CHUYÊN ĐỀ 23: TÌM LỖI SAI – Bài tập vận dụng Bài tập Tiếng anh 8 nâng cao

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CHUYÊN ĐỀ 23: TÌM LỖI SAI – Bài tập vận dụng



  1. What is the higher mountain in the world?
  2. I wish my mother gives me presents more often.
  3. The teacher was pleasing with the result of your examination.
  4. The little boy didn’t know how lacing his shoes.
  5. You are quite so thin that you can slip between the bars.
  6. To turn on the light, I was surprised at what I saw.
  7. I would rather live on a farm than to live in a city.
  8. The school library is free and open for all the pupils and teaching staff.
  9. Why don’t you borrow books in the local lending library?
  10. He had to admit that there were something in what mother kept saying.
  11. The earth is the only planet with a large number of oxygen in its
  12. Venus approaches the Earth more closely than any other planet is.
  13. Robert Frost was not well known as a poet until he reached the
  14. The amounts of oxygen and nitrogen in the air almost always remain stable, but the amount of water vapor vary considerably.
  15. The American frontiersman, politician, and soldier Davy Crockett is one of the most popular of American hero.
  16. The students suggested buying flowers forthe teachers in the Teachers’ Day.
  17. No one have solved such a difficult
  18. During their meat, they discussed what to do at the weekend.
  19. If you write the essay careful, you willget good mark.
  20. Dietitians urge people to eat a banana a day to get potassium enough in their diet.
  21. Woody Guthrie has written thousands of songs during her lifetime, many of which became classic folk songs.
  22. Ordinary Americans are friendly and not afraid to show its
  23. The girl who were injured in the accident is now in hospital.
  24. Thank you very much of the present that you sent me.
  25. There wasn’t some directory in the telephone box fromwhich I was phoning.
  26. Average family size has increased from the Victorian
  27. They prefer to stay in their home contry because family ties.
  28. In 1892, the first long-distance telephone line between Chicago and New York was formally opening.
  29. The man who I was waiting for didn’t turn up.
  30. Women wear make-up to beautiful themselves.
  31. Mai and Lan have a row because they have misunderstood one another.
  32. The workers are building a new bridge which is 150 meters in high.
  33. It’s no use asking them keep
  34. This text is too long for me to read it.
  35. I can’t get used to doing so difficult exercises.
  36. A five-thousand-dollars reward was offered for the capture of the escaped criminals.
  37. A desert area that has been without water for six years will still bloom when rain will come.
  38. The word “shore” can be used rather of “coast” to mean the land bodering the sea.
  39. Alfafia is a nutrious crop rich in proteins, minerals, and with vitamins.
  40. The deadbolt is the best lock for entry doors because it is not only inexpensive but installation is easy.
  41. My father doesn’t know speak
  42. She behaves as if she was a
  43. You wanted me to tell you about what I was doing here and how was my life.
  44. The course is good, but more hard than I thought.
  45. Sleepingall day, to eat too much and never going out is unhealthy.
  46. The development of transistors made possible it to reduce the size of many electronic devices.
  47. My father is a good family man, completely devoted for his wife and kids.
  48. The dentist gave me a check up and then telling me I needed two fillings.
  49. These engines used being started by hand. But now they are started by electricity.
  50. The bus was plenty of people who had spent many a happy hour in the stores doing their Christmas shopping.
  51. This house is often broken off and a lot of things are taken away.
  52. My father has a mechanic to repair his motorbike monthly.
  53. Weather and geography conditions may determine the type of transportation used in a region.
  54. There always is one wise woman who is both feared and respected by her people.
  55. Nobody had known before the presentation that Sue and her sister will receive the awards for outstanding scholarships.
  56. The woman tells them close their eyes tightly and cover them with their hands.
  57. She is among the few who wants to quit smoking instead of cutting down.
  58. They visited America about a thousand years ago, on the eleventh century AD.
  59. Ha Dong is the town where I am born and grew
  60. Doctors have always recommended that a person with a cold must drink fluids such as juice or water to prevent the loss of water in his/ her body.
  61. She is the girlabout that I talked to you yesterday.
  62. When you talk to the old man, please remember to speak out as he’s hard of
  63. The lesson that we are learning now is very interested but
  64. She made me to pay for the damage I had done.
  65. Alike light waves, microwaves may be reflected and concentrated.
  66. He warned me to make an eye on my luggage as that place was full of thieves.
  67. We felt asleep at the meeting because the speaker had such a monotonous voice.
  68. When you are late for class, you should apologize for your teacher.
  69. The village that I was born and grew up is situated on the Red River.
  70. It is important that you turned off the heater every morning before you leave for
  71. Some children, before going to school, go to kindergartens, officially are called nursery schools.
  72. English children start school in six and finish at
  73. One-cent coins issued in the United States in 1982 was 96 percent zinc.
  74. I don’t feel as tired after a train journey so I do after a car journey.
  75. The child ran fastly to get to school.
  76. The children had such difficult time when they began school in their new neighbourhood that their parents decided never to move
  77. If it will rain this afternoon, we will have to cancel our picnic.
  78. Those who had already purchased tickets were instructed to go to gate first immediately.
  79. He is very weak to lift this
  80. The lion has long been a symbol of strength, power, and it is very cruel.


