200 Câu đề thi IOE lớp 3 – vòng 20 (cấp huyện) năm học 2011-2012

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200 Câu đề thi IOE lớp 3 cấp huyện


2/Linda is calling and Emma is …… the telephone.

a. Bài thi số 1/Defeat the goalkeeper(thủ môn bắt bóng), khoanh vào chữ đặt trước câu trả lời đúng.

1/Is your …… name Le Kim Dong?-No,it’s Le Kim Dong.

a.middle                               speaking                           b.telling                             c.answering                    d.saying

3/Odd one out:

a.piano                                 b.guitar                             c.singer                           d.violin

4/Red is my….. colour.

a.favourite                            b.interesting                     c.beautiful                       d.like

5/Would you like to play basketball?-……Good idea!

a.I like                                   b.I love it                        c,I’d love to                    d.I want

6/Excuse me.Can I sit here?-……….

a.Sure!                                 b.Here you are!                 c.Yes,I can.                   d.I’m sure

7/I’d like to send this letter…. China.

a.to                                      b.on                                   c.in                                d.at

8/Ann and her brother…… at home yesterday

a.didn’t are                          b.wasn’t                            c.weren’t                       d.not were

9/Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently:

a.wet                                  b.chess                               c.yesterday                    d.pretty

10/Odd one out:

a.playing                             b.learning                           c.writing                       d.evening            

11.Don’t let your brother… the present.

a.to see                                b.seeing                              c.see                             d.sees

12.How…do you study in the school library?-Every afternoon.

a.usually                              b.never                               c.sometimes                 d.often

13.We are…work at the moment.

a.on                                      b.in                                     c.at                       d.with

14.What is Elena’s date of bith?-…..

a.September 2nd                 b.September and 2nd           c.2nd and September    d.September 2

15.Why does Alex go to the….?-Because he has a toothache.

a.teacher                              b.nurse                                c.policeman                 d.dentist                                

16.I can’t watch TV because I have too….homework.

a.much                                b.very                                   c.a lot                          d.many

17.Odd one out:

a.player                               b.worker                              c.painter                       d.teacher

18.The book is open in front….her on the desk.

  a.of                                   b.to                                      c.with                           d.by     

19.May I have…sugar?

a.one                                  b.a                                        c.some                          d.many

20.Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently       

a.great                                b.clean                                  c.teacher                         d.beans

21.My father has a letter…his friend in Singapore.     

a.of                                     b.from                                   c.to                               d.down                        

22.What time…the movie start?-At 7 pm.          

a.do                                    b.does                                    c.is                                d.are

23.Is this your…time in Hanoi?-Yes,it is

a.one                                  b.two                                     c.first                            d.new

24.There are 28…29 days in February.

a.in                                     b.on                                       c.or                               d.and 

25.On the table,there were vegetables,bread and two large…

a.bowl of soup                   b.bowl of soups                    c.bowls of soups           d.bowls of soup

26.My father never drinks… coffee for breakfast.

a.much                               b.many                                  c.any                             d.A&C are correct

27.Which is the third month of the year?-……

a.January                           b.March                                c.August                        d.November

28:….. noodles for dinner last night?

a.Did you eat                     b.Were you eat                    c.Did you ate                  d.Do you ate                       

29.Odd one out:      

a.playing                             b.learning                            c.writing                         d.evening

30/Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently:

a.tired                                 b.fish                                    c.thing                            d.sick

31/Tommy is 10 years…but he’s very tall.

a.age                                   b.old                                     c.high                             d.long                                                              

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