Unit 15. Computers – Tuần 35 – Bài tập cuối tuần Tiếng Anh 8 – Tập 2


Unit 15. Computers


Chủ đề

-Máy tính và sử dụng máy tính


Ngữ pháp và cấu trúc:

-Ôn tập: Thời hiện tại hoàn thành

-Thời quá khứ đơn giản

-So sánh cách dùng thời hiện tại hoàn thành và thời quá khứ đơn giản

I have been to Sa Pa, I went there last summer.

-Cách chỉ dẫn hoạt động và vận hành máy móc.

Từ vựng:

-Động từ

-Từ vựng về máy tính và công nghệ thông tin.

I. Chọn mộí từ có cách đánh trọng âm khác với các từ còn lại trong mỗi dòng sau.

1.A. restrict

B. connect

C. freshman

D. adjust

2. A. bulletin

B. document

C. skeptical

D. requirement

3. A. concern

B. printer

C. access

D. campus

4. A. amusing

B. consuming

C. challenging

D. installing

5. A. manual

B. computer

C. monitor

D. positive

II. Cho dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc để hoàn thành các câu sau.

1.A (REQUIRE) _____________  for a íirst year student is that they must

have access to a Computer.

2. Fm sure that I have connected the printer (PROPER)_______________ .

3. I think it is impossible to reach an (AGREE)______________ on this issue.

4. This manual isn’t very (HELP)_____________ to us.

5. Playing Computer games is very (TIME-CONSUME)______________ .

III. Chọn một đáp án thích hợp nhất để hoàn thành mỗi câu sau.

1.Van has________ left. He’s not here.

A. yet                    

B. already               

C. ever                      

D. never

2. I____________a new diet and exercise program last week.

A. began                                                      

B. have begun

C. am beginning                                       

D. was beginning

3. Jane________ in class for three days.

A. isn’t                                                                

B. wasn’t

C. won’t be                                                  

D. hasn’t been

4. I________ a cold last week. I__________ a lot of colds in my lifetime.

A. caught – caught

B. caught – have caught

C. have caught – caught

D. have caught – have caught

5. I’m not quite ready to leave. I haven’t fmished packing my suitcase_______.

A. already            

B. still                         

C. yet                     

D. anymore

6. The Computer is________ guarantee so the company should so something

with it.

A. with                 

B. on                           

C. for                     

D. under

7. With the Internet, study is_________ longer restricted to one location.

A. no                     

B. not                     

C. none                     

D. never

8. Nowadays many students can get a__________ without being on campus.

A. diploma           

B. card                     

C. degree                  

D. license

9. Tom: I think computers are useíìil.


A. I’m not agree.                                 

B. So do I.

C. I disagree too.                                 

D. I do either.

10. Have you tumed on the radio ______ ?

A. still                   

B.  ever                   

C.   already              

D. yet

IV. Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc để hoàn thành những câu sau.

1.I (write)__________ to my parents last week but I (not, receive) their reply

since then.

2. Look, Peter! (you, know)__________ the girl who (talk)     to Mrs. Hoa on the


 3. The boy (discuss)  __________a lot about using paper yesterday.

 4. We (go) ______________home late last night.

5. The girls (play)_________ badminton at the moment.

6. Thu (practice)__________ her music lesson at 8 o’clock last night.

 7. She (teach)________ us English since last year.

 8. Minh (just, win)________the fírst prize in the talent contest.

V. Chọn một từ thích hợp trong ngoặc để hoàn thành mỗi câu sau.

1.— What (do you watch? /areyou watching)l

-A film, but I (don ’t enjoy / am not enjoying) it.

2. When he realized I (looked / was looking) at him, he (turns / turned) away.

3. It (rained/ is raining) this moming, but it’s sunny now.

4. The man (operating / operates) the equipment was dressed in protective clothing.

5. If we want to get there by 7.00, that means (to get up /getting up) before 5.00.

6. You (haven’t yet explained/didn ’t explain yet) what you want me to do.

7. It was the íĩrst time that the Football Association Cup Final (showed / was shown) live on TV. At that moment the game (is being watched / was being watched) in half the homes in the countries.

VI. Mỗi dòng dưới đây có một từ thừa. Hãy tìm từ đó.

1.Each runner must take a bottle and retum back to the starting position.

2. They asked me that if I knew the way to the fire-making contest.

3. Lan has visited to Da Lat twice but she still wants to go there again.

4. Many universities are making this is a requirement for first-year students.

5. Five thousand years ago, the Egyptians wrote on a plant was called papyrus.

VII. Đọc các quảng cáo về những chuyến đi nghỉ dưới đây. xác định xem mỗi khách du lịch thích hợp vớí chuyến đi nào.


Do you like adventure? Are you looking for a holiday you will never forrget? Travel through Africa for five weeks with a small group. Groups fly to Nairobi every Saturday. If you are 25 – 45, send now for a brochure to Box 342.


Suitable for all ages, learn to sail in three weeks. Teaching from qualified staf, no experience necessary.

Accommodation is provided in holiday flats in a quiet fishing village. Breakfast, dinner and a packed lunch included in the price of the holiday.


Tour Egypt with guides. The tour includes lectures about teh history of Egypt and visits to museums. Travel by coach or river boat.

Accommodation in top hotels. Tours last 2 or 3 weeks.


For a really cheap (but healthy!) holiday. Pick fruits in the heart of teh country. Accommodation provided in farm houses or camp in tents. All meals included. Free stransport to place of work from railway station. If you are over sixteen, why not write for further details.


Short stays (3 – 7 days) available. Famous for excellent cooking, the hotel provides opportunities to enjoy the heated swimming pool, the disco, teh top class bar and restaurants every night. All rooms have sea view.

1._________John and Samantha are university students. They want to have a

holiday in the summer but they have very little money.

2. ________Peter Brown is a businessman. He is tired and needs a rest but he

doesn’t have much free time for a holiday. He wants to get away from the city life and stays somewhere near the sea.

3.________ The Robinson family like outdoor holidays. They have never tried

sailing but they would like to leam.

4.______Susan James has three weeks to spend on holiday. She doesn’t like

sports and she doesn’t like relaxing on the beach, either.  She enjoys

sightseeing and leaming about foreign countries.

 5. ________Bill Jones is 30. He wants an active, exciting holiday. He likes hot

weather, but he doesn’t lilce the sea.

VIII. Hoàn thành câu thứ hai sao cho nghĩa của câu không thay đổi so với câu thứ nhất

1.Our new house is bigger and more comíòrtable than the old one.

Our old house is not____________________________________________

2. I don’t like coffee and my sister doesn’t, either.

I don’t  like coffee and neither______________________________________

3. They have just sent an ambulance to the school. An ambulance

An ambulance_____________________________________________________

4. “There are ílights from Nha Trang to Ha Noi twice a week,” they said to me.

They told me_________________________________________________ .

5. Please don’t interrupt me while I am speaking.

I’d rather _________________________________________________________

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