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  1. Sun weather can always be depended on in southern countries.
  2. The man that wife and family are away seems very lonely.
  3. Life insurance, before available only to young, healthy persons, can now be obtained for old people and even for pets.
  4. Each year more and more people try setting new and unusual
  5. The media have produced live covering of Michael Jackson’s fans around the world mourning for him.
  6. Someone else put 49,999 dominoes in a line and knocking them all down.
  7. It is estimated that a scientific principle has a life expectancy of approximately a decade before it drastically revised or replaced by newer information.
  8. The peel were actually 52 meters long.
  9. Why did all the customers at the Red Lion have to pay of their beer that week?
  10. Found in the 12th century, Oxford University ranks among the world’s oldest universities.
  11. The heavy rain made it possible for us to have our picnic.
  12. If you make a five-days trip across the Atlantic Ocean, your ship enters a different time zone
  13. A largely percentage of Canadian export business is with the United States.
  14. When he arrived at the furniture shop, they had been sold the table he wanted.
  15. Some studies show that young babies prefer the smell of milk to those of other liquids.
  16. May Day regularly is celebrated in many countries around the world.
  17. Although smokers are aware that smoking is harmful to their health, they can’t get rid it.
  18. If airplane ticket wasn’t expensive, I could fly to Singapore for my holidays.
  19. Friends advised her to stop doing the housework because her old age.
  20. Although she is 103 but she still does a lot of work in the flat.
  21. Bill was about average in performance in comparison with other students in his
  22. He had so a difficult exercise that he couldn’t do it.
  23. It is the larger city in Europe with a population of over eight million.
  24. It is a beautiful building of two towers and a very big clock called Big Ben.
  25. The original World Cup trophy was given permanent to Brazil to honour that country’s record third world cup title in Mexico in
  26. Many hundred years ago there were many villages and little towns in
  27. They usually took a tree back with them and put it on the centre of the village.
  28. The international working class made the one of May their day of
  29. The first May Day celebrated in England in 1890.
  30. Television is one of man’s important mean of communication.
  31. The woman of whom the red car is parked in front of the bank is a famous pop star.
  32. ThoughTV, home viewers can see and learn about people, places and things in faraway lands.
  33. TV provides many more entertainment programs as any other kind.
  34. In very early times, people around the fire were entertained by storytellers with stories of heroes’ wonderful actions and victory.
  35. Poverty desert countries in Africa can grow
  36. The rubber farms will make a lot of money and give jobs to a great deal of
  37. When I got home, Irene was lying in bed thinking about what a wonderful time she’s had.
  38. Around the age of sixteen you must make one of the biggest decision of your life.
  39. Junko Tabei, is a Japanese from Hokkaido, was the first woman to make this difficult climb.
  40. Shortly before the Allied invasion of Normandy, Ernest Hemingway has gone to London as a war correspondent for Colliers.
  41. It is time the government helped the unemployment to find some jobs.
  42. A Tokyo newspaper – television company had organized the climb in
  43. Bill and Fred was students at a university and they were
  44. Approximately one-third of all persons involved in adult education programs in 1970 were enrolled in occupational education course.
  45. Natural adhesives are primarily of animals or vegetable
  46. The noise on the roof of the trailer woke Bill and Fred up very quick.
  47. In April 1984, David Hempleman – Adams walked through northern Canada to the North Pole with
  48. David was a bravery man to go on this adventure by himself.
  49. After analyzing the steep rise in profits according to your report, it was convinced that your analyses were correct.
  50. Biddenden, England is a small town of 1,500 person, with a history of nine hundred
  51. Slightly over half of the population of El Paso, Texas, says both English and Spanish.
  52. Each Easter Monday, old people, widows, widowers, and others living on small incomes take part with a ceremony called Chulkurst Charity.
  53. Her family were patriots who supported the American Revolutional.
  54. She would be killed if that she did not betray the patriots in the area.
  55. American manufactures depend on ocean shipping for most of trade with other countries.
  56. The city of Lufkin, Texas, has had much than ten million employees working for it without pay.
  57. These employers have not taken vacations, asked for sick leave, or complained about having to work long hours.
  58. I’d like to see him in my office the moment he will arrive.
  59. Each of the beautiful cars in the shop was quickly sold to their
  60. The worms eat the waste and turn it into clean fertilizer whom the city then sells to
  61. During the Revolutionary War, American patriot wives and children frequently had to take refuge in forts escaping
  62. It was a six-hours journey; we were completely exhausted when we arrived.
  63. The women would spend theirtime to make bread and bullets for the soldiers.
  64. Professor Jones said that a good way to improve your language are learning to practise it frequently.
  65. The women were indignant and decided that they themselves would do one more effort to drive off the enemy.
  66. Being that he was a good swimmer, John managed to rescue the child.
  67. The delay to prevent the surrender and allowed time for reinforcements to arrive and drive off the enemy.
  68. The Japanese first developed fake food in the 1920s to introduce people to unfamiliar West
  69. The team leader demanded from his team members a serious attitude towards work, good team spirit, and that they work hard.
  70. In my judgment, I think Hem is the best physicist among the scientists of the SEA region.
  71. David was a young man who working in an office in a big city.
  72. He decided to have a holiday in a beautiful place in the mountains where there were much
  73. Many people have found the monotonous buzzing of the vuvuzela in the 2010- World-Cup matches so annoyed.
  74. A rich men and his wife went in a shop to buy a bracelet.
  75. She traveled to villages and religious centers, with only an interpreter and a few men to carry her camping equipments.
  76. She adopted a fifteen-years-old Sikkimese boy to travelwith
  77. Even though the extremely bad weather in the mountains, the climbers decided not to cancel their climb.
  78. One day a lady saw a mouse to run across her kitchen
  79. During the Middle Ages, handwriting notices kept groups of nobles informed of important events.
  80. Tenant farmers are those they either rent a farm and work it for themselves or work the farm for the owner and receive payment.


