Bài tập viết lại câu Tiếng anh cơ bản – Phần 1 – Tài liệu tiếng anh 10

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  1. My sister walks to the supermarket.

My sister goes to the supermarket on foot.

There are many flowers in our garden.

Our garden has many flowers.

Does your father cycle to work?

Does your father get to work by bike?

  1. The garden is behind Nam’s classroom.

Nam’s classroom is in front of the garden.

Tom drives to work every morning.

Tom travels to work by car ever morning.


  1. There are four people in her family.

Her family has four people.

My house is behind the hotel.

The hotel

Does your class have twenty-five students ?

Are there twenty- five students in your class?

  1. He goes to work at seven fifteen.

He goes to work at a quarter past seven.

  1. The drug store is to the right of the bakery.

The bakery is to the left of the drug store.


  1. My room is smaller than your room.

Your room is bigger than my room.

  1. No house in the street is older than this house.

This house is the oldest in the street.

  1. Quang is 1.75 meters tall. Vinh is 1.65 meters tall.

Vinh is shorter than Quang.

  1. Hang is the fattest girl in my class.

No girl in my class is as fat as Hang.

  1. The Red River is 1,200 kilometers long. The Nile River is 6,437 kilometters long.

The Nile River is much longer than the Red River.


  1. How many classes are there in your school?

How many classes does your school have ?

  1. That class room is small

That is a small class room.

  1. Peter is Mary’s brother.

Mary is Peter’s sister.

  1. My house has four floors.

There are four floors.

  1. and Mrs. Black have a son , John.

John is Mr. and Mrs. Black’s son/ John is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Black.


  1. Mr Ba rides his motorbike to work every day.

Mr Ba gets to work by bike every day.

  1. My school has six hundred students.

There are six hundred students.

  1. Julia is Jack’s sister.

Jack is Julia’s brother.

  1. The supermarket is behind the bank

The bank is in front of the supermarket.

  1. The children are walking to school now.

The children are going to school on foot now.


  1. How about going camping this weekend?

Let’s go camping this weekend.

  1. We can’t walk there. It’s very far.

It’s too far for us to walk there.

  1. Let’s play the volleyball tomorrow afternoon.

Why don’t we play the volleyball tomorrow afternoon.

  1. My aunt’s baby will be born in September.

My aunt is going to have a baby in September.

  1. I intend to visit Mui Ne this summer.

I’m going to visit Mui Ne this summer.


  1. How about going to the city center by minibus?

Why don’t we go to the city center by minibus?

  1. We intend to play volleyball this weekend.

We ‘re going to play volleyball this weekend.

  1. Viet doesn’t go fishing in the winter.

Viet never go fishing in the winter.

  1. Warm weather is good for my health.

I like warm weather because it is good for my health.

  1. We can’t go out now. It is very cold.

It’s too cold for us to go out now.


  1. My bag is bigger than your bag.

Your bag is smaller than my bag.

  1. This book is thicker than that book.

That book is thinner than this book.

  1. No student in my class is taller than Trung.

Trung is the tallest / tallest student in my class.

  1. Pike’s nationality is Australian.

Mr. Pike comes from Australia.

  1. Jonh is 15 years old. Tom is 16 years old.

Tom is is older than John.


  1. Mr. and Msr. Brown have a son, Peter. PARENTS

=>Mr. and Mrs. Brown are Peter’s parents.

  1. Trung goes to bed at ten fifteen. QUARTER

=>Trung goes to bed at a quarter past ten.

  1. How many classrooms are there in Julia’s school? HAVE

=>How many classrooms does Julia’s school have?

  1. Our class has twenty-eight students. ARE

=>There are twenty – eight students in our class.

  1. We finish classes at ten to twelve. PAST

=>We finish classes at fifty past eleven.


  1. The toy store is to the left of the restaurant. RIGHT

=>The restaurant is to the right of the toy store.

  1. The hospital is behind the museum. FRONT

=>The museum is in front of the hospital.

  1. There is a small garden in my school. HAS

=>My school has a small garden.

  1. David’s house isn’t far from the station. NEAR

=>David’s house is near the station.

  1. The bookstore is to the left of the toy store and to the right of the police station. BETWEEN

=>The bookstore is between the toy store and the police station.


  1. I cycle to school. BY

=> I go to school by bike.

  1. My father goes to work by car. DRIVES

=>My father drives to work.

  1. Mr. and Msr. Lam travel to Ha Noi by plane. FLY

=>Mr. and Mrs. Lam fly to Hanoi.

  1. We go to the supermarket on foot. WALK

=>We walk to the supermarket.

  1. Nam’s brother rides his motorbike to work. BY

=>Nam’s brother goes to work by motorbike.

  1. I’d like five hundred gram of fish. KILO

=>I’d live half a kilo of fish.

  1. Mrs. Brown wants twelve eggs. DOZEN

=> Mrs. Brown wants a dozen eggs.

  1. There are ten packets of tea in this box. HAS

=> This box has ten packets of tea.

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