Chuyên đề bài tập Tiếng Anh 7 – Chuyên đề Multiple choice (phần 2)

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Nhằm củng cố, mở rộng, bổ sung thêm kiến thức cho các em học sinh, sưu tầm gửi tới các em học sinh tham khảo Chuyên đề bài tập Tiếng Anh 7 – Chuyên đề Multiple choice (phần 2) . Chúc các em học tốt!

Chuyên đề Multiple choice (phần 2)

Chuyên đề bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 7

Exercise 8. Choose the correct answers.

1. There isn’t            for dinner, so I have to go to the market.

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A. any left B. any leaving      C. some leaving    D. some left

2. A                is a small meal that you eat when you are in a hurry.

A. snack B. fast food          C. breakfast          D. lunch

3.           is hot food that is quick to cook, and is served very quickly in a restaurant.

A. Hot food B. Fast food         C. Sandwiches      D. Roasted duck

4.           water should I put into the glass?

A. How B. How much       C. How many       D. What

5.           tomatoes do you need to make the sauce?

A. How much B. How long         C. How many       D. How often

6.           bottles of milk does your family need for a week?

A. How much B. How many       C. How                 D. How often

7. How many           do you want?

A. orange juice

B. bottle of orange juice

C. jar of orange juice

D. cartons of orange juice

8. Is there any butter                   in the refrigerator?

A. leave B. to leave            C. leaving             D. left

9. There is       tofu, but there aren’t               sandwiches.

A. some-some B. any-any           C. some-any         D. any-some

10. How many           do you need?

A. cartons of yogurt

B. packet of yogurt

C. carton of yogurt

D. yogurt

11. Can you tell me    this dish?

A. to cook B. how to cook     C. cooking            D. how to cooking

12. What                     do I need to cook an omelette?

A. food B. material           C. menu                D. ingredients

13. In Viet Nam, spring rolls are served           at a family gathering or anniversary dinner.

A. most B. almost              C. most of            D. mostly

14. “What is your                dish for breakfast? – “It’s beef noodle soup”

A. favourite B. most                C. best                  D. liking

15. How many           do you eat every day?

A. orange B. milk                 C. apple               D. apples

16. Cakes in Viet Nam are made             butter, eggs, and flour.

A. in B. from                 C. of                     D. by

17. Lan’s brother is a          working at Metropolitan Restaurant.

A. cooker B. cooking            C. chief                 D. chef

18. What is your                  drink?

A. nation B. foreign             C. foreigner          D. favourite

19. “Do you want to            this new dish of noodle I have just cooked?”

A. like B. drink                C.try                     D. make

20. The eel soup that your father has just cooked tastes very                .

A. delicious B. best                  C. healthy             D. well

Exercise 9. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence or replace the underlined word.

1. Khue Van Palivilion is   as the symbol of HN city.

A. regarded B. surrounded      C. expected          D. considered

2. Minh Mang Tomb                   constructing in 1841, and                 three years later.

A. started – was completed

B. was started – was completed

C. started – completed

D. was started – complete

3. Many beautiful Cham Towers in NinhThuan Province           and now      many domestic and foreign tourists.

A. were restored – attract

B. restored – were attracted

C. restored – attracted

D. was restored – attracted

4. Tom doesn’t know why many students pay a     to the Temple of Literature before their exam.

A. visit B. holiday            C. walk                 D. trip

5. Oxford University                   the oldest university in the English speaking world.

A. considered to be

B. is regarded as

C. is considered being

D. is regarded

6. Many kinds of fruits and vegetables           at the floating market in Can Tho.

A. are selling B. will sell            C. sell                   D. are sold

7. The laboratory is           to the main building.

A. in front B. between           C. next                 D. near

8. The Temple of Literature                  in 1070.

A. was found B. was founded    C. find                  D. found

9. The Imperial Academy was              in 1076 under Emperor Ly Nhan Tong.

A. constructed B. constructing C. build                D. construct

10. You’d better                  an umbrella because it’s rainy.

A. will take B. take                  C. taking              D. to take

11. Papers at the Royal examinations in the past were                 by the King.

A. correct B. check               C. passed             D. graded

12. A lot of flowers              in Da Lat throughout the year.

A. growing B. are grown        C. grow                D. grew

13. The University of Oxford                 among the top five universities in the world.

A. is ranking B. being ranked    C. ranks               D. is ranked

14. The Imperial Academy was regarded         the first university in Viet Nam.

A. for B. of                     C. to                     D. as

15. The students of the Imperial Academy                 from local examinations all over the country.

1. were selected B. selecting           C. selected            D. was selected

 Exercise 10. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence or replace the underlined word.