  1. She did not want to go back to the shops because it was very lately.
  2. Monrovian conducted the orchestra gracefully and with style to the delight of his appreciative
  3. The last time I went to London, I didn’t have time to visit all the place I wanted to see.
  4. Students should be encouraged to discuss critically about the information that they are given.
  5. I soon got to know where were the main streets.
  6. The package containing books and records were delivered last week.
  7. I can spend quite a long time in Westminster Abbey and learn of all the interesting things there.
  8. Psychological experiment indicate that people remember more math problems that they can’t solve than those they are able to solve.
  9. They are very pleasant to travel by steamer down the Thames from Westminster to Tower Bridge.
  10. Studying the science of logic is one way to cultivate one’s reason
  11. One day a fame singer was invited by a rich lady to her house.
  12. The reason he wants to take a leaving of absence is that he needs a complete
  13. At ten o’clock, the singer was asked coming upstairs to the lady’s guests.
  14. His boss has asked him to respond immediately this fax.
  15. William H.Harrison, the man who served the most short term, died of pneumonia several weeks after his inauguration.
  16. It is the writing English that causes difficulties to foreigners.
  17. Abraham Lincoln was one of four presidents who was
  18. The diameter of the Sun is more than one hundred times greater than the Earth.
  19. James A. Garfield was shot during his first year in office by a man to that he wouldn’t give a job.
  20. Foreign students who are doing a decision about which school to attend may not know exactly where the choices are located.
  21. He doesn’t much like the work, but he enjoyed the relationships with the other workers.
  22. The nutritionist told him to avoid eating lots of carbohydrates, focus having more protein-rich foods and green vegetables, and drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
  23. After getting her six-year-old daughter ready and driving her to the school, she starts on the housework.
  24. We have always believed that honesty is best policy in personal as well as professional
  25. She finds housework bored and doesn’t like to stay at home all day.
  26. Even you are unsure of the standard procedures in any situation, please don’t hesitate to consult with your supervising manager.
  27. A artist went to a beautiful part of the country for a holiday, and stayed with a farmer.
  28. Employees who haven’t seen the new regulations often ask for unnecessary questions; instead they should ask for a copy of the regulations and read them.
  29. The artist was very pleased and thanked the farmer for saying so kind things about the paintings.
  30. Please remain in your assign seats until the instructor dismisses the class.
  31. Several members of his family did a great deal to encourage him in the field of
  32. Passengers are required to arrive to the gate fifteen minutes before departure time.
  33. While he dealt with the deaf and investigating the science of acoustics, his studies eventually led to the invention of the multiple telegraph and his greatest invention – the telephone.
  34. I think she will be suitable for the work because she has been working like a teacher for a long time.
  35. Along in jogging and swimming, cycling is one of the best all-round forms of
  36. Alike oxygen, which is chemically changed by our bodies into carbon dioxide, nitrogen is merely exhaled back into the air.
  37. It can help to increase your strong and energy, giving you more efficient muscles and a stronger
  38. I get quite depressed when I think about the damage we are making to the environment.
  39. Doing too much too quickly can damage muscles that aren’t used to work.
  40. The root of the trees allow the water to go into the soil, that gradually releases it to flow down rivers.
  41. If you had any doubts about taking up cycling for health reasons, talk to your doctor and ask his or her advice.
  42. Nora hardly never misses an opportunity to play in the tennis tournaments.
  43. The decay begins in a little crack in the enamel to cover of the tooth.
  44. My mother doesn’t care how much does the washing machine cost because she is going to buy it
  45. We should eat food that is good at our teeth and our body.
  46. Due of the government’s policy, some farming areas have been abandoned.
  47. Some accidents cause injuries but some lead to die.
  48. The British national anthem, calling “God Save the Queen”, was a traditional song in the 18th century.
  49. The Transport Department organizes road safety campaigns every year in order that reduce traffic accidents.
  50. Helen likes to listen to music, to go to the cinema, to chat on the phone and going
  51. If everyone takes care when crossing the road, there will be more traffic accidents.
  52. Both and Mrs. Smith are explaining the children the rules of the game.
  53. Coffee and tea is favorite hot drinks of people in all parts of the world.
  54. In the United States, which more coffee is used than in any other nation, many people drink their coffee ” black”, without cream or sugar.
  55. A child of noble birth, his name was famous among the children in that school.
  56. Folk artists have few or no formal art training.
  57. In China, Japan and other Oriental countries, where tea is the national drink, people almost use never sugar in their tea.
  58. Richard leaves at home at about half past eight, with his schoolbag under his arm.
  59. It was disappointing that almost of the guests left the wedding too
  60. When you are writing or speaking English it is important to use language that includes both men and women equally the same.
  61. He doesn’t buy a ticket every day so he has a season
  62. The Oxford English Dictionary is well known for including many different meanings of words and to give real examples.
  63. Schools in England are not the same from in our
  64. Aloha is a Hawaiian word meaning ‘love’, that can be used to say hello or goodbye.
  65. In England school children do not go to school on Saturdays with
  66. Most greetings cards are folding and have a picture on the front and a message inside.
  67. In some places, winter begins in November and ending in March or
  68. When he was young he is used to drinking a lot.
  69. You can see a lot of childs running and jumping in the snow or playing with snowballs.
  70. One of the best ways to encourage your children to read are to provide interesting titles for them to enjoy.
  71. One day their mother took them in their aunt’s house to play while she went to the big city to buy some new clothes.
  72. Reading can not make your life longer, but reading really makes your life more thicker.
  73. Two old gentlemen lived in a quite street in Paris.
  74. They went often for walks together in the streets when the weather was
  75. We are working, that means that we are contributing goods and services to our society.
  76. In England nobody under the age of eighteen are allowed to drink in a public bar.
  77. Higher education is very importance to nationnal economies, and it is also a source of trained and educated personnel for the whole country.
  78. There is a prison in iceland which allows its prisoners going out without any guards to work
  79. Mary and her husband wanted to give the old lady to a nice birthday present.
  80. He is such famous that he has a great many fans.


