Final Test 1 (Phần I, II, III, IV) – Bài tập nâng cao Tiếng Anh 8 – Chương trình mới

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Final Test 1 (I, II, III, IV)


I. Find the word having different stress pattern in each line. (1 p)

1. A. density B. negative C. organize D. enormous
2. A. expressive B. colourful C. uncertain D. endanger
3. A. technique B. planet C. engine D. fearful
4. A. sensitive B. quality C. improper D. classity
5. A. technology B. biology C. adventurous D. multimedia

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II. Choose the best answer to complete each oỉ the following sentences. (1 p) 

1. Before the meeting finished, they had arranged when _________ next.

A. They met            B. they to meet           C. to meet                 D. meeting

2. My grandma_______ a lot of pleasure from gardening.

A. Does                B. has                C. makes                 D. gets

3. Working hours will fall to under 35 a week,_____?

A. Will they             B. won’t they             C. won’t it                D. will it

4. What ______ if you saw a UF0?

A. Do you do              B. will you do              C. would you do             D. did you do

5. The ________ of space exploration started in the 1960s.

A. Era                  B. time                      C. period                         D. age

6. Many advances have been________in the field of communication through the use of

fiber optics.

A. Done               B. caused             C. brought               D. made

7. He was the first man________ to help the flood victims.

A. Arrive                  B. arrived                 C. arriving              D. to arrive

8. From 1865 to 1875, a remarkable __________ of inventions was produced.

A. Diversity               B. mixture              C. variety                 D. collection

9. You should talk to your dad first because that fridge ___________ not be suitable for

your family.

A. Can                  B. may               C. need                 D. ought

10. Do you think there ________ less conflict in the world if all people the

same language?

A. Would be/ spoke     spoke             C. were/ speak             D. is/ willspeak

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III. Use the correct form of the verbs to complete the sentences. (2 p)

1. Do you think snail mail still (use) ___________ in 2050?

2. It is possible that we (live) ____________ on the moon or on Mars in 2050.

3. Chau has decided (study) ____________ archeology at the university.

4. When I arrived at the Club, my triends already (go) _________ home.

5. If I (be) __________ you, I (think) __________very carefully before going to

England to study.

6. The new technology rapidly (introduce) __________ into teaching and learning


7. The researchers said they (work) __________ hard (find)__________ a vaccine

for the Ebola virus disease.

8. Sally Ride was the youngest woman astronaut (fly) ___________ into space in 1983.

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IV. Complete the second sentence in each pair in reported speech. (I p)

1. She said: “I went to the cinema yesterday.”

She told me_________________________________

2. “I’lI phone and inform him about it tomorrow,” he said.

He promised ________________________________

3. “Have you been to an English speaking country?” he asked us.

He wondered _______________________________

4. “Why didn’t you put the wrapper in the dustbin?” she said to the boy.

She asked__________________________________

5. “Is your son interested in sciences?” said the teacher to Mrs. Tram.

The teacher wanted to know _____________________

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