1. I think the University of Cambridge is the second                   the United Kingdom.

A. oldest B. elder                 C. old                   D. older

2. The Temple of Literature                  by old trees and              many interesting things.

A. is surrounded – contains

B. surrounds – is contained

C. surrounds – contains

D. is surrounded – is contained

3. In 2003, four                  of Emperor Ly Thanh Tong, Emperor Ly Nhan Tong, Emperor Le Thanh Tong and Chu Van An were built in the Temple of Literature.

A. statues B. forms               C.stonetablets      D. photos

4. We              to Professor Marshall about the research topic two days ago.

A. have spoken B. were spoken    C. spoke               D. were speaking

5. Tan Ky House in Hoi An                  over two hundred years ago.

A. is to built B. was built                 D. is built

6. Many precious relics               in the Temple of Literature.

A. kept B. are kept           C. keep                 D. is kept

7. The Imperial Academy was constructed              Emperor Ly NhanTong.

A. behind B. above               C. within              D. under

8. The Imperial Academy was               young men for the country.

A. used to educating

B. used to educate

C. use to educate

D. used to educating

9. Students at Oxford University                   by famous lecturers and tutors in many departments.

A. are taught and supported

B. are taught and support

C. teach and support

D. taught and supported

10. The institution               of many classrooms and libraries for students.

A. consists

B. is consist

C. is consisted

D.has been consisted

11. Bach Ma National Park           close to the sea.

A. is located B. is being located                             C. locates    D. located

12. In 2010, the 82 Doctors’ stone tablets                 as a Memory of the World.

A. recognising

B. were recognised

C. recognised

D. are recognised

13. Active voice: Harvard University has awarded Nam a scholarship.

Passive voice: Nam                 a scholarship by Harvard University.

A. has be awarded

B. has been awarded

C. has awarded

D. has was awarded

14. The students of the Imperial Academy were carefully             for the National  examinations first, and then the Royal examinations.

A. learned B. taken                C. studied             D. prepared

15. The first Doctors’ stone tablets                  in 1484.

A. are erected B. erected             C. were erected     D. was erected

 Exercise 11. Choose the correct option for each gap in the sentences.

1. Drivers have to    their seatbelt whenever they drive.

A. put B. tie                    C. fasten               D. put on

2. We should wait for the traffic lights            before we cross the street.

A. turn green B. to turn green C. turn yellow         D. to turn yellow

3. All of us have to obey              strictly.

A. traffic rules B. traffic               C. traffic jam        D. regular

4. Cyclists and motorists have to wear a                  when they ride a motorbike.

A. hard hat B. cap                   C. mask                D. helmet

5. He forgot to give a                   before he turned left and got a ticket.

A. signal B. sign                  C. light                 D. hand

6.           does it take you to get to Ho Chi Minh City by plane? – About 2 hours.

A. How far B. How much       C. How long         D. How many

7. There          a bus station in the city centre, but it has been moved to the suburbs.

A. used to be B. used to have    C. use to have      D. were

8. I        marbles when I was young, but now I didn’t.

A. play B. used to play     C. have played   D. didn’t use to play

9. “        is it from your house to the nearest bus stop?” – “About 50 meters’

A. How far B. How long         C. How often        D. How much

10. We should            the street at the zebra crossing.

A. walk B. walk on            C. walk through   D. walk across

11. Lan used to go to school                   .

A. with bicycle B. by foot             C. in car               D. by bus

12. Public           in my town is good and cheap.

A. transport B. tour                  C. journey  

13. _______ is not very far from here to the city center.

A. That B. This                 C.It                       D.There

14. When there is a traffic jam, it            me a very long time to go home.

A. costs B. takes                C. lasts                 D.spends

15. Mai’s dad usually drives her to school her school is very far from her house.

A. but B. though             C. because            D. or

16. Yesterday Hoa and Lan round West Lake. It took them an hour.

A. cycle B. cycles               C. cycling             D. cycled

17. Minh used to                  his homework late in the evening.

A. does B. do                    C. doing               D. did

18. If people               the rules, there are no more accidents.

A. follow B. take care of      C. obey                 D. remember

19. You should          right and left when you go across the roads.

A. see B. look                 C. be                     D. take

20. Hurry up or we can’t              the last bus home.

A. keep B. follow              C. go                    D. catch

Exercise 12. Choose the correct answer by circling A, B, C or D.