  1. I myself prefer the underground as it is rapidity, easy and cheap.
  2. Cosmic distance is measured on light-years.
  3. The federal government recommends that all expectant women will not only refrain from smoking but also avoid places where other people smoke.
  4. There are such many cars and buses in London that one can not drive along the roads quickly, and without many stops.
  5. It took the mayor over an hour explanation to the other members of the board why he had missed the last meeting.
  6. If you don’t know London very good, it is very difficult to find the bus you want.
  7. Some butterflies flies more than3000 kilometers on their journey to the south.
  8. Some jellyfish make daily journeys from deep water to the surface and back, while others migrate horizontal.
  9. On the wintering places, millions of butterflies cover the trees and ground like a carpet.
  10. It is certainly true that the average woman has weaker muscles that the average man.
  11. When men lived in caves and hunt animals for food, strength of body was the most important thing.
  12. Most of the words are the same in American and in British English, but the American people say any English words not like people do in England.
  13. In Canada much people speak English because they also came from England many years ago.
  14. If the project is finished on time, the federal government won’t award the company further
  15. Jim gets up at half past seven everyday, has breakfast at eight o’clock, and starts works at half past nine.
  16. Animals and man use the energy finding in food to operate their body and muscles.
  17. Peter usually gets up at eleven o’clock and has breakfast on
  18. Holiday towns and fishing villages in the South – West are prepared to fight the oil pollution which is threatening local
  19. Yesterday there was a collision in the English Channel between the “S.P Titan”, who is one of the biggest oil tankers in the world, and a Dutch cargo ship.
  20. Helicopters rescued both crews, and nobody dies in the collision.
  21. Hundreds of small boats, which are carrying detergents, is spraying the oil.
  22. The Amazon forest, in Brazil, covers five million square kilometers – an area as bigger as the whole of Europe excluding
  23. If the destruction of the forest continues at the same rate, there would be nothing left by the year 2020.
  24. Scientists says that the disappearance of the trees is already causing changes in the climate.
  25. Brunei is one of the smallest but most rich countries in the world.
  26. Although pure diamond is colorless and transparent, when contaminated with other minerals it may appear in various color, ranging from pastel to opaque  black.
  27. Most them think that Brunei is in the Middle East but it isn’t.
  28. And the beauty is that there are so little people to share all this
  29. In 1980 the Sultan met an air hostess calling Mariam Bell and fell in love with
  30. Factory chimneys give out smoke that containing sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.
  31. When it rains, these acids dissolve in the rain and make it to be
  32. Acid rain is believed be the worst pollution problem of
  33. Acid rain has harmed aquatic life by to turn many lakes into lifeless bodies of
  34. It is not possible to do this on a large enough scale to save all the lake.
  35. Car exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide and lead which are high
  36. 6 billion gallons were sold every year, in over one hundred and sixty countries.
  37. I didn’t mean offending her, but she took my comments amiss and now will not talk to
  38. It is certainly that Coca-Cola will be drunk far into the twenty-first
  39. At the intersection for Broad Street and Park Avenue, Kim had the green light and drove into the intersection.
