Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh – Đề số 23 (Đề nâng cao)

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Một số đề thi vào THPT môn tiếng anh


(1-5). Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. a. respond b. novel c. work d. cotton
2. a. unique b. chemistry c. quarter d. occasion
3. a. viable b. dynamite c. priority d. responsible
4. a. pleased b. erased c. increased d. amused
5. a. father b. healthy c. weather d. clothing

(6-10). Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others.

6.  a. managerial b.determination c. unbelievable d. inability
7.  a. equality b. difficulty c. discovery d. simplicity
8.  a. plentiful b. adequate c. sociable d. commercial
9.  a. citizenship b. category c. benefit d. priority
10.  a. temperature b. thunderstorm c. mysterious d. ultimately


(11-35). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in each sentence.

11. This type of music is quite popular_______ teenage boys and girls.

a. with b. to c. for              d. of

12. I love to look up at the stars_________ the sky______night

a. in – in b. on – at c. at – at       d. in – at

13. When are your friends going back_____ Italy?

a. in b. for c. to d. Ø

14. Have you ever read anything_______Earnest Hemingway?

a. of b. by c. from d. for

15. I didn’t intend to take your umbrella. I took it ______ .

a. by chance b. by accident c. by mistake     d. on purpose

16. How are you getting_______ in your new job? Are you enjoying it?

a. on b. off c. in       d. with

17. Things are changing all the time. It’s difficult to keep_________ all these changes.

a. out of b. up with c. back from  d. on about

18. We let the kids decorate their rooms__________ they want to.

a. wherever b. whatever    c. whenever     d. however

19. I ______ to see Chris on my way home.

a. dropped in b.  c. got by d. crossed out

20. Don’t _____ until tomorrow what you can do today.

a. call off b. put off c. take off  d. run off

21. Their failure was ______ a lack of care and attention.

a. due to b. owing to c. as if d. because

22. ______, I’ve invited Graham and his wife to lunch on Sunday., a. By surprise     

a. By surprise b. By all means  c. By myself       d. By the way

23. Your eyes are red -_____________ ?

a. did you cry b. have you been crying
c. have you cried d. do you cry


24. The fact that he didn’t speak a foreign language put him at a _______ .

a. benefit b. disadvantage  c. challenge     d. comfort

25. I’m not accustomed________ like this.

a. to treat b. to treating     c. to be treated d. to being treated

26. We______ Switzerland four times during the 1970s.

a. would visit b. used to visit     c.  visit  d. visited

27. Nowadays it________ cost a fortune to own a powerful computer.

a. mustn’t b. doesn’t have to c. hasn’t to  d. can’t

28. No longer_______ clean the floor. I have just bought a vacuum cleaner.

a. I have to b. I do have to c.  do I have  d. have I to

29. If people stop using dynamite for fishing, a lot of sea creatures will be well_______ .

a. preserved b. existed    c. qualified         d. controlled

30. I’d like to say thank you to my colleagues_______ help I couldn’t carry out the project.

a. who b. whose c. without whom d. without whose

31. City dwellers have a higher death rate than________ .

a. country people are b. do country people
c. have country people d. country people have


32. Scientists are looking for effective way to reduce energy___________ .

a. consumption b. waste c. conservation  d. production

33. The roof needs_______ . You’d better have it________ as soon as possible.

a. to repair – done b. repairing – done
c. to be repaired – to be done d. being repaired – doing


34. The scheme allows students from many countries to communicate _______.

a. each other b. with other   c. themselves d. with one another

35. ‘Do you mind if I take a seat?’ ‘_________ _’

a. No, I mind. b. Yes, I don’t mind,
c. Yes, do as you please. d. No, do as you please.


(36-40). Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting.

36. If I can’t leave (A) my bags here, what do (B) you suggest me to do (C) with them (D)?

37. Some university (A) students support themselves by (B) tutoring, working in restaurants or they do (C) market research (D).

38. We are looking (A) forward to taking (B) on a (C) tour of (D) Athens by our Greek friends.

39. The prize-giving (A) ceremony will be (B) televised (C)  lively (D) from the Hoa Binh Theater.

40. He usually comes (A) home at (B) 5 o’clock, but this week he works (C) very late (D).

(41-50). Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence.

