Chuyên đề bài tập Tiếng Anh 6 – Chuyên đề Multiple choice (phần 1)


Nhằm củng cố, mở rộng, bổ sung thêm kiến thức cho các em học sinh, sưu tầm gửi tới các em học sinh tham khảo Chuyên đề bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 6 – Chuyên đề Multiple choice (phần 1). Chúc các em học tốt!

Chuyên đề Multiple choice (phần 1)

Chuyên đề bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 6

 Exercise 1. Choose the correct answers A, B, C or D.

1. I have Math lessons_________Monday and Friday.


A. on

B. in

C. at

D. from

2. His new house  _________on Tran Phu Street.

A. is

B. are

C. am

D. A&C

3. Mai brushes_________  teeth every morning.

A. his

B. my

C. her

D. your

4. We are traveling to the countryside_________  bus.

A. on

B. in

C. from

D. by

5. He goes to school  five o’clock                 the morning.

A. on/in

B. for/at

C. in/on

D. at/in

6. Mai_________  dressed at six thirty every morning.

A. does

B. brushes

C. gets

D. lives

7. Minh goes to school_________  12.45 every afternoon.

A. in

B. at

C. on

D. to

8. My father is an . He works in a big factory.

A. teacher

B. doctor

C. farmer

D. engineer

9. _________is your brother? – He is thirteen.

A, What time

B. How far

C. How old

D. How long

10. My teacher lives_________ a big city.

A. in

B. on

C. at

D. to

11. This is Lan_________ house is new.

A. My

B. Your

C. Her

D. His

12. Nam and Minh _________ playing soccer in the yard at the moment.

A. do

B. is

C. are

D. does

13. What time does Nga _________ every morning?

A. gets up

B. get up

C. get

D. gets

14. He _________breakfast at six o’clock every mornings

A. have

B. having

C. has

D. to have

15. Our classroom is _________ the second floor.

A. from

B. in

C. at

D. on

16. How many chairs _________ there in the house?

A. do

B. is

C. are

D. does

17. What time every morning?

A. do Mai gets up

B. does Mai gets up

C. does Mai get up

D. does get Mai up

18. We play games_________ the afternoon.

A. on

B. in

D. to

19. _________your parents do? – They are workers.

A. How does

B. What does

C. What do

D. Who

20. How many floors_________your school have?

A. do

B. does

C. is

D. are

 Exercise 2. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence.

1. My father never                      coffee.

A. drink

B. drinking

C. drinks

D. to drink

2. Nam likes_________volleyball.

A. to playing

B. playing

C. plays

D. play

3. His idea is quite different mine.

A. with

B. of

C. from

D. on

4. There is nothing in the refrigerator. Let’s  to the market.

A. go

B. going

C. goes

D. to go

5. Math books are on the shelves _________  the right.

A. on

B. at

C. to

D. in

6. Students have two                         each day.

A. 20-minute break

B. 20-minutes break

C. 20-minute breaks

D. 20-minutes breaks

7. Would you like_________ to music?

A. listening

B. to listen

C. listen

D. listens

8. In_________ , we do some experiments.

A. Math

B. History

C. Chemistry

D. English

9. That’s a good ! Let’s go to the beach.

A. thinking

B. answer

C. help

D. idea

10. _________don’t you come to my house? -OK. Let’s go.

A. Why

B. Let’s

C. When

D. What

11. Tam enjoys_________soccer.

A. playing

B. to play

C. plays

D. play

12. Nga is_________a play for the school anniversary celebration.


B. rehearing



13. What about_________Ha Long Bay? visit

B. visit


D. visiting

14. The orchestra will give a concert_________the anniversary celebration.

A. in

B. at


D. for

15. Would you like_________ hopping?


B. to go

C. going

D. goes

Exercsise 3. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence or replace the underlined word.

1. How many windows                in your class?

A.  are there

B. there are

C. there isn’t

D. there aren’t

2. They often play soccer in the_________ .

A. school gate

B. schoolyard

C. schoolmate

D. schoolwork

3. Which word has three syllables?

A. table

B. telephone

C. window

D. bench

4. Those_________  pens and pencils.

A. is

B. are

C. has

D. have

5. _________meadows on the way.

