Basis No 24 emphatic forms – Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8 nâng cao


Basis No 24 emphatic forms

1.The teacher affirmed that these students _____ the exam.

a. have passed

b. did pass                


c. pass                         

d. passing

2. The despair_____ him in a very short time.

a. is weakened

b. weakening            

c. did weaken             

d. weaken

3. _____ in a mosquito-net.

a. Sleep

b. Do sleep               

c. Sleeping                  

d. To sleep

4. Smoking_____ the health of the smokers.

a. damaging

b. damage                 

c. did damage             

d. does damage

5. The president_____ will investigate the case tomorrow.

a. himself

b. itself                      

c. oneself                    

d. by himself

6. She_____ here yesterday. I am sure of that.

a. does come

b. came                     

c. did come                 

d. would come

7. These school children_____ what they had to do.

a. knew

b. do know               

c. did know                

 d. knows

8. Never_____ that poem

a. do I have read

b. I read                    

c. have I read              

d. I have read

9. No sooner_____ than be begins to cry.

a. was a human being born

b. has a human being born

c. is a human being born

d. a human being was born

10. Seldom_____ allowed to do that.

a. I am

b. am I                      

c. I have been             

d. I can be

11. After each chapter in this book_____ found the pages where reference material material may be included.

a. are

b. is                           

c. has                          

d. have

12. The new school principal_____ my uncle’s name. The emphatic sentence is_____

a. knew

b. do know               

c. does know              

d. knows

13. Never before _____ such a demonstration

a. they witness

b. they have witnessed

c. had they witnessed

d. they had witnessed

14. Only by in haling ether himself_____ its effect on human being.

a. he could ascertain

b. he did ascertain     

c. he ascertained         

d. could he ascertain

15. The fairy_____ a jade bowl into the sea.

a. does drop

b. do drop                 

c. drop                        

d. did drop

16. The long ridge of cliffs_____ a dragon’s crest.

a. does resemble

b. do resemble          

c. resemble                 

d. is resemble

17. _____ us draw in that net, please.

a. Does help

b. Do helps               

c. Do help                   

d. Did helped

18. It_____ only when the game was over that he felt “a little frost bite”

a. is

b. was                       

c. be                            

d. being

19. It is in this room_____ we usually hold our meetings.

a. that

b. which                   

c. where                      

d. when

20. Wasn’t it her family_____ emigrated to Australia?

a. whom

b. who                      

c. who                         

d. which

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