1. Linda used to                 morning exercise when she got up early.

A. did B. does                 C. doing               D. do

2. My mum              the bus to work every day, but I cycle.

3. catches B. drives               C. goes                 D. runs

4. You should look right and left when you go                  the road.

A. down B. across              C. up                    D. along

5. Bus is the main public   in Viet Nam.                B. tricycle             C. transport         D. vehicle

6. The play was so boring.          , An saw it from beginning to end.

A. Therefore B. Despite            C. However          D. Although

7. She’s sure that they will find the film         .

A. entertaining B. entertain          C. entertainment   D. entertained

8. – “Do you like seeing a film?” – “               

A. No, I don’t like it at all

B. Sure. What film shall we see?

C. Who is in it?

D. I’m sorry, I can’t.

9.           being frightened by the images, Lan still liked the film so much.

A. In spite B. Despite            C. Although         D. Nevertheless

10.           is La Tomatina celebrated? – Every August.

A. Where B. Why                 C. When               D. Which

11. My father liked the                  of that singer.

A. perform B. performer        C. performance    D. performing

12. Does your bike ever                down on the way to school?

A. break B. take                  C. do                    D.turn

13. I        go on foot when I was in primary school.

A. used to B. break               C. can                   D. may

14. Give a                   before you turn left or right.

A. sign B. turn                  C. sound               D. signal

15. A lot of dancers go to Rio de Janeiro to               the Carnival.

A. attend B. join                  C. perform           D. appear

16.            the film was gripping, Tom slept from beginning to end.

A. Therefore B. Despite            C. However          D. Although

Exercise 13. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence.

1. The movie on TV last night made me                   .

A. bore B. boring              C. bored               D. boredom

2. I was           to learn that the director of that gripping film has won the first prize.

A. interest B. interests           C. interested         D. interesting

3. We were               with the latest film of that director.

A. Satisfy B. satisfying         C. satisfactory      D. satisfied

4. They were very disappointed            her acting.

A. of B. with                 C. in                     D. on

5. Lets go to the Victor Cinema. I’m sure you’ll find the film               .

A. excites B. excite               C. excited             D. exciting

6. Mr. Beans Holiday is a            film – I was laughing from beginning to end.

A. hilarious B. violent             C. scary                D. moving

7. We are really                  about going to the cinema tonight.

A. excited B. interested         C. amused            D. pleased

8. The film was so              . However, my father saw it from beginning to end.

A. interesting B. exciting            C. boring              D. fascinating

9. We found the plot of the film                     .

A. bored B. boring              C. interested         D. acting

10. The cinema changed completely at             end of                   1920s.

A. an – the B. the – a              C. a – the              D. the – the

11. I enjoyed the film on TV yesterday evening                   nobody in my family liked it.

A. although B. yet                   C. in spite of        D. so

12. Last night, I didn’t go to bed early             being very tired.

A. despite of B. in spite of        C. although          D. because

13. I                  thrillers to action films.

A. like B. prefer               C. would rather    D. enjoy

14. We like the film very much. The                 are unforgettable and the plot is gripping.

A. characters B. acting               C. style                 D. action

15. A                is a film that tries to make audiences laugh.

A. Horror B. sci-fi                 C. comedy            D. documentary

 Exercise 14. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence.

1. A film in which strange and frightening things happen is called a/an                   .

A. thriller B. comedy            C. drama              D. animation

2. Not many people went to see the film;                 , it received good reviews from critics.

A. however B. despite             C. but                   D. although

3.           he spent much money on the film, it wasn’t a big success.

A. Even B. But                  C. Although         D. Despite

4. Trung finds horror films really                   .

A. disgust B. disgusts           C. disgusting        D. disgusted

5.           they spent a lot of money on the film, it wasn’t a big success.

A. However B. Nevertheless    C. When               D. Although

6. We didn’t find it funny            it was a comedy.

A. in spite of B. despite             C. although          D. but

7. In Titanic, it                   Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson, a poor artist.

A. directs B. shows              C. acts                  D. stars

8. The end of the film was so                that many people cried.

A. shocking B. moving            C. exciting            D. boring

9. I went to the cinema with my friends yesterday             feeling very tired.

A. although B. in spite of        C. but                   D. so

10.           beginning with a terrible disaster, the film has a happy ending.

A. In spite B. Despite            C. Although         D. However

11. I found the book so                 that I couldn’t put it down.

A. gripping B. boring              C. tiring                D. shocking

12.           careful preparation, we have a lot of difficulties in making a new film.

A. With B. However C. Such                         D. Despite

13. The film has a silly plot.                   , many people enjoyed it.

A. Though B. Moreover         C. Because           D. Nevertheless

14. A                is a film that shows real life events or stories.

A. Action B. documentary    C. thriller              D. comedy

15. I have never felt as                  as I did when I watched that horror film.

A. terrify B. terrified            C. terrifying          D. terrible

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