41. We find country life_______ to living in the city, (prefer)

42.  people stand to benefit most from these policies, (employ)

43. At present, solar cells are too expensive and______ to be used in the commercial generation of electricity, (efficiency)

44. His English is not the_________ in the class. ( bad)

45. Visitors said that the________ of the people in Vietnam was most unforgettable, (hospitable)

46. One of the__________ of English is that it is becoming simpler and

simpler, (strong)

47. The explanation of the accident is very_________ (confuse)

48. Freedom of__________ is one of the fundamental rights, (speak)

49. Don’t be so_________ . We’ve only been waiting for a few minutes, (patient)

50. ________ ecology will lead to a lot of natural disasters, (balance),


(51-60). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

Getting good results in your studies comes from (51)________ good study habits. The best place to study is a comfortable room with good (52)_______ . The best chair for studying should be one which you would be comfortable in, (53)_______ so comfortable that you may fall asleep in it after a while! Before you study, look for a (54)_____ environment with no distractions. If you find your home too noisy for studying, try the library or community center (55)_______ . When you study, set realistic (56)_______ for yourself to achieve. For example, do not (57)____ to study five chapters of Geography in one (58).________   when you know that you take more than an hour to read one chapter. Furthermore, remember not to push yourself too (59)_________ . When you have studied for a period of time, (60)______ yourself by taking a short break. You could perhaps take a short walk or listen to music for a while.

51. a. creating b. producing c. developing d. getting
52. a. lighting b. shining c. brightness d. lightning
53. a. rather than b. without c. unless d. but not
54. a. clean b. quiet c. secure d. still
55. a. then b. or else c. instead d. just so
56. a. targets b. charges c. styles d. shots
57. a. push b. aim c. reach d. press
58. a. moment b. serving c. stretch d. sitting
59. a. strongly b. hardly c. powerfully d. hard
60. a. award b. reward c. compliment d. congratulation

(61-65). Read the passage below carefully and choose the correct answer a, b, c or d.

The increasing power of the Internet and the growth in the number of its users suggests great potential for Internet advertising. The Internet was used primarily by scientists and by professionals in the computer industry, but there are now millions of users of all ages and professions. There are three basic types of advertisements appearing on the Internet. The first is what is called a banner ad. These are small, rectangular advertisements that a business places on its Internet site to provide information about its products. This type of ad is usually simply a static display, but the increasing sophistication of the technology allows them to be more interactive.

The second type is a small, square ad placed at the bottom of an Internet page. These are called button ads. A button ad has only the brand name of the product being advertised. The button provides a link to the product site where more information is available.

The third type is called an interstitial ad or a pop-up ad and is similar to a television ad because it uses visuals and sometimes sound. Interstitial ads are controversial because they appear automatically without the user requesting the information the advertisements provide.

– static (adj): tĩnh, đứng yên – sophistication (n): sự tinh vi

– visual (n): hình ảnh – controversial (adj) gây trank cãi

– interstitial ad = pop-up ad (n): mẫu quảng cáo bật ra trên màn hình

61. What is the article mainly about?

a. The growth of the computer industry

b. New uses of the Internet

c. The changing face of advertising

d. The main types of Internet advertisements.

62. What reason is given for title growing popularity of the Internet advertising?

a. The cost of Internet advertising IS

b. There are more Internet users of all types today.

c. There are few restrictions on this type of advertising.

d. The Internet users need access to more information.

63. Which type of ad only features the name of the company’s product?

a. Button ads

b. Banner ads

c. Interstitial ads

d. Pop-up ads

64. Which will allow greater interaction in banner ads?

a. Computer users’ growing skills

b. Discussions among users

c. Improvements in computer technology

d. Customers’ need for information

65. Which of the following is NOT true?

a. The Internet is becoming more and more popular.

b. Businesses usually use banner ads to provide information about their new products.

c. A Pop-up ad appears unexpectedly.

d. An interstitial ad is also called a television ad,

(66-75). Fill in each blank with ONE appropriate word to make a meaning passage.