A.There is

B.There are

C. There has

D. There have

6. Is this your favorite class?

A. Yes, this is. B.

No, there isn’t

C. Yes, I think so.

D. No, it doesn’t.

7. There are five people in _________family.

A. they

B. their

C. them

D. theirs

8. Tell me something_________ your family.

A. about

B. Φ

C. over

D. on

9.Go and_________ a bath!

A. wash

B. make

C. do

D. have

10. Close the door_________; it’s cold in here.

A. Φ

B. up

C. to

D. have

11. My house is opposite_________ the park.

A. from

B. of

C. Φ

D. to

12. Which word has four syllables?

A. literature

B. chemistry

C. history

D. physics

13. How money do you want?

A. many

B. much

C. little

D. a lot of

14._________ do they work? – They work in a big hospital.

A. Who

B. When

C. What

D. Where

15. What are those? _________ CDs.

A. This is

B. These are

C. They are

D. That is

16. What’s the date today ? – It is_________ June.

A. twelve

B. twelfth

C. twelve of

D. the twelfth of

17. How many windows are there in your house? – _________ six.

A. There is

B.There are


D. There have

18. _________is Phong ? – He’s in the living room.

A. When

B. Where


D. What

19. Which verb adds “es” in the third person?

A. go

B. write


D. tell

20. a clock in your room?

A. Are there

B. Is there

C.Have there

D. Has there

Exercise 4. Choose A, B, C or D for each gap in the following sentences

1. I like to read “Muc Tim” very much. It’s my                          magazine.

A. nice

B. quick

C. funny

D. favourite

2. My close friend, Mai, has a  face and                      hair.

A. big – black

B. small – short

C. round – black

D. short – long

3. My best friendiskind and _________. He often makes me laugh.

A. funny

B. nice

C. shy

D. boring

4. My brother has short                hair.

A. a – straight

B.Ø – long

C. Ø- curly

D. a – black

5. On Sunday, Nam _________  his parents in the field as usual.

A. helps

B. help

C. is helping

D. helping

6. Can you _________ me the apple, please?A

A. move

B. pass


D. turn

7. Mai is the phone, chatting                 friends.

A. on – to

B. on – on

C. to – with

D. to – to

8. She is always _________at school, and helps other students with their homework.

A. hard

B. hardly

C. hard-working

D. work hard

9. Diana is in the art club. She likes to paint pictures, and everyone enjoys them. She is very_________ .

A. shy

B. kind

C. funny

D. creative

10. On Saturday, Tom’s parents him                  London to see the new film.

A.are taking – to

B. taking – to

C. are going – to

D. are going – in

11. Next summer, I am working as a_________ teacher in a village near HoaBinh City.

A. good

B. nice

C. favourite

D. volunteer

12. The Summer Camp is for students_________between 10 and 15.

A.age                           B.aged                         C.aging                        D. ages

13. We are visiting a milk farm to see _________they _________ milk, cheese, and butter.

A.why – do                  B. Ø- do             – make                    D. how – do

14. Linda has_________ hair and big eyes.

A.blonde – small                                              B. a black – blue

C.blonde – blue                                               D. black – long

15. The film is very_________ , and we can’t see all of it.

A.exciting                   B. boring                     C.wonderful                D.easy

