Bài tập Tiếng Anh vận dụng cấu trúc đi với V-ing

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Bài tập Tiếng Anh vận dụng cấu trúc đi với V-ing

Bài tập Tiếng Anh vận dụng cấu trúc đi với V-ing


Luyện tập cấu trúc đi với V-ing

Bài 1:

1. Abigail Sanchez is going to attend a conference in Hamshire tomorrow.
She remembers ___ there last year.
a. to come              b. came           c. to coming          d. coming
2. Please remember____ your identification and sufficient documents with you when you come here to register.
a. to bring          b. to bringing          c. bringing         d. being brought
3. Mr.Michael needs____ all the CVs of applicants before contacting  them for interviewing.
a. review            b. to review              c. reviewing      d. to be reviewed
4. The first solar-energy motorbike of Aapo Motors needs ____ carefully before introducing to the public next month.
a. test           b. to test            c. testing           d. to be testing
5. One of the most effective methods to protect precious animals is that people should stop____ them for leather and feather.
a. hunt         b. to hunt          c. hunting         d. be hunted
6. According to the schedule, after leaving the National Park, the visitors will stop ____ the view beside the Sachihiro River.
a. to enjoy          b. to be enjoyed        c. enjoying          d. be enjoying
7. Auto-car manufactory tried____ the fixed cost and variable cost  to increase the profit.
a. to cut           b. to be cut           c. be cutting              d. cutting
8. In order to ensure that the medication does not have side – effects, pharmacists have tried____ it on a variety of animals.
a. to experiment                        b. experimenting
c. to be experimented              d. experiemented
9. In financial terms, IPO( initial public offering) means___ a company’s shares to the public for the first time and then the stock is said to be listed on the stock exchange.
a. sell b.             to sell             c. selling             d. be sold
10. The full version of Salem’s newest song that meant___ was leakted.
a. to launch          b. to be launched       c. launching       d. be launched
11. Ms.Saffron regrets____ protective gloves when using this cleaning
liquid. Serious burns have resulted from direct contact with her skin.
a. to wear        b. wearing        c. not to wear            d. not wearing
12. Mrs.Happy, the founder of Happy’s Pie Hut, regrets___ that she will retire and leave her business next year
a. to inform          b. informing       c. to be informed       d. being informed
13. The salesman forgot____ customers’ information under database from so these customers did not receive the vouchers from the store.
a. to store         b. storing             c. to be stored            d. be stored
14. Ms.Harper always forgets___ written approval to the branch in Chicago.
a. to send            b. to be sent           c. sending             d. be sending
15. Mr.Luca has won the first prize in Maste Chef recently.It is not a surprise since he likes____ so much that he spends most of his time practicing.
a. to cook        b. be cooked          c. cooking          d. cook
16. There are many ways to purchase goods but these days, people like____ online because it is convenient and time-saving.
a. shopping           b. to shop       c. being shopping        d. to be shopping
17. After giving a brief introduction of his new program, the leader went on ___ its structure in more details.
a. to explain         b. to explaining        c. be explained           d. explaining
18. The Board of Directors went on ____ about the potential locations for the new oversea plant.
a. discuss       b. to discuss        c. discussing           d. to discussing
19. The teacher recommends his students____ the public awareness to the new environment campaign.
a. to include        b. including       c. include         d. to including
20. The expert advises____ 8 hours per day since sleep is not just a time to rest your body, but it is also a very important time to rest your brain.
a. sleep          b. sleeping      c. to sleep         d. be sleeping

Bài 2

1) A lot of people are worried about _______their jobs. (lose)

2) He agreed _______ a new car. (buy)

3) The question is easy _______ (answer)

 4) Not everybody can afford _______ to university. (go)

5) I look forward to _______ you at the weekend. (see)

 6) Are you thinking of _______ London? (visit)

 7) He apologized for _______ so late. (arrive)

 8) Stop _______ noise, please; I’m studying. (make)

 9) She doesn’t mind _______ the night shift. (work)

 10) I learned ______ the bike at the age of 5.(ride)


Bài 3

1) We decided _______ a new car. (buy)

2) I regret _______ you we won’t lend you the money. (tell)

3) Peter gave up _______.(smoke)

4) He’d like _______ an aeroplane.(fly)

 5) I enjoy _______ picture postcards. (write)

6) He offered _______ help with the cleaning. (help)

7) Avoid _______ silly mistakes.(make)

8) My parents wanted me _______ home at 11 o’clock. (be)

9) I dream about _______ a big house. (build)

10) He advised me _______ so much money. (not spend)

Bài 4 Fill the gaps with the verb in brackets in the appropriate form.

1 I can’t stand ________________ in queues. ( to wait )

2 I wouldn’t like ________________ in his shoes. ( to be )

3 Jim loves ________________ in Thailand. ( to work )

4 I hate ________________ the shopping on Saturday. ( to do )

5 Blast! I forgot ________________ milk. ( to buy )

6 In the end we decided ________________ in. ( to stay )

7 I need ________________ some information about Portugal. ( to find )

8 My parents like ________________ for long walks at the weekend. ( to go )

9 Tony gave up ________________ years ago. ( to smoke )

10 I wanted ________________ and see Troy but no one else was interested. ( to go )

11 Mrs Leith offered ________________ us to the airport. ( to take )

12 Clare refused ________________ clean up after the party. ( to help )

13 I tried ________________ him to come but it was no use. ( to persuade )

14 Do you mind not ________________ ? ( to smoke )

15 Everybody really enjoyed ________________ the cha-cha-cha. ( to dance )

16 Lionel admitted ________________ my chocolate mousse. ( to eat )

Bài 5: Use the verbs in brackets to fill the gaps.

1 We arranged _____________ under the station clock at half nine. (to meet )

2 I always try to avoid _____________ him whenever I can. ( to see )

3 I long _____________ in Scotland again. ( to be )

4 My Mum demanded _____________ the manager. ( to see )

5 My brother denied _____________ my chocolate mousse. Maybe his hamster ate it. ( to eat )

6 I tried _____________ but I just couldn’t. ( to understand )

7 In the end I gave up _____________ to persuade her. ( to try )

8 Charlie was pretending _____________ a chicken. ( to be )

9 They chose _____________ in a cheap hotel but spend more money on meals. ( to stay)

10 We like Galicia so much that we keep _____________ back there. ( to go )

11 He deserves _____________ severely punished. ( to be )

12 When we visit my aunt, they expect me _____________ on my best behaviour. ( to be )

13 I didn’t mean _____________ her feelings. I’m really sorry. ( to hurt )

14 I always put off _____________ my homework until the last possible moment. ( to do )

15 He goes on _____________ me the same thing over and over again. ( to tell )

16 I can’t stand _____________ in the queue at the baker’s. ( to wait )

17 The firemen managed _____________ the fire pretty quickly. ( to put out )

18 I never risk _____________ through that part of town. ( to go )

19 Clare offered _____________ me to the airport, which was very kind of her. ( to take )

20 Dad threatened _____________ my pocket money if I didn’t do my homework. ( to stop )

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