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Final Test 1 (Phần V, VI, VII, VIII, IX)


V. Use the correct form of the word given to complete the passage. (1 p)

Life on other planets

Humans have long been fascinated by outer space, and have wondered if there are intelligent life forms elsewhere, which we might be able to contact. (1. Nature)

________ we have all read about space creatures in our Science fiction novels, and

have seen them on our TV and cinema screens, but “aliens” like these owe more to the

(2. convenient) ___________ of using human (3. act) __________ to play the parts

than to any real form of scientitic (4. investigate) ____________ .

However, many serious space (5. research) ___________ are now beginning to turn

their attention to the question of wha alien life might (6. actual) __________ look

like. One early result is Arnold the Alien, designed by (7. biology) __________ Dougal

Dixon. This strange being, (8. like) _________ humans, has its eyes, ears and limbs

in groups of three instead of pairs but, despite its odd (9. appear) ___________ its

behaviour is not very (10. differ) __________ from our own.

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VI. Read the passage and choose the best ansvver to each question. (1 p)

Percy Lebaron Spencer (1894 – 1970) was an American engineer and inventor. Like several great inventors, Dr. Percy Spencer made his most famous discoverỵ by accident. He was testing a new piece of radar technology called “magnetron” in a laboratory in 1946 when the candy bar in his pocket started to cook. This interested him, so he put some corn next to the magnetron – and that cooked too!

The next day Dr. Spencer and his colleague placed an egg near the magnetron. Dr. Spencer’s curious colleague took a step closer to check the egg – just in time for it to explode and cover his face!

After a short time, the company Dr. Spencer worked for was trying to find a more controlled way to use this microwave energy to cook food. In 1947, the first microwave oven became avaiiable. It was almost two metres tall and weighed over 350 kilos!

Pinally in 1966 technology became advanced enough to produce microwaves for everyday domestic use. By then they were much smaller and easier to control. Nowadays you can see microwave ovens all over the world. They are here to stay.

1. Dr. Spencer discovered that _______.

A. A new piece was called “magnetron”

B. A candy bar could cook his pocket

C. Magnetron could cook food

D. Invention often happened by accident

2. The first microwave was invented in _______ ,

A. 1946             B. 1947                C. 1966                    D. 1970

3. Which of the following is NOT true, according to the passage?

A. Dr. Percy Spencer was a radar expert.

B. His colleague had a minor accident in the experiment.

C. The first microwave was hardly convenient to use.

D. Microvvave ovens are now part of our life.

4. The phrase “by accident” in the first sentence mostlymeans _____

A. O n purpose             B. by the way             C. not controlled             D. not planned

5. What could be the best title for the article?

A. The Uses of Microwave Ovens

B. The History of Microwave Ovens

C. The story of Dr. Percy Spencer

D. The inventions of Dr. Percy Spencer

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VII. Choose the correct option for each numbered gap in the passage. (1 p)

People have used codes to send secret messages since Roman times. But codes

are not just something (1) ________ by Julius Caesar or a spy. People today use codes

every time they pay for something by credit card or send an email to a friend. Codes

(2) _____ our personal intormation.

Before computers, the biggest users of codes were governments, who used them

particularly in war. The (3) ________ Greeks sent and received messages using a scytale, a cylinder made of wood. An officer would put cloth around the cylinder and write a message along it. When he took the cloth off, the writing appeared to mean nothing. But the officer who received the cloth had a similar cylinder and could easily read the message. Julius Caesar used a simple system to communicate with his army. (4) __________ writing the letter A, he would write D (+3 letters). Computer security systems today are not so different from the one Caesar used. But the keys are much bigger and there are billions of (5) ________ for each letter or number.

1. A. done B. used C. got D. sent
2. A. protect  B. prevent C. defend  D. keep
3. A. antique B. early C. old D. ancient
4. A. Because of B. Instead of C. Due to D. Excepf for
5. A. potentials B. likelihoods C. chances D. possibilities

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VIII. Match the halves to make sentences. (1 p)

1. Our Internet connection has been cut…

2. The telescope will photograph distant galaxies…

3. The distance from the Earth to the Sun is,…

4. Be careful! You might give yourselt…

5. You may get connected to him on the tacebook…

A. An electric shock!

B. But I can’t be sure.

C. Off, so l’m afraid you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

D. In an attempt to understand their past.

E. On average, about 149 million kilometres.

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IX. Complele the second sentence in each pair so that if has similar meaning to the first. (1 p)

1. Man is likely to live on Mars in the future.

Man will _____________________________________

2. Talking to your family members every day is very important.

It is _________________________________________

3. Mathematics improves the way we think: it is a basic tool of thinking.

Since mathematics ________________________________

4. The government believe it is beneticial to spend more money on space exploration.

It is believed ____________________________________

5. “Can you lend me your ỈPad for a few minutes?” said Hoa to Thanh.

Hoa asked ______________________________________

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