16. Our class is going to a picnic at the zoo on Saturday. Wouldyou like to come with us?

A. have

B. take

C. pass

D. go

17. It’s _________ to go home. It’s so late.

A. now

B. sure

C. time

D. like

18. Please turn_________ the lights. The room is so dark.

A. with

B. at

C. in

D. on

19. Can you the tables and chairs                the next room? There are some more students.

A. move – to

B. take – in

C. move – in

D. take – on

20. Daisy is very _________ to take the rest. She is a very good student.

A. kind

B. confident

C. friendly

D. talkative

Exercise 5. Choose A, B, C or D for each gap in the following sentences

1. There are two lights                the ceiling.

A. in

B. at

C. on

D. between

2. There four chairs and a table                          the middle of the room.

A. are – in

B. are – at

C. is – on

D. is – in

3. They are moving _________  a new apartment                     the city centre soon.

A. at – at

B. from – in

C. to – in

D. to – from

4. There are some dirty dishes _________ the floor.

A. on

B. with

C. in

D. for

5. My bedroom is_________ the bathroom.

A. under

B. in

C. on

D. next to

6. There aren’t any pillows_________  the bed.

A. from

B. on

C. behind

D. in front of

7. Can you _________ me the book, please?

A. move

B. pass

C. have

D. turn

8. Nga is_________ the phone, chatting                 friends.

A. on – to

B. on – on

C. to – with

D. to – to

9. My best friend is kind and _________ . He often makes me laugh.

A. funny

B. nice

C. shy

D. boring

10. The film is very _________ and we can’t see all of it.

A. Wonderful

B. easy

C. exciting

D. boring

11. The summer camp is for students_________ between 10 and 15.

A. age

B. aged

C. aging

D. ages

12. Mary has_________ hair and big  eyes.

A. blonde, small

B. a black, blue

C. blonde, blue

D. black, long

13. Next summer, I am working as a _________ teacher in a village near HoaBinh city.

A. volunteer

B. nice

C. good

D. favourite

14. She is always_________at school and helps other students with their homework.

A. hard

B. hardly

C. hard-working

D. work hard

15. Our class is going to_________ a picnic at the zoo on Saturday. Would you like to come with us?

A. have

B. take

C. pass


16. It’s to go home. It’s so late.

A. now



17. Please turn _________the lights. The room is so dark.

A. in

B. on

C. off

D. at

18. At break time, I go to the library and _________ books.

A. go

B. read

C. play

D. listen

19. Listen! Someone _________at the door.

A. knock

B. knocks

C. is knocking

D. are knocking

20. Nam_________ football now. He’s tired.

A. doesn’t play

B. plays

C. is playing

D. isn’t playing

21. We are excited_________ the first day of school.

A. at

B. with

C. about

D. in

22. My parents often help me_________ my homework.

A. at

B. with

C. about

23. I am having a math lesson but I forgot my_________ . I have some difficulties.

A. calculator

B. bike

C. pencil case

D. pencil sharpener

24. In the afternoon, students _________ many interesting clubs.

A. join

B. do

C. play

D. read

25. School _________at 4.30 p.m every day.

A. finish

B. finishes

C. go

D. have

Exercise 6. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence.

1. No one else in the class plays the guitar                     John. well

B. as far as

C. so well as

D. as soon as

2. The town was nearer _________we thought it would be.

A. then


C. as

D. than

3. The economic conditions today are _________  they were in the past.

A. much more good

B. much better than

C. much better

D. the best than

4. Jane is not _________her brother.

A. more intelligent as

B. intelligent as

C. so intelligent as

D. so intelligent that

5. He drives as _________ his father does.

A. careful as

B. more carefully

C. the most careful

D. carefully as

6. I’ll be there _________ I can.

A. sooner as

B. no sooner as

C. as soon as

D. soonest as

7. Mr. Lam cannot earn _________ his wife. many money as                                       B. as much money as many money than                                    D. as much money than

8. I like English _________ French.




D. better than

9. My car is _________yours.

A.more fast and economical than

B.more fast and more economical than

C.faster and economical as

D.faster and more economical than

10. Of the two sisters, Linda _________.

A. is beautiful

B. the most beautiful

C. is more beautiful

D. is so beautiful as

11. The lab is _________from the bus stop than the library.


B. farther

C. furthur

D. B and C

12. _________me to Bo Ly Pagoda with you?

A.Do you take

B. Are you take

C. You take

D. Will you take

13._________ nice the weather is!

