Basis No 23 adjectives and adverbs – Bài tập Tiếng anh 8 nâng cao

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Basis No 23 adjectives and adverbs

1.”I don’t think John looks well”.

          “He seems_____”.

a. fairly tired

b. fair tired                

c. fair tiredly               

d. fairly tiredly

2. “Which do you prefer – the blue china or the white china?”

          “The white china is_____”.

a. definite better

b. better definite        

c. better definitely       

d. definitely better

3. “Were you pleased with the translation?”

          “Yes, the job was_____”

a. amazing satisfactory

b. amazingly satisfactory

c. amazing satisfactorily

d. satisfactory amazing

4. “What was you impression of last night’s lecture?”

          “_____ speaking, I thought it was rather boring”.

a. Honest

b. Honestly               

c. Very                       

d. Really

5. “How tall is Ralph?”.

          “He’s ____ than you are”.

a. slight tall

b. slight taller            

c. slightly tall              

d. slightly taller

6. “How does Amy like her new school?”

          “Fine. And she’s doing_____ in her courses”

a. extreme good

b. extremely well      

c. extremely good       

d. extreme well

7. What a nice fire you have in your fireplace”

          “During the winter I like my house_____”.

a. warmly and comfortable

b. warm and comfortable

c. warm and comfortably

d. warmly and comfortable

8. “This perfume is very expensive”.

          “Yes, but it smells_____”.

a. exceptional good

b. exceptionally good

c. exceptionally well

d. exceptional well

9. “Your son seems to be an excellent skier”

          “They say he’s_____ for his age”.

a. surprisingly competent

b. surprising competent

c. competently surprising

d. surprising competently

10. “I had a hard time taking notes on the lecture”

          “I did too. The professor speaks_____”.

a. exceeding fast

b. exceedingly fastly

c. exceedingly fast

d. with exceedingly fastness

11. “Do you think Margaret will take the job you offered her?”

          “I don’t know. She seemed_____ init, however”.

 a interest                     

b. interesting             

c. interested                

d. interestingly

12. “The students all went to the circus yesterday”.

          “I heard it was really_____”.

a. amused

b. amusing                

c. amuse                     

d. amusingly

13. “I was_____ that Jan couldn’t come to the party”.

          “Her boss made her work overtime”

a. disappointing

b. disappointedly      

c. disappoint               

d. disappointed

14. “What a terrible football game!”.

          “I thought it was_____”

a. delightful

b. delighting             

c. delight                     

d. delighted

15. “How_____ we are to hear that you got the scholarship.

          “Thank you. It was really a surprise”.

a. pleasing

b. pleased                 

c. pleasingly               

d. please

16. “Professors Allen’s class is the best I have ever been to”.

          “I think it’s_____”.

a. the most boring

b. the most boringly  

c. the most bored        

d. most bored

17. “I can’t believe that Jim is marrying the vice-president’s daughter”.

          “That they would get married is_____”.

a. surprised

b. surprising              

c. surprisingly             

d. surprise

18. “This handmade cloth is beautiful”

          “To see such quality is_____”

a. pleasing

b. please                   

c pleased                     

d. so pleasanty

19. “How does Jan like her new car?”

          “She’s _____ with it”.

a. delighted

b. delighting             

c. delight                     

d. delightful

20. “You look nervous”

          “This thunder makes me_____”

a. scary

b. scare                     

c. scaring                    

d. scared

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