercise 3 

1.  2. to be 3. to buy 4. throwing 5. to get
6. to wear 7. to visit 8. to be 9. thinking 10. to attend

Exercise 4

1. B 2. D 3. A 4. A 5. B 6. B 7. D

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