  40. No one were hurt, but the damage to Kim’s car was
  41. When we have guests to our house, we should be very polite to their.
  42. The Americans tend to be informal while they’re being received company or coming for a social engagement.
  43. Neither of the scout leaders know how to trap wild animals or how to prepare them for mounting.
  44. Women don’t usually shake hands as they are introduced to each other but men did.
  45. A Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Suez and separates the continents of Africa and Asia.
  46. Ships sailing in Europe to Asia once had to take the route around the Southern tip of Africa.
  47. She has taken the driven test three times, but she hadn’t been able to pass the test yet.
  48. Walt Whitman, born in New York in 1819, was two of America’s unusual literary figures.
  49. Lack of animal protein in the human diet is a serious cause of the
  50. He has given freely of his time by caring for the wounded during the Civil War.
  51. He had felt that it was necessary achieving a new poetic form in order to communicate his views.
  52. You should know by now that I cannot stand it when my steak is not cooked properly as I always have mine well-made.
  53. Although many believed the “talking leaf” to be the gift from the Great Spirit but Sequoyah refused to accept that theory.
  54. In 1821, after twelve years of work, he had successfully developing a written language that would enable thousands of Indians to read and write.
  55. Rice, which it still forms the staple diet of much of the world’s population, grows best in hot, wet land.
  56. After inventing dynamite, Swedish-born Alfred Nobel became a very richness
  57. Every year on December 10, the anniversary of Nobel’s death, the awards are presented for the winners.
  58. No awards was presented from 1940 to 1942 at the beginning of World War II.
  59. Franklin initiated many improvement in the city of Philadelphia.
  60. Franklin played an importance role in the early history of the United States.
  61. Elizabeth Blackwell was born on England on 1821 and emigrated to New York City when she was ten years old.
  62. The woman who come in does not know the man well.
  63. I live in Elgol, is a small village on the south-west coast of the island.
  64. Some conifers, that is, tree that have cones, are able to thrive on poor, thin soil.
  65. I stop for passengers and empty the five post box along the road.
  66. I pick up the school children that live along my route and took them to the school in Broadford.
  67. There are a school for young children in Elgol, but the older children have to travel into the town.
  68. Sometimes it takes me about three hours finishing my round.
  69. Stories are the goodest way of teaching moral lessons to young people.
  70. Did they tell you that has in our town an excellent beach less than a mile from the campus?
  71. I talk about the Tower of London, and then of the lives of people in England today.
  72. Sun Jingxiu, a 80-year-old retired teacher, is the oldest storyteller in the country.
  73. Small children doesn’t understand that hot water and hot drinks can be
  74. The coal is the world’s most abundant fossil fuel.
  75. The two young woman are watching people dancing, and waiting for an invitation to join
  76. Her dark dress reflects a view of life which is many less optimistic.
  77. I spent an hour trying to find a phone so that I could ring you telling you I’d be a little late this morning.
  78. Hardly he had entered the office when he realized that he had forgotten his wallet.
  79. Wealthy people have always desired and wear precious stones because their beauty is lasting.
  80. The tongue is the principle organ of taste, and is crucial for chewing, swallowed, and speaking.