A. What

B. How


D. Who

14. This book_________ to me. It’s his.

A. is not belonged

B. belongs not

C. not belongs

D. doesn’t belong

15. You had better _________if you want to catch the bus. run

B. running

D. ran

16. Father likes swimming and_________ we.

A. so do

B. so did

C. so can

D. nor do

17. When we are free, we always help our Mum_________ the housework.

A. for

B. about

C. done

D. with

18. Mai is_________ than her sister.

A. pretty B. prettier                    C. prettiest                  D. more prettier

19. “How about _________ me a hand? – Sure, I’d be glad to help”.

A. giving B. give                         C. to give                    D. you giving

20. I don’t feel very_________ . I think I’ll have to see the doctor.

A. well           B. healthy                    C. good                       D. strong

Exercise 7. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence or replace the underlined word.

1. Sarah is                         at Chemistry than Susan.

A. good B. well                         C. better                      D. best

2. I don’t work so hard _________  my father.

A. so B. as                            C. than                        D. more

3. Sam is the  _________student in my class.

A. tall B. most tall                  C. taller                       D. tallest

4. No one in my class is  beautiful                      her.

A. as /as B. more / as                 C. as / than                  D. the / more

5. Going by train isn’t  _________convenient as going by car.

A. so B. as                            C. more                       D. A & B are correct.

6. The test is not  difficult                       it was last month.

A. as / as B. so / as                      C. more / as                 D. A & B are correct.

7. Peter usually drives_________  Mary.

A. more fast

B. fast than

C. faster than

D. B & C are correct.

8. She cooked _________ than you.

A. well B. more good              C. better                      D. more well

9. This film is_________ interesting than that film.

A. most B. less                          C. as                            D. so

10. My salary is _________ his salary.

A. high B. more high               C. higher than             D. more higher than

11. He works_________ we do.

A. harder B. as hard as                C. harder                     D. so hard as

12. No one in this class is _________ Jimmy.

A. so tall as

B. tall than

C. the tallest

D. more tall than

13. Apples are usually _________ oranges.

A. cheap than B. more cheap             C. the cheapest            D. cheaper than

14. I know him _________ than you do.

A. better B. more well                C. good                       D. the best

15. Marie is not intelligent_________ her sister.

A. more/as

B. so/so

C. so/as

D. the/of

16. The Sears Tower is_________ building in Chicago.

A. taller B. the more tall           C. the tallest                D. taller and taller

17. Your bike is 3 times_________ .

A. as fastly as mine

B. as fast as me

C. as fast as mine

D. faster than mine

18. The fatter I become, the_________ I run.

A. quicker B. more slowly            C. slower                     D. more fast

19. He learns English _________ than we do.

A. badly B. badlier                    C. more badly             D. worse

20. Their house is_________ beautiful than mine

A. as B. more                       C. much                       D. so

Exercise 8. Choose the correct answers.

1. Hoa doesn’t have ………………. friends in Ha Noi.

A. much B. lots                          C. a lot                        D. any

2. How ………………. is it from your house to school?

A. often B. many                       C. far                           D. distance

3. How old will you ………………. on your next birthday?

A. be B. are                           C. am                           D. is

4. What ………………. lovely living room!

A. a B. an                            C. the                          D. –

5. The apartment at number 79 is ………………. of the three ones.

A. good B. the best                   C. best                         D. better

6. American students take part ………………. different activities at recess.

A. at B. on                           C. to                            D. in

7. ………………. do you study in the library after school? – Once a week.

A. How often B. How far                  C. How many              D. How long

8. Many young people enjoy ………………. community service.

A. do B. to do                       C. doing                      D. does

9. ………………. is your telephone number?

A. When B. Which                     C. What                       D. How

10. Her birthday is ………………. Friday, August 20th.

A. at B. on                           C. in                            D. of

11. ………………. you have a test tomorrow morning?

A. Will B. Do                          C. Are                         D. does

12. She will have a party ………………. her birthday.

A. for B. on                           C. in                            D. to

12.What’s your ……………….?

