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Unit 2 : Your Body And You?

                 Looking Back + Project


Aims and requirements

By the end of this unit, Ss can:

-Use words and phrases to talk about the human body, lifestyles and healthcare.

-Pronounce the consonant clusters of /pr/, /pl/, /gl/, /gr/ properly.

-Use will and be going to to talk about intentions, plans, predictions and willingness.

-Use the passive voice for description and report.

-Read about an alternative treatment in medical care for main idea and specific information.

-Talk about how to get rid of bad habits.

-Listen for specific information on how to choose a healthy diet.

-Write to ask for and to provide advice on what to eat for special events.


Bài 1.Listen and repeat the following sentences.

Lắng nghe và lặp lại những câu sau.

Click tại đây để nghe:


1.The prince plays a prime role in producing the special food.

2.Alice glances through the window and prays for magic.

3.The Grimm brothers’ fairy tales have their grounding in the fairy world.

4.The growth of the grass in the ground is carefully monitored.


The prince plays a prime role in producing the special food.

Alice glances through the window and prays for magic.

The Grimm brothers’fairy tales have their grounding in the fairy world.

The growth of the grass in the ground is carefully monitored.


Complete the following sentences with a word or phrase about the body.

Hoàn thành những câu sau với một từ hoặc cụm từ về cơ thể.

1.The part that leads the controlling of the body is the ____________________.

2.Blood is pumped through the ___________________ to bring oxygen to all parts of the body.

3.Food is broken down and converted into energy in the _______________ system.

4.The bones in the ______________ system help support our body and protect the organs.

5.The system that takes oxygen and releases carbon dioxide is called ______________.

6.The place that food is first stored in the body is the ______________.

7.The system which works as the control panel of the body is the ______________ system.

Đáp án :





5.respiratory (system)




Underline the word in italics that best completes the sentence.

I will become/am going to become an engineer one day if I can.

Foods are broken down and converted/break and convert into energy in the digestive system.

Jane is going /will go to the dentist’s tomorrow as planned.

The acupoints are stimulated/stimulate to enhance the healing capability of the body itself.

Besides acupuncture, acupressure is used/uses to help treat ailments without any medicine.

Although I have taken some aspirin, the headache doesn’t go /won’t go away.

All the body organs are supported by/support the bones in the skeletal system.

Look at the dark clouds. I’m sure it will rain/is going to rain soon.

Đáp án :

1.will become

2.are broken down and converted

3.is going

4.are stimulated

5.is used

6.won’t go

7.are supported by

8.is going to



Bài 1. Your doctor would like some information about your usual food habits to help plan the best possible health care for you and your friends. Conduct the survey, using the questions below and compile the findings into a report.

Bác sĩ của bạn muốn có một vài thông tin về thói quen ăn uống hằng ngày của bạn để giúp lập kế hoạch khả thi nhất chăm sóc sức khỏe cho bạn và bạn bè. Hãy hoàn thành bản khảo sát, dựa vào các câu hỏi dưới đây và ghi chép lại những gì bạn tìm được vào một bài báo cáo.

1 Who shops for food at your home? ____________________________

2.Who prepares your meals? __________________________________

3.What do you drink during the day? ____________________________

4.What kind of meat do you usually eat? ___ steaks, ___ pork, ___ beef, ___ chicken, ___ fish, ___ others, please specify:_____________________

5.Do you have a lot of vegetables with your meals? ___ Yes ___ No

6.Do you add salt to your food when you eat? ___ Yes ___ No

7.How many times a day do you eat? ___________________________

Bài 2. Present your findings to the class.

Trình bày bài báo cáo với cả lớp.


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