  1. Seahorses spend much of their time clung with their tails to underwater
  2. A great aviation pioneer, Amelia Earhart was already famous when she sets out on her ill-fated attempt to circle the globe in 1937.
  3. Words are the main things we using in communicating what we want to say.
  4. Most animals cannot recognize their reflection in a mirror themselves; they usually react as if confronted by another member of their species.
  5. I always make a point of checking that all the windows are shut after I go out.
  6. One of the greatest difficulties for foreign students in American universities are the lecture system.
  7. Her mother died early with her father tried hard to bring up the four children.
  8. He could understand algebra and to speak French when he was
  9. Parks which are found in downtown areas where office workers and store employees can enjoy their lunch hours sitting on the green grass in clean, fresh air.
  10. The Earth travels at a high rate of speed around
  11. All the blood in the body passes through the heart as least twice the minute.
  12. In 1866 to 1833, the bison population in North America was reduced from an estimated 13 million to a few
  13. Lunar eclipses happen only if the Moon is full, but they do not occur at an every full Moon.
  14. The dentistry is a branch of medicine that has developed very dramatically in the last twenty years.
  15. He was stopped each dozen yards by friends who wanted to congratulate him.
  16. Ultraviolet rays are invisible to humans, and ants and honeybees are sensitive to
  17. English is the native or official language on one-fifths of the land area of
  18. For centuries the aromatic spices of the Far East has been in demand by the people of the East and West.
  19. Communication will be impossible if everyone made up his own language.
  20. The biggest single hobby in America, the one that Americans spend most time, energy and money, is gardening.
  21. Because oak trees are highly resistant of storm damage, they usually live a long time.
  22. In the early ninteenth century, some Europeans were very impressed by the increase of population, territory, and wealth of the United States.
  23. Jim was having dinner at a restaurant when Henry was coming
  24. After all, it was only the dinosaurs that have been disappeared, not the whole of animal life.
  25. A paragraph is a portion of a text consists of one or more sentences related to the same idea.
  26. Laminated safety glass is produced with combining alternate layers of flat glass and plastic.
  27. The train he got on has an accident but he was
  28. In most states insurance agents must pass an examination to be licensed when they will complete their training.
  29. In famous experiment conducted at the university of Chicago in 1983, rats kept from sleeping died after two and a half
  30. One of the essential features of the modern skyscraper is being the evelator.
  31. The Pulitzer Prize has became the most chrished and sought after annual award for quality works in the field of journalism and literature.
  32. None two butterflies have exactly the same design on their wings.
  33. Because early balloons were at the mercy of shifting winds, they are not considered a practical means of transportation until the 1850s.
  34. Put the cap back on the bottle, otherwise the juice would
  35. The idea of a submarine is an old ancient one, dating from as early as the fifteenth century when Drebbel and Da Vinci made preliminary drawings.
  36. Many houses have no other furnitures in their rooms.
  37. More than 80 percent of labors at the construction site are temporary
  38. Astronomers do not know how many galaxies there are, but it is thought that there is millions or perhaps billions.
  39. You need attach a label to each piece with
  40. The Otis Elevator company is now the largest elevator company on earth, with its 66,000 employees in 1,700 difference
  41. Through the years, scientists have developed smaller but increasingly more powerful batteries for the growing number of portable electrical
  42. With the ability destroy the earth with a stone no bigger than a shopping centre, asteroids pose a serious threat to our future.
  43. China teams are famous for their skill in table tennis.
  44. Only the inner core of many tropical rainforest trees is hauled away by loggers, which they use it to make planks and chopsticks in Japan.
  45. Compared with another spiders, tarantulas actually have very little poison, and some have no poison at all.
  46. Marie learnt to read and write in the age of
  47. Fruit and vegetable juices are high in concentrated nutrients, which they are ideal for keeping your immunity high and fighting off
  48. I found it hardly to keep my concentration with such a noise going on.
  49. In many cities, unless you travel late at night, or in the wee early hours of the morning, there are not means of avoiding a traffic jam.
  50. They were intended to persuade people to drink water, instead with beer or spirits.
  51. Most people no longer wears the kinds of clothes that protect them from the wind, cold and rain.
  52. The table manners you have in a restaurant is very different from those you have at home.
  53. Many silversmiths flocked to the bigger cities in America during the 1800s, which they found a growing merchant class ready to buy their wares.
  54. A dad is the person who you ask for pocket money.