A. birthday B. day of birth            C. date of birth           D. birth of day

13. Will he be free? – ……………….

A. No, he won’t B. No, he doesn’t        C. No, he isn’t             D. No, he will

14. We will ………………. our old friends next Sunday.

A. to meet                         C. meeting                   D. meets

15. ………………. you like a cup of tea?

A. Would B. Will                         C. What                       D. does

16. He looks different ………………. his father.

A. at B. with                        C. from                        D. to

17. Students have two ………………. each day.

A. 20 – minutes breaks

B. 20 – minute break

C. 20 – minute breaks

D. 20 minutes break

18. The United States’ Library of Congress is one of the ………………. libraries in the world.

A. larger

B. largest

C. larger than

D. large

19. ………………. novels are very interesting.

A. These

B. This

C. That

D. It

Exercise 9. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence or replace the underlined word.

1.                          the spring. I love all flowers.

A. I like            B. I’d like                    C. I need                     D. I’d want

2. Jack often goesC. 20 – minute breaks . He likes winter.

A. skiing

B. to ski

C. ski

D. skies

3. What is theC. 20 – minute breaks of that river?

A.long                         B. wide                       C. length                     D. heavy

4. There areC. 20 – minute breaks girls in his class.

A. not            B. no                           C. none                        D. any

5. _________________she plays the piano!

A.How beautiful

B. How beautifully

C. What good

D. What well

6. Who is that old man the big nose?

A. of

B. by

C. with

D. from

7. I don’t want much sugar in coffee. Just ______________ , please.

A.little                         B. a little                     C. few                         D. a few

8. The weather is ______________today than yesterday.

A. much better B. very better              C. too better                D. so better

9. The teacher wants______________ stay here after school.

A. that you B. for you                    C. you to                     D. you

10. There is too much noise in this room now. I can’t understand what______________ .

A. is the teacher saying

B. the teacher is saying

C. the teacher says

D. does the teacher say


Exercise 10. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence or replace the underlined word.

1.                         is the most expensive city in the world? – I think it’s Tokyo.

A.What                       B. Where                     C. When                      D. How

2. ______________is your favorite tennis player? – I don’t like tennis.

A. Where B. Who                        C. How often              D. How long

3. My brother can’t swim______________ he’s afraid (sợ) of water.

A. because B. and                         C.but                           D. so

4. My sister likes going to the cinema______________ I like watching TV at home.

A. and

B. but

C. because

D. or

5. ______________pen is this? Can I borrow it?

A. Whose

B. Whom


D. Which

6. ______________are you going to invite to your party next week?

A. What B. Who                        C.Whose                     D. Where

7. ______________did you spend in Hanoi? – One week.

A. How many B. How much              C. How long               D. How often

8. ______________is a person who reads a report in the program.

A. A weatherman

B. Acomedian

C. A newsreader

D. A guest

9. We use a______________  to change the channels from a distance.

A. remote control

B. TV schedule

C. newspaper

D. volume button

10. I want to watch the cartoon ______________ I turn on the TV.

A. but B. so                            C.although                  D. because

11. Jerry is a(n) clever little mouse.

A. small B. special                     C. intelligent               D. special

12. ‘Let’s learn’ teaches children to study Maths. It’s an______________ program.

A. live B. popular                   C. entertaining            D. educational

13. ______________Mai and Lan are interested in listening to music.

A. Because B. Both                       C. Neither                   D. So

14. The book is ______________ the adventure of three close friends.

A. on B. from                        C. at                            D. about

15. They invite special ______________ to appear in the show.

A. character B. guests                     C. foxes                       D. audiences

16. Millions of children______________ the world enjoy the show.

A. all B. in                            C. around                    C. over

17. The game show this week will test you general______________ about Amazon jungle.

A. schedule B. knowledge              C. fact                         D. adventure

18. The program can both______________ and entertain young audiences.

A. educated B. education                C. educational             D. educate

19. The ______________I like best is XuanBac.

A. comedy B. comedian                C. fun                          D. funny

20. Where are the children? They______________ in the yard.

A. play B. are playing              C. is playing                D. plays

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