The country and the city have (66)_________ and disadvantages. People in the country live in more beautiful (67)__________ . They enjoy peace and quiet, and can do their work (68)__________ their own pace because no one is in a hurry. They live in larger, more comfortable houses, and their (69)_________ are more friendly, and ready to help them when they need it. However, their (70)   _______ can be monotonous and they can be isolated, a long way from nearest town, which is a serious problem if they are ill or (71)________ to take children to school. The city has all the services the country lacks, but it also has a lot of (72)_________ .. Cities are often ugly and (73)_________ ; they not only have bad air but are also noisy. Everyone is always in a (74)_________ and this means that people have no time to get to know each other and make (75)_______ .


(76-80). Choose the sentence (a, b, c or d) that is almost the same in meaning as the sentence given.

76. I felt that it had been a mistake to write to him.

a. I regretted having written to him.

b. There was a mistake in the letter I wrote to him.

c. I felt like making a mistake to write to him.

d. I made a few mistakes when I wrote to him.

77. He went down with flu as soon as he recovered from bronchitis.

a. He caught flu just before he recovered from bronchitis.

b. No sooner had he recovered from bronchitis than he went down with flu.

c. He recovered from bronchitis soon after he went down with flu.

d. He caught flu and bronchitis at the same time.

78. If he could speak French, he would be able to get a job there.

a. He wishes he could speak French and worked there.

b. He can’t speak French because he won’t get a job there.

c. He can’t speak French, so he won’t be able to get a job there.

d. He couldn’t speak French, so he wasn’t given a job there.

79. The man had his dirty car washed at last.

a. The car got dirty last week.

b. Someone finally washed the man’s car.

c. The man finally washed his dirty car.

d. The man got dirty when he washed his car.

80. The plane was supposed to land at 6:00, but the flight was thirty minutes ahead of schedule.

a. The plane was on time.

b. The plane landed at 5:30.

c. The flight was delayed for half an hour.

d. The plane didn’t land until 6:30.

(81-85). Rewrite the sentences so that they are nearest in meaning to the sentence printed before them.

81. Her mother was the most warm-hearted person I’ve ever kn

I’ve ______________________________________________________

82. ‘Can you remember where you put the camera, Philip?’ said Sarah.

Sarah asked_______________________________________________

83. After six years studying abroad, Michael returned home as a doctor of law. 

After Michael_______________________________________________

84. When Einstein was 26 years old, he began to research on the theoiy of relatively.

At ________________________________________________________

85. It is both a comfortable hotel and a popular meeting place.

Not only____________________________________________________ 

(86-90). Write complete sentence using the suggested words.

86. 1/ write/ Jim/ last week/ but/ so far/ receive/ no reply/ my letter//


87. I/-invite/ party/ occasion/ her birthday/ last week//


88. Yuri Gagarin/ first man/ travel/ space//


89. Tet/ time/ Vietnamese people/ celebrate/ beginning/ spring//


90. concert hall/ so crowded/ 1/ see/ hear/ nothing//


Đáp án 


1. c  2. c 3. d 4. c 5. b
6. b 7. b 8. d 9. d 10. c


11. a 12. d 13. c 14. b 15. c
16. a 17. b 18. d 19. a 20. b
21. a 22. d 23. c 24. b 25. d
26. d 27. b 28. c 29. a 30. d
31. b 32. a 33. b 34. d 35. d
36. D (pulled) 37. D (cruelty) 38. B (behaved)
39. C (is staying) 40. C (said)
41. boring 42. popularity  43. success
44. Honesty 45. carelessness 46. admiration
47. Security 48. comfortably 49. industrialization
50. encourage


51. c 52. a 53. d 54. b 55. c
56. a 57. b 58. d 59. d 60. b
61. d 62. b 63. a 64. c 65. d
66. people/ they 67. what 68. when 
69. of 70. dress 71. have
72. direction 73. as 74. by
75. you


76. b 77. d 78. b 79. c  80. d

81. Once the opera had begun, late-comers had to wait before taking their seats.

82. No reply from her was said to me for two weeks.

83. In any circumstances should we not be impolite to our parents.

84. My sister didn’t succeed in getting into art college.

85. Despite his inexperience, he got the job.

86. It was such a boring program that I turned off the television and went to bed.

87. Electric light had been invented before I was born.

88. If there was/ were no oxygen, there would be no life on earth.

89. I have been waiting for her since 9 o’clock.

90. We are looking forward to receiving your letter soon.

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