Too much exposure to UV radiation can cause a various of skin cancers  and destroy tiny plants at


the beginning of the food  chain.


There is a chill striking me when I go alone in night.


The reason automobiles travel on left side in Japan has little to do with Britain  and a lot to do with


the way ancient soldiers used to carry their swords.

  1. Written language without of punctuation is not easy to follow.
  2. Species like snakes, lizards, coyotes, squirrels, and jack rabbits seems to exist quite happily in the
  3. He is not very sanguine about his chances of successful.
  4. The guide told the tourists that it was a good restaurant specializing in seafood just round the corner from the museum.
  5. You should wear conspicuous clothes when to walk at
  6. Eli Whitney, born in Westborough, Massachusetts in 1765, was always interested in machines, working in his father’s shop, taking apart a watch and putting them back together.
  7. He enrichs his knowledge by listening to the radio every night.
  8. A group of scientists in Germany found that beetles can accurately measure with its eyes the speed of a moving
  9. The more words you know, the most ideas you can
  10. A laser is the only device which aim coherent light at an object in a safe and reliable
  11. What was she said convinced me that I was mistaken.
  12. A great myth has arisen over the years that Columbus was unaware the earth was a circular, when in fact all navigators of the time knew it
  13. After the civil war, a wave of new immigrants in the United States arrived, included Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, Russia, and China.
  14. We use volume and pitch emphasizing words and make meanings clear.
  15. The Nobel Prize for Physics is one of the six prizes awarded annually by the Nobel foundation for outstanding achievement in the field for
  16. We have searched for some of the books to which you need.
  17. To reach a target of spending a billion dollars in a lifetime, a human being would have to spend money at rate of more than 50,000 dollars per day.
  18. In electronical, echo is a reflective wave received by a radar or radio.
  19. She had real psyched herself up for the big match
  20. Although jogging is a good way to lose weight and improve one’s physical condition, most doctors recommend that the potential jogger begin in a correct manner by getting a complete checkup.
  21. It is many years for Mount Vesuvius last
  22. The Greek historian Herodotus reported that one hundred thousand men are employed for twenty years to build the Great Pyramid at Gizeh.
  23. Try to more positive in dealing with the problem.

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